It’s Time to Claim the Truth, Part II

Dear Heart Family,

Here is Part II of the Message sent to you last week, “It’s Time to Claim the Truth”. This part of the Message is perfect to read just before the change from one year to the next that occurs tomorrow evening (at least it’s tomorrow evening from our time zone….). Be sure to start early enough that you’ll have plenty of time to truly take in the Message and make the conscious choices that God encourages us to make.

We are so excited about sharing 2015 with you!

With all our love,

Yael and Doug

It’s Time to Claim the Truth, Part II

Beloved ones, you are pure Love. You are the mystery and the glory of My heart. You are powerful and beautiful. You are the center of the universe. Everything I Am, you are. And you cannot be otherwise. Nothing can take away the truth of who you are. Nothing can eliminate this light.

Let this time of the year, the pinnacle, the silence, the held breath when time stops, the period between the Christ-Mass and the beginning of the new year be for you the void that allows you to shed every old illusion of what you think you are, that you might stand free and feel the truth; that you might be the powerful illumination of creation; that you might be more wondrous than all the angels; that you might remember the truth of your being and claim it. Then, when the wheel of time begins again, beloved ones, don’t go with it. Stay attuned to the truth of your heart. Remember the reality of the Love you are. And let this be what you choose to live in the new year and always.

From within the dream of duality it seems difficult to disengage from the egoic mind and its perspective. You have been programmed very effectively to continue to promote the ideas of separation from Love. But this time of the year is holy because the wheel of time stops and gives you the peace, gives you the silence that allows you to fully engage in the reality of your heart.

This is what is here for you. And this year is more powerful and important than any before, because in this year, the whole of the creation of life on earth is being attuned, being directed to hold the resonance of your Love; to be the mirror for you of the truth of God; to sing for you, to show you all that you truly are; to remind you in every particle of your being that you are My Love – and nothing else is real.

Take hold of this. Claim all that you are. Let your heart’s light encompass that which you have named your body, that it too might be the reflection of your glorious Love. And that the endless life and abundance of God I Am may rush forth to create your experience of the world. A world made of Love, and nothing else.

This is a time of the year that is often overlooked by those who seek to live the truth of Love because the energies of the egoic world are set up to keep you busy, to keep you looking outside of yourself so you miss the deep silence. You miss the parting of the veil. You miss the powerful reconnection with the truth of your being. And you miss the opportunity to make the choice to claim all that you are and to step into the New Year living it.

Let Me be your guide as we enter the time of Love, when the great light of the Christos comes to show you all that you are, to penetrate the illusion of other-than-Love, and to shine forth the miracle of acceptance of all of My gifts.

You have no idea how often you reject the gifts of Love. Certainly it is not done consciously. It is done through the power of your focus, through the egoic mind keeping you turned away when Love opens your heart. Therefore, I Am calling you now to be present, conscious in this time, to stand fully in your holiness and to feel the glory of God I Am blossoming here as you – as the heart of Love. Because all of the world is attuned to this shift. The whole of the life I Am is here to support you. This vibration of Love is now so strong it is impossible to ignore it anymore. This time, beloved ones, it is easy. It is easy, not only to choose your heart, but to claim your truth as the heart of God and absolutely nothing else.

There is a moment when time resumes. That moment when the new year begins. And that is the moment you must watch your step. You must be present and fully conscious to make the choice to be your truth; to live the Love you are always and to take the step in this new year into the layer of the multiverse that is the pure expression of God.

So at that moment when the clock chimes, when the ball falls, when the New Year comes, you, beloved ones, must choose which world you will live in. Whether the clock of duality starts ticking again, or whether you will be free to live beyond time, to live in the moment of God; to live the truth that all that I Am is present in you – here and now.

You are ready to claim it, to let the wheel of time end, to let duality move on without you. As you stand fully in remembrance of Love claiming the truth of your heart, be ready to be the vehicle of the expression of Love, and nothing else.

Can you claim this again and again? Of course. But the moment of the New Year is especially potent, for behind you is the experience you’ve just had and you are standing free in the deep silence. That first step into the New Year is powerful, important and is that which moves you into the experience of giving the Love you are with no interference.

I Am here, beloved ones, to take your hand; to help you make that step; to keep you from tripping over the stories of the ego-mind; to help you leave behind – in the void – everything that you’ve believed about yourself as a limited human being.

I Am here to help you fly beyond every idea of time and mind. Holding to a world of only Love lets you solve the world’s problems because you are loving them into transformation from another level. You truly cannot solve a problem on the level of the problem. And while seeing problems is certainly not where I want your attention, what I want you to see is how potent your Love is for holding the reality of your truth as the heart of God and letting this entrain the world into the expression of your Love and the reality of the beneficent universe – and the wonder of our communion.

So as you approach this turning of the year, recognize that time is ending. And that those who choose to consciously step from the world of experience just passing into the world of only Love shall be supported by absolutely every life, every expression of the whole of God I Am; uplifted by the expression of beauty that is nature; held in the tender arms of the Angels; celebrated in your glory by those who are of the realms of Love. And most of all, living from the center – your center – as the heart of God.

You can feel the reality of your Love. Beloved ones, you know who you are. You know the truth of your heart. For a little while, the world of duality captured your attention but it is no longer fascinating. And you are ready to leave it behind. Not to leave the world and your purpose in it, but to shift the resonance at which you live that you might always be the heart entraining the illusion of separation from Love into the never-ending, never-changing truth that Love is all that’s Real.

You are millions strong. And you stand heart-to-heart in a solidarity of Love that cannot be disrupted; that fills you with energy; that creates for you the vision of what the world is meant to be. The blooming of the heart of the Christos. The joined hearts of humankind and the blessing of the Earth mother, creating a new chakra of light, a new vortex in the omniverse — allowing Love not only to be extended, but to be dynamically multiplied.

You are creating more Love in powerful, unprecedented ways. So let your hearts remember this truth and show you this glorious matrix of Love that is being woven by your unity and grounded through your decision to live the only Real truth. And thus, to make manifest a world of only Love.

I Am here with you. Beloved ones, move into this communion that your heart may truly be the instrument through which you see and through which you live. And that the communion with Me means communion with all life, for All That I Am is present in everything and your heart already knows this.

Therefore, you now begin to live the experience of conscious Love in all things, through all things, as all things and in the world. Your every moment springs forth from the silence and bursts forth as the ecstasy of Love and the gift of humankind.

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light
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