t’s Time to Claim the Truth (Part 1)

Beloved Family of the Heart,

In this time of holiness, of deep silence and of vast incoming Light, our hearts are more available to be clear conduits of Love than any other time of the year. We can feel the deep communion with all life and with each other the moment that we shift to the heart.

Last year, we had a Message from God entitled “You Are the Light of the World” that explained the importance of this time between Christmas and the beginning of the new year. Now, this year, we have two Messages from God for this time. The first one is a very powerful energetic transmission, the second one a clarification of the first. We are sending this first one out now and will send the second one to you in a few days.

This is a very busy time for everyone but please know that even if you don’t get to read, experience and contemplate these Messages, you are receiving the energies. So no matter how busy you are, please take just a moment to stop, breathe, open your heart and experience the Light and Love. Then, together, hearts joined in intention, we can send this Light and Love forth to the world.

The new year, 2015, is going to be an amazing year spiritually. If you can, take a look at the Message from God in the new “Annual Predictions” issue of Sedona Journal of Emergence.

May your holidays be blessed and filled with joy.

With all our love,

Yael and Doug

It’s Time to Claim the Truth (Part 1)

You enter into the time of the held breath once again, beloved ones. The time of the year when time itself stops. When the deep silence awaits the coming of the Christ. When the life of the Christos is palpable and present. And in this space of waiting, of wonder, this year, beloved ones, you will find that the whole of this creation, this life on earth, every spark of life, every expression of the divine is thrumming with purpose. And that purpose is held out for you as My hand present in all things. To take you through the doorway. To open your heart. To show you that you are the miracle And the Christ that you have been waiting for is you.

Of course you have always known this. But now, beloved ones, everything is a mirror. Everywhere you look you will see yourself. And everything you feel will be the truth of this endless Love. And all that you’ve believed exists outside of yourself will suddenly be alive within. And you will find that you at last are free. And that this year, in the opening between the Christ-Mass and the beginning once again of the turning of the wheel of time that comes with the new year, you can step through this opening, this vortex and recognize the whole world is within you. And you at last are free.

Until this moment comes though, what do you do? You engage in this wondrous conversation of Love. You recognize that I Am here loving you in all things. And that all the ways the little mind has hooked you into busy-ness can easily fall away in the space of this one breath. And suddenly there is nothing left to bind you at all. All the stories that you have told through eons of time are ending effortlessly. And you are the full expression of Love – and nothing else.

In this moment when freedom comes, you will hear the chorus. The rising crescendo of the songs of light. The endless pulsing of the glory of Love. And in the midst, beloved ones, is your heart – endless, wondrous and beautiful. And nothing can turn you away from this doorway that comes at the pinnacle of the year. The doorway that at last you can see and step through.

In this moment your hand is on the doorknob. Great rays of light are shining around the opening and everywhere you look is this message of Love. That all that you have seen in the heart and eyes of Jeshua is simply and forever your own reflection waiting for you to remember.

Every spark of life, every quark and electron is vibrating with the purpose of your awakening to Love. And however long the mind pretends to extend this moment, in truth it is already happening. Freedom is here. Freedom is yours. Freedom from the tyranny of the belief in being separate from Love, separate from the glory of God I Am. It has ever been possible. And now dearest ones, you know it.

The moment is already under way and all you need to do is surrender.

How can this be, you wonder? As life in the world continues on seemingly relentlessly and the little mind keeps lobbing its questions, showing you its story lines. Catching you and pulling your powerful focus in to the scenes of separation again and again.

In truth, it is actually very easy. It is simply opening up to this message of the miracle of Love. It is seeing yourself for the first time in the mirror of God. It is remembering that you are the Christos. And that nothing, in truth, could ever bind you at all. You have only been pretending for a little while.

This year the message is getting through. I know, beloved ones, that you hear it again and again. The time of the awakening is coming. You are going to feel the truth. What I Am here to tell you is that this year every spark of life in this whole world serves only the purpose of showing you who you really are. What it is that lives here in your heart. What you are ready to feel, beloved ones, in this moment of deep silence. What you have always known from even before you were born.

That you are the streaming, endless glory of Love. That you truly are the heart of God I Am. That nothing can ever take that from you. And that one second of remembering is all it takes. And you can trust this truth. You can bet on this Love. You can walk toward this freedom, no matter how many steps it takes. Because you know with the whole of your being that it is the truth. That everything you’ve believed is less-than-Love has been an illusion. And that you are ready to hold on to this truth so tightly that it will manifest as your life very, very quickly.

