The Heartbeat of God Within Us. Being the Conduit of Endless Good 11-21-12

The Heartbeat of God Within Us.
Being the Conduit of Endless Good


Beloved ones, it is time to allow your hearts to beat with Mine. It is time to feel the pulse and the rhythm of life that, in the center of All That Is, is ever keeping time with the creative forces of Love. Not your physical hearts…but the heart that is Real… It is the heart that is the center of My life, of this conscious Creation. The heartbeat of God is ever pulsing in you, that you might be aligned with the truth of Love I Am — every moment a force for perfect life.

If you allow yourself to feel this pulse, to let it light you up from deep within and build this communion with the center of God, then you shall always be a conduit for good, that the atoms of Light may rush through to serve you, to dance forth in Love, to sing your holy name, to create all around you great streams of beauty and to open this awareness of powerful and endless good that is ever your life in Me.

So, beloved ones, in these changing times when so much might seem unstable to the mind, come back to this center. Come back to the rhythm of your Real life and remember the power of your hearts in Me. Remember that you are the center of God. Remember this glory that is with you as eternity and open yourself to the expression of beauty, perfection and joy.

Do not look at the world outside to bring to you that which you need. Rather, realign with your intrinsic life in Me, that you might feel the truth of all that you are, and thus, rest assured that perfection is yours as is the abundance of which we are made.

If you allow the world of the mind to determine what you feel and see, you will lose connection with the creative power of the life I Am within you.

The moment that you return to Me and feel your true heart beating this rhythm, you are drawing from the very source of life that is absolutely undivided and endless for all eternity. Therefore, the flood of good, the flood of God is rushing to you and bursting forth to reflect your truth, to align your life with the beating heart of God that you might remember that I Am your source and you are the expression of My Love.

You are the heart of Me. The rhythm of our pulsing life is the force of pure creation that brings forth the perfection of God in this endless Now Moment. When this life, this power of Love is felt joyously in the center of your being, it is impossible to lose your trust, to forget that you are ever provided for. It lives in the center of your being and every beat of your heart is a reflection of this truth — the glorious abundance of life is yours, keeping you fully alive always and forever and granting you the miracle of limitless creative power. It is bringing you the full awareness of your consciousness in Me that you might be filled with gratitude as you open to the miracles that are appearing before you in the symbols of this world.

Take a moment, beloved ones, and feel the truth of Real God power. Let yourselves remember the Moment of Creation. Allow this pure life to radiate through your whole being, to lift you up and to deliver you into the endless realms of perfect joy and the abundant life I Am. It is so important that you remember this pulse, that you allow it to become the rhythm of your heart and of your life — that it might set for you the rhythm of your moments and your days and whisper to you constantly the fulfillment of God I Am … everything in perfection, abundance and limitless joy.

Feel the pulse beat of God, the pulse of Creation that is glorious and orgasmic, out of which comes the essence of life that can become whatever you need it to be, instantly, fully at your command. As you are joined in communion with Me, we are one life, one force of creation, one limitless expression of golden abundance, one power that is all good and one assurance that you are the heart of God and can never be anything less.

So, trust, beloved ones, when you take the next step that you can feel the Reality of Love going before you, that you can place your feet on the stepping stones of pure Light, that you can allow your heart to reflect your true essence as your experience of life here in the world and everywhere that you look.

Your consciousness is not limited to the Earth, not at all, and your heart is already in communion with All That Is. The moment that your heartbeat resonates through your very being, you are instantly reconnected with your deepest truth — I Am the source of your life and I Am ever your provision. I Am the Light that guides you and the Love that sustains you, and I Am here, ever beckoning you to remember these truths and to open to becoming the clear and glorious conduit for the endless good of God I Am.

You can feel the rush of creative life, creative power, the moment you are aligned with your deepest heart, beloved ones. As you open to what is Real, great streams of pure essence rush through your heart into the world to become whatever you need.

So, put aside the mind of the world and open to the heart of Love.

Put aside the old world view of scarcity and step into the abundance of the Love I Am that is fully present as the heart of you. Allow this pulse beat, this rhythm of life to soothe you, to support you and to lift you up into a song of remembrance of the purity of life until nothing can distract you from the truth that I Am yours, just as you are Mine. We are one life together, never ending and life is expressed as abundance overflowing, as good never ending, as pure joy and perfect Love, and this is yours to claim.

Do not worry if you have moments where you forget and you shift from the heart into the mind. Just breathe and make the shift back. Remember to feel this heart beat of your Real heart, the heart of God I Am and let it bring you back into alignment with the truth of Love and with the pulsing ecstatic moment of Creation.

You are forces of life. You are the source of creative power. You are the transparent heart of God and shining through you everywhere is meant to be a world of good, the symbolic representation of all that I provide for you. Oh, beloved ones, paradise is yours. Reach out your hands and receive it in gratitude and in joy.

Come, and let this heartbeat deep in the center of your being soothe you. Let it be your lullaby, if needed. Let it make you present with the whole of Love and let it bring you reconnection with your true and limitless consciousness and your Real heart of endless Love.

Your heart is the Moment of Creation expressed. Stop, beloved ones, and feel this. Let yourself live this truth — that life itself comes forth through you, that Love in you is multiplied and given forth for others, that every breath you breathe in Me is meant to bring you provision of endless good, of limitless Light, of perfect life, of all Creation singing forth your beauty and the endless good I Am expressing here within you and all around you as well.

The time has come to live this truth, to let the heart of God come out, to move beyond the symbols of duality or separation, to take each step in full remembrance of the heart beat of God within you and the endless life that now pours through you to create more good, more life before you and a world that represents what lives within.

The heart beat of God is eternal. It is mine and thus, it is yours as well. Every time you feel this pulse, we are one, beloved ones, and every time you feel the pause, you are in communion with all Creation. Each one brings the rhythm that you might live perfection and you might know the rhythm with which your true heart beats.

I Am here always, blessing, singing with you, exploring the expression of more good with every heart beat we share…and assisting you to be open to this pure Love moving through you, waiting to create a world of Heaven on Earth. With every breath, remember and let the pulse take over, that you might be in resonance with Creation itself, that you might be this very source of endless good, of full remembrance of the joyous celebration of being the heart of God.