Beyond Concepts, the Heart Sees Everything at Once. Communion with God, the Gift of Our Relationship. September 7. 2012

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light,

Beyond Concepts, the Heart Sees Everything at Once. Communion with God, the Gift of Our Relationship.
September 7. 2012

Beloved ones, I Am here. I Am here with you. I Am here for you, and I Am here in you. Your heart sees it all, for your heart sees the great cosmic circle of Love. Your heart sees omni-directionally. Your heart sees everything at once, and your heart sees the microcosm of Love where every electron sparks and explodes in joy, and the truth of God dances forth to create new things always.

Your heart sees the macrocosm, the great cosmic energy that coalesces into magnificent expressions of the Beings of Light. Your heart can easily dance with it all. Your heart has relationships with every aspect of Love, and most of all, it has relationship with the truth of God which is: I Am fully conscious, fully alive, fully present, not only in everything and as everything and I am present here in relationship with you.

The awareness of unity is sweeping the world. This is as it should be, to awaken the truth of the perspectives of Love…that always you are seeing the same thing, the truth of Love, manifested as everything. And yet, because the mind sees linearly, there is the potential for something powerful and deeply important to be lost in concepts of unity that don’t speak to the truth of the heart.

Those concepts have a tendency to push away the gift of our relationship and of the truth of My presence in your life — the fact that absolutely everything is the fullness of God consciousness in relationship to all of you, bringing the gifts of Love in new ways to deepen your awareness of life.

It is so important that you hold open your heart and keep our relationship active and alive, for I Am unity, and I Am Love, speaking to you as this perspective of God, as this precious and glorious heart right here and right now, bringing you the Love that you are meant to have and giving you the guidance that every moment deserves, enriching your life, that all that you long for is granted in that which thrives between us.

Your relationship with Me is the truth of My heart, revealing to Me new aspects of Love. It is the awareness of the wholeness of God, revealing to you, My heart, new perspectives of joy. So I come to burst forth within you and to show up as the fulfillment of your heart’s longing for the deepest and most powerful relationship of Love that is meant to be a part of your life, always, every Now Moment forever. That is the relationship with Me, the relationship that you are meant to have with your Creator.

So let Me come and love you. Let Me bring to you this warmth and blessings. Let Me show you just how valuable your perspective is as the gift of My heart’s perspective, and let Me open all of your being, that every part of your consciousness can rejoice in being in this relationship of Love with every aspect of the whole.

Up close and personal, I speak to you as everything and I speak to you as the whole of Love, bringing to you these gifts of beauty, bringing you the cosmic mirror that shows you your perfection, bringing you the awareness of your strength, your vitality and your heart’s ability to know Love in all of its aspects.

When you live from your heart, then you find that I Am revealed to you in the heart of absolutely everything, because I Am the center of all Creation, and the heart recognizes this great explosion of Love that comes forth in so many ways to shine itself with a new face, a new countenance, a new expression, new colors of Love. Whether this shows us in the symbols of the world, or whether it shows up in the deep intuition of Love, I promise you that it does show up, fully alive, totally present — the whole of My Love here for you, always.

So, beloved ones, say “Yes” to this relationship with Me, that you might have this sweet communion with the whole of life, that you might allow your heart to be fed, to be gathered up and cherished, that you might find just how easily the hologram speaks of the heart’s directions, each moment holding the gift that I bring to you directly, that I might show you how the heart sees Love in what is before you.

I whisper in the deep stillness of your nights. I Am here. Let Me love you. I rejoice with you in the majesty of your days, that everything your attention rests upon can reveal to your heart the depths of beauty and the messages of grace. Beyond all of that, I Am here as the voice of Love, as this warmth that washes through your being, as this ecstatic explosion of possibilities and of joy that nothing else can bring to you, not even the revelations of the Twin Flame. Even that fire is ever meant to be burning for Me, reaching in ecstatic gratitude for communion with God.

Nothing else will bring you your wholeness in a way that manifests who you are as this unique aspect of My heart, and nothing else can speak to you of the truth of your being. Only this communion with God.

Sometimes it is important to look at what is popular and to see beyond the concepts of the mind to the deeper truth of the heart, to the revelations of Love that can see it all, that can see every part for its perfection as an aspect of God, as well as rejoicing in the whole.

Your heart, beloved ones, sees it all. It is completely alive in the unity of Love. It is completely present in communion with every aspect of the whole, rejoicing in every part, every revelation of Love. Just as you look to your heart for guidance and for awareness of your direction, your next step…just as your heart speaks to you, sometimes clearly and lets you know who you are…. Just so do you speak to Me and deepen my awareness of Myself, and I speak to you of the perfection of Love as this breath, of this Moment, of this wonderful combination of aspects of Love that you are that could not be revealed to me in any other way, than that which you are right now.

Your heart is the circle that touches the whole, perfectly…that acknowledges the permeability of life. Your heart can travel to the most intimate microcosmic aspects of Love, and your heart is already present as the pure joy of God I Am, delighting in this expression of Love.

That which seems to be moving step by step, the awakening of the mind to the truth of Love, is already present in every heart, already here, already fully born, simply waiting for the shift in perspective. That is what I bring to you. I fill every day with the truth of your being, with the Love that I Am as it dances forth in every moment as you.

Just so, I will bring to you this communion of Love in ways that you have not yet imagined but which you know deep within you is the truth. It goes beyond simply seeing yourself as part of the whole. It is about the heart coming to know itself through that which it loves and through this communion with God, with all that I Am, continually.

As always, words don’t express the truth of the heart well but they will guide you into the resonance of Love, into that place where everything vibrates with joy and everything is revealed as beauty, even those things the mind would deem ugly. Beauty is also about relationship and relationship in its true manifestation is always about your relationship with Me. Not only seeing God in everything but being aware of our communion guiding you in your view of the world, of yourself and of Love, Now.

You have a saying, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” which applies in a way to what is happening now. Beloved ones, don’t throw away this communion with Me that is meant to be the center of your existence in the name of the mind’s concepts of unity. Know instead that your heart has the ability to see it all, to love it all and to learn from its relationship with its Creator, continually.

Let Me whisper into your heart how much I love you and fill that place within you that has longed for this communion that is so deep, so powerful, so beautiful, so all-encompassing, that it is a merging of such magnificence that there is only one Being…that is the unity of Love.