This focused intent, this truth of your heart, this glory that lives in you as this now moment, beloved ones, it cannot be deterred. And when you look out your window into the beauty of nature and you feel the pause at the end of this year, the whole picture of the world, the scene of life on earth, the concepts of separation from Love and duality begin to disappear – to crack and fall away. And that which has seemed to be so real, isn’t anymore. And the truth of Love begins to pour through and you realize you are not looking toward a future that is somewhere off in the distance. You are staking your claim on the truth of your heart – now. And when you do, nothing can deter you from rediscovering all that you are and living the miracle of your heart.

You can look to the wondrous story of Christ, to the birth of this light in Jeshua, and you can celebrate this year after year. But this is the year when you fall through the storyline and you recognize yourself. That story is you. And the illusion of time is ending. Not only for this year, in this time for the remembrance, for the miracle of Love, but for all time. The illusion of separation is ending. And you can stake your life on it.

This is the call that goes out to you now. That the remembrance of the truth of your heart now be everything. That even in the midst of the illusion of time, you keep your eye on the vision of Love as your own true nature now becoming that by which you live.

This is the year when time is ending. And you can pretend for as long as you want that the countdown continues. But 2015 is the return of the Christ. That second coming, beloved ones, is you. And you are already here.

So what will it mean as you step forth and live as the Christ? As the pure heart of God I Am in the world. As that which holds the pure vibration of Love as the one who lives in continuous communion with Me. How will it be when you step up and claim the truth of your heart as the birth of the miracle of life? As that which has come as a blazing light into the world that all others may see. How does it feel to stand firm as God in the remembrance of Love that is the only Real?

All the scenes of life in the world will flow by you easily as your light blazes in to release the illusion, to transform the belief that anything but Love is possible. And to be this light so clearly that every heart can see, and every mind can recognize pure consciousness.

You have come to be this light so firmly, so clearly that no matter how long it takes, all of humankind can use your light to see by until everyone can see the Love. Everyone can feel the truth of God in everything and claim it as their own. And yes, there will be resistance from the ego, of course. Even your own, beloved ones. But this is why every spark of life is now attuned, not to your awakening, but to your truth as Love. That you might step right through the barrier of, “how do I awaken”, and move right into, “I am the Christos. The pure heart of Love – here, home and present blazing forth for humanity to see by”.

Claim this and everything you feel will be different. Everything you have thought will change. For the heart that is truly open entrains the mind. And the mind becomes the heart’s willing assistant. Thinking only thoughts of Love and beauty. Rejoicing in the feeling of grace as every moment you are blazing. And that which you have felt in this time, in the turning of each year in the time of silence when the wheel of time stops, this now becomes your present. Your continuous experience. Your reality. And you step into this next year in the divine present. In the living Now as the miracle of Love within you.

You can feel the pulsing light of Christ that completely shifts your experience of the mind. Fills your whole consciousness with energy so vibrant and so palpable that thoughts dissolve within it and you are the presence of Love.

That which has been the experience for a short time each year, the gift of the space between the Christ-Mass and the coming of the new year – the beginning of the wheel of time – now becomes your available reality. And if you find the little mind unfurling its stories of duality, you simply return to this held breath. To the deep silence when time is stopped. To the powerful reality of your heart of Love. To the full, endless experience of connectedness with all. With the joining of all hearts in a chorus of grace. The exaltation of this great “yes” to Love that opens up the earth and reveals your freedom.

This, beloved ones, is your time to claim. The wondrous truth of the heart of Love that is your reality and what you have come to bring to the world.

I Am here always. I Am within you as your heart. I Am everywhere you are. And we are in communion. That in this great, unending moment of expression we can take delight in the birth of our relationship and the blossoming of the heart that is humanity in its full awakening as the heart of Love. As the earth blossoms as its expression.

All this beauty, all this joy, all this pure potential that is the world has been waiting for your resonance to reach this point, beloved ones, to blaze forth as the heart of God. And the world becomes the mystical heart chakra of humankind.

There is no need for mental understanding. But there is the need for you to claim the truth. The birthing of the Christos here fully as your life, your heart, your consciousness and the joy of our communion.

Leap off the top of this year and leap beyond time. Beyond the pull of gravity, of duality into the celebration of freedom. Into the communion with all life as the expression of My Love. And know, beloved ones, that not only do I support you, but your choice is always honored. And you are choosing to remember who you are and to be the miracle of Love.

I Am with you. I Am in you. And I take your hand. I reach to you in every form. I come to you as limitless Love. And I whisper into this endless moment. This is you, the Christos, the awakened heart of God.

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

Circle of Light
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Eureka Springs, AR 72631