The Table of Life 5-3-12

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light

The Table of Life

Beloved ones, you are filled to overflowing every moment with the limitless energies of life. The pure divine substance of Love feeds you, nourishes you and ever supports your magnificent heart.

Every moment you are fed directly. You are eating at the Table of Life, and what is here for you is unlimited. It is everything that you need to thrive and to be the full expression of this perfect Love, the glory of the heart of God dancing from the moment that you are born as All That Is. This moment is now.

You are surrounded in this world by perceptions of lack. It is one of the strongest and most recalcitrant resonances in the old world perspective. Because this is so prevalent, it is important, dearest ones, that you fill yourself with the truth of Love – that you partake of this nourishment of God every moment. Start your day breakfasting at the Table of Heaven. Fill yourself with this awareness that you are nourished completely and directly by the energies of life, by the power of this Love you are…and that every step you take, you are held in perfect grace. All That I Am, you are.

Yet living in this world which contains the perception of lack and shortage, takes conscious decision, not only to counteract it but to fully be the expression of this abundance of Love. As you step into the world knowing you are nourished, knowing that this fullness of life is ever yours, this vibration of true provision, of endless abundance and overwhelming joy goes forth before you as an energy field to literally neutralize the perceptions of duality, especially the belief in lack.

It is imperative that each of you who has this awareness begins to live it every moment that you possibly can, because dearest ones, we must transform the perception that I do not provide for My own heart and that life is not abundance multiplying and ever going forth.

So many, so many in this world struggle just to have their lives filled with the basic necessities when the truth of Love is everywhere. When it is accepted and lived, that which is needed always appears in indescribable abundance. This is how the New World must express the world that reflects your open hearts.

Sometimes I lift you, that you might feel the truth of endless Love, that you might resonate in this Light until you are nothing but streams of energy remembering how it feels to be free. Other times, I must ask of you to make this Reality of Real Love manifest in this world through your hearts that are open and living in trust and Love, that the vibration of pure joy might transform the perceptions of lack — that humanity might live in abundance and recognize that all life comes forth directly from Me and you truly are supported in abundance.

Let it feel as though you are living in Heaven for lack of a better way to express this – that everything around you is filled with beauty and Light, and that everything you desire appears right through your heart and multiplies joyously to gift you with more, beloved ones, than you need.

The supply of Love is infinite and Love is the substance of which you are made. The movement of Love is the emission of Light and this Light is your energy field. As you drink this in, as you feel the truth, you remember the cornucopia of Love, and whatever symbols of life you use, whether these be food, homes, money… these symbols come forth directly through your heart as this Light shines unlimited and everything you touch is gold. Everything you bless is pure grace, for you are the extensions of this Love and your hearts are amazing.

Remember that you are fed from the very Table of Life itself, that everything you need for true nourishment is here. As you drink this Love, as you consume this Light, as you give yourselves over to the truth of Love you are, then your precious and magnificent hearts become the expression of this perfection in the symbols of the world.

So each day, be sure that you feel this, that you recognize that you are “the lilies in My field.” When you feel it, when you know that you can trust this, you are setting forth a brand new resonance that not only fulfills your needs but, beloved ones, changes the vibration, the collective vibration for humanity. All of you have longed to support every precious human being, especially those who live in lack. I promise you, this is one of the changes that is right now in the process of occurring as each of you shifts into your heart and holds, holds, holds the resonance of Love.

As you come to trust this abundance, to live in the assurance that Heaven on Earth is Real, to open completely to receiving life directly and recognizing physical nourishment and sustenance as a symbol, then your every step becomes a beacon, not only of awareness but of Real change by the power of your Love, by the magnetic presence of your heart, by the extension of your consciousness as the outflow of the glory of the Table of Life.

The whole spectrum of life is energy, is Love. Every moment that you trust this, you provide an opening, a conduit in which that which is Real can come forth to blanket humanity, to fill the void that has been created in the world of the mind — to bring forth the vibration of Love and joy and to grant the collective awareness that all of life’s necessities are received directly from Me. Every hand that reaches out in giving is fully supplied by the realms of Love because you are fully aligned with the truth of God.

All That I Am, you are, and all that is good is yours. All of the riches of life are present in this resonance of Love. So come, beloved ones, and live in this vibration of Heaven. Let it feed you. Feel it. Stand in the golden rain storm of Light and let it fill you to overflowing. Allow the great opening of your heart until you feel Love’s pulsation moving forth. Affirm to the depths and the breadth of your being that only good is Real, that life is true riches, that you can partake of this infinity of grace, opening to receive what comes to you directly — and by your Love, passing it on.

As each of you comes to realize this truth, as you bathe in the resonance of Heaven on Earth, as you drink from the River of Life, then by your presence you are changing this “reality” and this is what you have promised to do. All the hosts of Heaven are grateful, for every precious child of God is meant to be nourished with the greatest of provisions from the Table of Life, while living Heaven on Earth.

To use this phrase might for some be uncomfortable, and yet, all of you know what it means. It means to live in a world of such beauty that all beings are in Holy Communion. Every heart is open and everyone is full to overflowing with joy and abundance and the ability with open heart to give and to give profusely.

There is growing awareness in the world of the flow of Love and how giving is multiplied. Find within yourself this truth, beloved ones, and find your way not only to access this but also to bring it forth. Rather than attempting to change the world on the level of the “physical reality,” change can come as it must from the level of the Real of Love and from the truth of energy, from the truth of who you Really are as the heart of this wholeness.

Therefore, be alive to this miracle of endless provision, that what is born is born whole and complete and all of you are born at the Moment of Creation which is Now, beloved ones, continually. You come forth whole and complete, filled with this glory, this energy and completely supported by the power of the Love of which you are made.

Come into this communion with Me until you can feel yourself fed, held and supported. Lift up until you feel the Reality of Love in which you are meant to live, even now here, in the world. When you are soaked in this Light, you are ready to grow into a beautiful flower in that field of Love, a lily of the eternal field of God. Not the fields of the dualistic Earth imagined by the little mind.

Come into this place of trust but it is more than blind trust. You will see… When you feel the cornucopia of God, the endless supply of Love, when you know that every moment you are fed at the infinite Table of Life, it is deeper than simply believing. It is the awareness of who you are and what is built into your energy, to your field through this endless field of Love. What is built in is that you are provided for in absolute abundance in every way.

Come and accept not only this Love but everything that it represents here in this moment in this world in which you live in service, that you might be the beacon of truth, beyond hope, absolute certainty … that every step you take, you take on this pathway of Light completely loved, whole and secure and supported.

When you are in your heart and feel this truth, when you are surrendered to being the expression of Heaven…as the pulse of Creation moves forth through your heart, it creates this abundance and this abundance is ever shared in endless ways. It is shared as an energy. It is shared as your Light, and it is shared by changing the collective resonance. It is shared as your heart encompasses your mind and speaks as you, as the Will of Love, that other precious hearts might shift the focus from outside of oneself for provision to that which is ever within – the truth of God I Am as you, ready to be unimpeded and to manifest a world of Love.

So come every day, every moment and eat from the Table of Life. Remind yourselves continually of this provision and live in celebration, beloved ones, that only Love is Real.