Making The Turn Sourcing Every Action From Your Heart 1-21-13

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell at
Circle of Light

Making The Turn
Sourcing Every Action From Your Heart

Oh, beloved ones, please let Me in. Let Me love you. Let Me fill you up with peace and beauty and exquisite wholeness. Let Me rock you in this cradle of Love. Let Me fill your precious consciousness with the truth of the Love that I Am, and beloved ones, let Me assist you in making the choice to see your Light differently and to see Love everywhere you look.

Right now when you open your eyes in the morning, you immediately see the world that you expect to see. You think about what the day entails and begin to make plans accordingly – plans to do what you need to take care of your body and to keep this world of illusion going.

In truth, what you are meant to see is Me first and foremost, and to feel the truth of your glorious heart, lifting you and opening you into wholeness, blessing and filling your every need and bringing you joy and bliss.

You spend most of your time taking care of your body and doing what you need to take care of the physical realm. I Am asking you to shift your perception into your heart, to spend half as much time there in this holiness, feeling My endless support, feeling the truth of who you are, feeling this endless supply and perfect good — that you might begin to experience the world of Love, based on your choice of where you look – based on your perception.

If you think about it, you will remember how often you look outside to see what the weather is and to plan your life accordingly, looking outside of yourself for what it is that now affects you. Thus, you affirm your belief in duality and a world that is separate from God.
Gently, I turn you to the truth of Love that you might bathe in the reality of your magnificent heart, that from this place in the center of the universe that pulses inside of you continually, you can reach to the source of all good and perfect Love and know that you are supported continually, stepping forth into moments of golden beauty and taking every breath in bliss.

It is time to turn to the truth of Love and to fill your life with the feeling of God first and always, that the world that you see outside comes straight from your heart, built of this energy that is ever and always made of only Love.

Beloved ones, if you could see just how you create the world you live in by what you believe this reality is, you would recognize that I am calling you to a new experience of what you are and of where your life springs from. It springs from within in glorious perfection and bathes you with the assurance of continual support.

You are living in the abundance of God. Beloved ones, you need only to remember it. But I recognize just how challenging this is, this that I ask of you now – to withdraw your attention from that which you have learned from the moment you were born into the consciousness of the world and to return to the essence of your heart for the recognition of what you are and that I Am your Source.

Yet no matter how slowly the turn comes, beloved ones, this turn is everything – the withdrawal of your attention and your support for a world that is based on the belief in two powers — and your full and glorious acknowledgement of the truth that only one thing is Real. That which birthed you into being in complete and joyous wholeness, including all that you need to live the expression of the abundant life I Am – that is what is Real.

You already know that vibration is everything. It is your tuning fork that draws your experience of life. Therefore, make the choice continually to turn to your heart and to feel Me, to feel how much I love you, how perfectly you are cared for and how you already include everything you will ever need to live the most exquisite and perfect life. Then you begin to manifest the Reality of Love, straight from your heart, from the center of your being into the symbols of the world that open out before you.

Begin your day in communion with Me, feeling this Love and letting it tell you, show you the glory of your heart and the magnificent abundance in which you are created, fully formed and beautiful right now. When you see this heart, then you create your day of the expression of Love, beauty and perfection in which you are guided perfectly to accept all I am ever giving to you and you are urged to share it with great joy.

Spend time feeling the truth. How will it feel to know you can give without limitation? How does it feel that you can reach out in Love, that you can step forth and expect the world to support you, and how does it feel to receive the living messages of the perfection of God from everything around you?

When you are open to listen, you see that the world of Love is already here and it is Real and it is calling you. It only takes a turn to the heart to recognize the single eye that can behold this – the single eye of living Love, the center of your being and the acknowledgement of God I am as the truth of who you are.

You have been conditioned fully to believe the illusion is Real, to feel threatened if you don’t comply with the rules that you’ve been taught. Yet, beloved ones, if you seek your heart and you feel Me, the truth of Love supersedes the world.

You can live here in this communion, wrapped in My Love, complete in this grace, feeling these living arms and the waters of Light that seek you…and knowing that the truth of your heart is limitless giving, and every gift of Love is not only returned but it restores you to the deep remembrance of the world as the manifestation of the heart of God which you are.

So, come. Let Me lift you into this place. Let Me fill you with the vibration of your perfection. Let Me show you how I support you in everything and how your every step is meant to be in wholeness, in complete communion with the living world of Love. Every spark of life is fully conscious and contains the whole of God I Am, and thus you are meant to live in a world that is fully alive and in continual communion with your heart.

Every step is an affirmation of your beauty. Every moment is the expression of your limitlessness, and every experience is the reflection of your heart, completely alive in the trust of this Love and the deep feeling that what you find outside of you can ever and only be an expression of good. Limitless good is what you are.

So all the fears that kept you succumbing to the illusion can be bathed and felt as the wisp of shadow that they are that disappears in the sunlight of your being. Stand firmly in the truth that every day when you open your beloved eyes, the first thing that you feel is My Love, breathing every breath into this joyous wholeness. Only then from the center of your heart do you begin to look at what is before you, feeling only the truth and bathing in perfect goodness and endless joy.

