Heart Markers 5-7-12

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light

Heart Markers

Beloved ones, it only takes one shift to the heart, a moment’s awareness of the Reality of Love, the choice to change the instrument of perception through which you experience your life…and instantly you are soaring in the energy of Love. You are free. You are open. You are available to be the extension of life.

One moment, one shift and you are filled with the awareness of the movements of Love and the presence of joy that is ever opening itself into a fuller expression of the whole of God I Am as this world and as humanity.

From this place you can bring about change that from the level of the little mind is impossible, because it is the vibration of Love that is the truth of life’s energy, and effortlessly brings all into alignment with itself.

One shift to the heart is all it takes, and your experience of life is so different. Your vision of the world becomes transparent, revealing behind the images all the connections of Love that manifest the beauty that Creation is and deepen this awakening awareness that is the whole of Love I Am.

Yet most of you have places in the mind that are well worn grooves that grab your attention and keep you living in duality and in time. They keep you from remembering that you are Love’s extension, keep you believing that you are not free – that you see through two eyes as a limited personality. All the while your heart is ecstatic and calling you into this glorious relationship with Me and all life.

So, let us create a marker of the heart when you find yourself enticed into those well worn grooves of thinking. You know, those things that keep you focused in the world, whatever it is… your mind has its favorites that can always grab your attention and keep you perceiving yourself as limited.

Let us take these things now into your heart and create in them a place of awakening to Love. Like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, this marker is a doorway to Love that will remind you every time you fall into this groove — every time your mind takes over — that there is a place in which you can surrender to Love. There is your heart available and open, and you can slide through this window of freedom now to see clearly and to live as God rejoicing in limitless wonder.

Take a moment to create with Me this marker. Let yourself remember where you tend to focus when the little mind keeps you going in circles, keeps you limited in your perspective. Pick a favorite one and come with Me now, bringing it into the glory of your heart, into this place of the explosion of Light, into the Moment of Creation when all is born.

Place this marker of Love right in the midst of those well worn grooves of thought, that the next time your mind brings you here, you shall fall effortlessly through this open doorway into the realms of Love.

Beloved ones, it is time for your freedom. It is time to open up every single restriction. It is time to take away the illusions of duality that you might live as Love and rejoice as limitless freedom, that you might be the fullness of God given here to love humanity with pure unconditional and endless Love that sees the truth, sees through the heart, sees everyone and everything as part of this wondrous wholeness.

One shift to the heart and all is Light, the upliftment, the ecstasy, the freedom. This is the resonance that you are meant to hold, the vibrational Reality of the truth of Love. When you live in this place of the awareness of Love extended and fully expressed as your heart, everything around you must change to resonate at the same vibration.

So the shift to the heart is not only beautiful, is not only the remembrance of your freedom, of what you are. It is a very real tool for the Law of Resonance to shift your experience of who you are and of your life, moment to moment.

Beloved ones, come into your heart with Me in this endless and holy communion that gives you a taste of what it means to live as this endless Love encompassing every aspect of life – effortless, easily, all at once, and holding the ability to be the full expression of the heart of God. Your heart is the heart of the whole of Love. Your focus is the center of the universe.

You are joined with every aspect, every expression of this Love and in the heart you have access to all of it. You have access to solutions you would never find with the little mind. You have access to this ever greater vision. You are awake, coming alive, brand new as the Moment of Creation and you are effortlessly the movement of Love that knows perfectly where it must go, how to live in joyous trust and acceptance, how to be surrendered to the wholeness.

The heart sees the truth in everything and lives in endless celebration. The world you see through the heart is the Real world, the world of Love’s growth, the world of Love’s expression and the moment of My awakening into All That I Am and into this aspect of pure Love in Me that you are.

Come into this moment and feel this marker of Love that gently inserts itself into the ego’s world to become for you the release from the chrysalis of the ego. This will give you the ability to escape those well worn thoughts of ego perception and of the world that is created by the ego mind – that you might live completely in the world of Love that is already fully present and is yours to find. You only need a different way of seeing, seeing through the vehicle of the heart.

Your every breath is a reminder of your connection to the breathing whole, to the one life I Am…whole and perfect. Your heart not only accords this but makes it manifest in the symbols of this world so that which is Love may be expressed so fully and perfectly that it can’t be ignored by the perceptions of the ego any more.

