Let Me Hold You in the Resonance of Love 2-9-12

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light www.circleoflight.net

Let Me Hold You in the Resonance of Love

Beloved ones, let Me hold you in the resonance of Love that is so strong that in it you will live each moment in the law of Love, in the oneness of God, not in the experience of duality.

Let Me attune your heart to this vibration that it might sing within you every moment, that you might feel this grand upliftment, this experience of joy in life. Rather than being buffeted with human emotions, you can live in pure delight experiencing truly Heaven on Earth.

Let Me hold you in the resonance of Real Love until all you feel is the heart’s freedom, that you might walk every step in grace and Love can light your way and make the world the shining revelation of the gift of life that it is meant to be every moment.

Let Me attune your hearts to Me that you might feel the truth, that every moment you hear the voice of the Spirit.

Let Me attune your hearts to the miracle that life is, that living on the frequency of Real Love all the beings of pure beauty, all the Angels who hold for Me the great and shining inspiration and devotion to Love, that every part of this grand and glorious communication that Creation is, may be part of the fullness of your life, every moment of every day.

Let Me hold you in this resonance of Love that you may walk in the world feeling pure joy that the path is clear before you for seeing only good and that by the Law of Resonance you are the entraining heart lifting everyone into this vibration that brings them freedom, gives everyone at least a moment’s respite from the dream of duality and becomes the door that opens into unity, that every heart may recognize its truth and all of Creation sing, “Amen.” The prayer of the heart will be fully answered and humankind has the resonance of Love to attune to, walking in the world as you.

Beyond the ego is the purity of the purposes of Love. In every moment a new view is created and a new feeling of joyous anticipation, of excitement to see what Love will bring, and how everything good that you have imagined can come to you multiplied in so many ways that the mind could never hold or even dream.

Beloved ones, come into this ever-present and joyous communion. Feel the truth of all that you are in Me. Recognize that you are already LOVE fully present, shaking off the dust of the old world and stepping into the spectacular and truly glorious full expression of the truth of Love that the heart is.

Let Me fill you with the vibration of joy and endless peace that becomes for you not only a shield but becomes the presence of living Love. In the fullness of this eternal Now Moment, your vibration “parts the waters” of the old world, every step you take is blessed. This is your inheritance, every one of you. This vibration of the heart is who you are and it is easy, beloved ones, to simply receive it…to allow it to attune your heart to the truth you are, that you might step free of the illusion in this Now Moment. No ascending needed. You are already there.

The truth of Love is the truth of Love, now and always and the moment you are ready, I Am here, bringing you full immersion in the true vibration that the heart is. With the vision of Love, dear ones, you find that you can actually see the shifting of the electrons and feel the air around you sing as you breathe. You can watch while everything begins to sparkle and you can feel the beam of Love that you are, expressed, so that the changes that the resonance of Love brings to the world are tangible, are deeply felt and are joyously accepted.

Let Me attune your hearts now to this resonance of Real Love, that where you stand is the Moment of Creation. All the power of Love, all the Light and all the glory is so present where you are that only ecstasy can even begin to express the feeling.

Let Me attune your hearts to the Love you are this moment. Give Me the “Yes” that encompasses your whole being. Then come into the present moment to receive the gift that Love can bring.

You understand the Law of Resonance. Now you can live it. You can allow this Love to wash away the sands of time. You can feel your heart in all its unfettered glory and watch the illusion fall away effortlessly, the illusion that said your heart wasn’t ready… wasn’t open, had some blocks, was holding your old beliefs. Let it all go and let yourself feel the vibration of freedom that right now you are bathed in the beauty and joy that you are.

As you accept that this is the truth of your heart and that how this feels is the feeling you are meant to have about life – that it is a mystery that comes to you bearing gifts of indescribable blessing, that you can walk each and every step in deep trust that Love will be your vision — your outreach will be your body as the expression of God as perfect life.

You can feel your heart encompass everything that you are near, wrap around whatever holds your focus, pour forth this Love that is the very creation of life and expand your consciousness through the whole of God until you are cause.

You are My Creator’s Love. You are the forces of All That Is being “en-conscious-ed,” for I Am the one Cause, the movement of life, and there is no separation between us. There is only this miracle that encompasses the unity, the hologram and leaps forth in joy as you, each of you, the pure ray of indescribable Love, unique in your facets, in the ways that you shine this grace, this fulfillment of Love expanding.

Oh, beloved ones, let Me have your heart that I may attune it – up and up and up the vibrational scale until you are the song of life. You are the breath of God. You are the miracle of the whole and the expression of the diamond heart with all its facets, one of which is you.

Though words cannot encompass vibrational reality, beloved ones, it is the language of the heart and as you feel it, your whole being says, “Oh, yes…I remember this limitless Love that sings through every electron in this grand being… that speaks as the heartbeat of Twin Flame Love… that wraps itself forever in the womb of Creation, giving birth to more Love that sweeps forth as ecstasy, as divine feeling…and that brings this truth into the world.”

By the Law of Resonance, you are the fullness of God, the heart of Love entraining the world and giving life to the body of God that is humanity.

Beloved ones, let Me attune your hearts to this vibration of Love that is pure life, that is pure Love, that is the full acceptance of all that Creation is, bursting forth to be celebrated here and now as the hologram of life you are.

When you walk in the world, holding this resonance of Love, old thought forms dissolve in your presence, old illusions are gone. The insanity of duality dissolves and in its place is the deepest and sweetest heart-to-heart connection, regardless of what the ego mind might say. Divisions dissolve and the rule of the day is “both/and” – both the wholeness of Love and the individuated expression of divine feeling that you are.

Oh, dearest ones, your hearts are meant to sing this refrain, to sing with such gratitude that the whole of Creation joins in…that you are recognized by your vibrational signature in the realms of God I Am which is all of existence and all of it is a celebration.

Let Me attune your hearts to this Love and I promise you that this vibration will be the magnet that lifts the experience of life into caring and giving, into sharing and loving, into living in peace, into dropping all barriers and all divisiveness. In just one moment, all things can change and that which has appeared to be a world full of strife, can return to the truth of Love, now.

Let Me attune your hearts to the resonance of Real Love and you will see this Love shimmer all around you. You will feel it change the vibration everywhere you go and you will experience the heart’s entrainment of duality, bringing it back to this one expression of joy that I Am.

There is only one life and all divisions are of the mind. The miracle is how beautifully this life is expressed in its diversity, its beauty and its rich creativity which shines forth as all Creation and certainly as humanity.

Oh, dearest ones, your hearts are so magnificent that when you begin to feel this, this living vortex, when you feel the Love you are in every moment, your experience of life is going to be so different. Everything you touch you will feel the “Yes” — “Yes” to deep communion and to the acknowledgment of Love; “Yes” to all the energy that Creation brings into your heart and into the world in you and as you, that you can be the instrument of Love’s fullness creating the world in beauty.

Can you feel divine Love sing you into being? Can you feel the song of life that is so perfect that each moment’s “Yes” to Love allows this new birth that you might step forth free and whole and perfect with no ideas of past or future, no baggage, no sub-conscious mind, no human identity…only the indescribable pattern of atomic Love that is your heart, your true identity and through which you feel the world and make it holy?

I Am with you in this communion of blessed joy and I Am in you as the Will of Love. I Am the true identity of everyone and everything. I Am indivisible and yet, I Am creativity, every bit of which is expressed as all Creation and every tiny increment is a-wash with Love. Each one is a perfect package of Love’s resonance and the unique perfection that each of you is.