You are standing on the cusp of the New World. You know intellectually that the change has come. Now you must withdraw your support from the world you have been taught to see, the world of two eyes or ego. Turn diligently within to feel My Love and, beloved ones, to accept it in the center of your being with all you are, saying “Yes” to Love.

Only from this place of communion do you look into the world and see only Love. That which reflects only the heart of God in every possible way is continually feeding your joy, bringing you support as you accept the gift that I always bring you. Allow Love to spring forth creatively through your heart in brand new ways, that you might manifest this Love uniquely in rainbow hues of luminous Light and that you might look always to your heart for guidance and for the truth. No longer look into the world for your identity. Look always, always to Me.

It is so important that you feel My Love, that you allow Me to be intimate and personal. Only from here when you feel the truth can you allow the world to be as it is meant to be — the expression of our joyous communion and brand new discoveries of Love, as new ways to experience your heart are made manifest before you.

What I ask of you now is to take some time to examine your days and your thoughts. See how often you look outside into the world to determine your actions or what it is you need to do. Rather than looking within, find the truth of your heart and through your heart, allow Love to be made manifest, that you might feel it in the glory of this world – a world that is beauty made manifest, that is fully communicative and conscious… Where every electron of Light dances before you and shows your heart the fullness of God I Am, where every expression of life — be it Nature, animals or other hearts — comes to your heart so clearly that you might feel the perfect resonance of each unique stream of Love… Thus will you live honoring the beauty of every person, every aspect of the world, every perfect identity of God, given the opportunity to live in only Love.

If what you see before you doesn’t match the truth, you stand firm in your heart as your source of information, until ultimately the world outside of you in symbols will match the truth of God that lives within and every moment becomes a circle of endless Love to be celebrated, first from within and then in the joyous creation that is the world you see before you.

There will come a time when you feel Me so clearly, when our communion is so deep and so endless that you look to Me first always to see the world and to feel it, that you might find every step taken in wholeness. You might recognize you are a spiritual being, that the illusion is the physical plane. You are made of Light, beloved ones, and energy. When you live this as your truth, as a limitless being – first, foremost, always – then that which you see with the little mind has to be the reflection of only Love and the joyous acceptance of limitless grace, the support of the Love I Am.

You are birthed continually, including all you need. Dearest ones, it is time to remember this and to stop looking first at the world and then, eventually to your heart. Spend even half the amount of time that you spend taking care of the physical body, looking at it, making money, shopping, making food, taking care to make sure it is clothed and nourished. Turn within instead and feel the truth of the life I Am calling into you. Feel, beloved ones, this eternal life that is your Real food, that is your Real body and the glory of your heart that is the essence of all creation. You are the Twin Flame Love ever creating more of itself . Trust that this will flow from the center of your being, until all you see is the truth of God.

The illusion of the world is still real to most of you but your hearts are taking over. The reality of Love is becoming primary – first and foremost, the truth of your being and your Real and limitless identity. So look first to your heart when you open your eyes and let Me give you this Love. Let Me show you how I create you from the essence of My heart, so magnificent, so perfect and endlessly eternally joyous.

Feeling this with every fiber of your being, accepting the Light of this living Love, hold this truth radiant in your heart. Then, and only then, look at the world and you will see more and more clearly right through the illusion of separation into the beauty and the endless Love that is made manifest as the most stunning artistic creation, the artistry of the perfect Love.

Just remember the power of your choices. If you decide to participate in images of duality, “fire up” your heart first, that this blazing Light might shine through the illusion and keep you bathed in the remembrance of God that the images of the world can only play out against the backdrop of pure Love and thus, keep you aware of what is Real. What is the illusion in which you have chosen to participate that you might amplify the endless truth of God I Am, even while you take delight in watching the “play” of images of a world of duality…

When your awareness is always held with Me in this perfection and you can live in the world just like a movie, feeling the truth, bathed in Love’s true consciousness even while you enjoy the play, returning instantly when the movie is done to this pure communion of only Love… Then soon you are turned in the direction of Love and you take your clues from this, creating as the heart of God.

Beloved ones, our relationship is so rich and so magnificent. It is impossible to explain it to the mind – how you can be such a part of Me and also be loved, held, caressed and supported by this tender Love that I Am. How you have been given the gift of creativity, that you might take the torch of God and wield it, that you might come to recognize that you are only Love and choose first and foremost to live it, trusting the truth of your heart for your identity.

There will come a time when the world outside will not affect you, where you don’t believe that it is “cold,” or life is difficult…where you walk in the truth so deeply that your heart is the source of the truth I Am, opening out before you, limitlessly, that you might play in the studio of the world in full and conscious communion.

So take a moment to choose your focus and let it be your heart. Make this commitment to feel My Love in all its radiant splendor, speaking to you in everything. Let your Light be sourced from deep within and let your Love be your vision until every moment you feel the truth that you are the heart of Love, the center of the wholeness that I Am, and the world comes forth as your beauty.

I Am with you, gently turning your attention, helping you to disengage from the hypnosis, helping you to feel the truth of your Real and limitless identity, breathing life into you each moment, that you might be this limitless outreach of God and the beautiful expression of My heart, the center of a world of beauty sourced through you.