So much of the ego’s world is habit, beloved ones. It is those well worn old grooves of thought. It is the ways that the little mind has created its perceptions and holds onto them, often tenaciously. Yet, beloved ones, there is no reason to do anything but love the mind and to create these markers of the heart that, when you find yourself traveling that well worn groove, being pulled back into old ways of seeing your life, suddenly you find yourself falling into your heart, regaining the experience of freedom and joy and lifting, opening beyond the world of the perceptions of time and duality, seeing instead these waves of Love manifesting in the movement of Earth life, creating the most exquisite artistry of my awakening as you, here and now, as the movement of all inclusive Love and joy, remembering itself.

In this Now Moment all is whole. The heart soars in its song of endless gratitude and washes every bit of your daily experience in a brand new vibration and in a new perception of connectedness, beauty and wonder. When the heart is the vehicle through which you live, you become this very song of gratitude and the things that befuddled the little mind…the heart can show you the truth and effortlessly through its magnetic presence, lift your experience to one of wholeness in which you hold the resonance of Love. This changes the world in which you live effortlessly.

The only way the little mind can perceive these things is to see it as if two worlds exist here – the old world that is based on the belief in separation, and the New World that is the expression of this perfect Love. Yet in truth it is one and the same energy, just different vibration or resonance.

This is why it takes only the shift to your heart to be able to perceive it and to live it, this world of connectedness and unity and the interwoven workings of grace that keep bringing new expressions of this Love I Am and allowing it to shine through every face, through every heart, through every joyous new awakening to this Love that is the truth, the truth of who you are that your heart sees and feels, the truth that everyone lives in everything.

Each and every one of you is a pure and unique expression of an aspect of My awakening to Myself. Thus you bring the sweetest gift in deepening Love’s awareness and granting new relationships in a sea of bliss that is Love’s wholeness.

It is time to shift from the ego mind and the ways it keeps you dreaming of limitation. It is time to interrupt those well worn grooves of thought that are the habituated patterns of the ego. It is time, beloved ones, to shift to the heart to awaken from the chrysalis of duality, to spread your wings of the awakened heart of God, the wings, and to fly free, rejoicing in the moment that your every breath is part of this living song – that you are unique, yet ever one with the Love I Am.

You can feel Me and all the ways we are blended, we are whole and all the ways we can love each other. There are millions of moments in which we live the mystical gift that is Creation, all the while being this Love together. Allow your heart to be this cosmic butterfly. Feel its wings extending through eternity. Feel the movement of the currents of endless joy. Be this awakening awareness of Love and let the magic bring you laughter and wonder and the deep commitment to place these markers of the heart in every old pattern of dualistic thought that you might fall through the doorway that we create into the heart’s awareness of the power and the beauty of this Love and its movement as who you are as a living song of gratitude.

If you are still and open, you can feel it – how you sing My gratitude in each moment, how you are filled as the very heart of God I Am with the endless prayer of gratitude and the acceptance of life’s goodness – the recognition that there is nothing else, only good, only Love and only you, the reflection of My heart.

The world that the heart sees is one of wholeness. The heart reveals the truth of every life stream. It brings to you the gift of each unique aspect of God I Am as that person or that life, and allows you to be the mirror in which all life sees itself as pure, exquisite and perfect Love and wholeness.

The only thing you need is your heart. You need nothing else – no gurus, no teachers, only this moment and this moment’s choice, only this glorious communion in which your perfect turn is brought to bear, the perfect shift to the heart’s awareness, the perfect song of life sung as you, when you surrender to being the expression of this wholeness of this perfection.

As you practice this shift every day, it replaces the well worn grooves of the ego mind and its perspective until you find that every moment you are conscious, fully present as the awareness of Love, that in that experience of the Now, all barriers must fall and there is no more shifting back and forth from the little mind/ego to the heart, because the heart becomes how you live, who you are and your expression of the outreach and giving of Love.

As you become this Love, you entrain the ego and bring it back to its own remembrance that it too is a celebration of a perspective on life — once part of the experience of the heart, ready now to return to wholeness and to remember that only Love is Real.