Proof of Life and Love 5-28-12

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

Proof of Life and Love

Beloved ones, I Am here with you to flood you with the truth of Love, to fill your heart, your consciousness now with the indivisible truth of God and the power of the hologram of life.

Most of you still have areas of the illusion on Earth that grab your attention, that catch you, that make you believe that something other than Love is real. In truth, beloved ones, it is not Love is all there is and when you can feel this truth in your heart, then what is revealed as the world and your life is the radiant Love of God in which all are alive and eternally blessed, in which life sings itself in wholeness every moment.

It is time to remember that you stand on the cusp of release from the dream of anti-life, of death, of lack and of limitation. You are ready to be the power of Love. First you must remember that every single atom is only Love…every electron, every quark. Therefore, this radiant presence emanates as everything and celebrates this unity of life from which nothing can truly be separate.

So whatever your area of the ego mind’s world that catches you, tumbles you, takes you for a ride, makes you believe that there is another side to this reality other than Love, I want you to feel the truth of Love’s power as you stand in this place. Claim unity with all…and feel the radiance of every atom and quark that is the same radiance as your own precious heart. When you feel this, hold it. Let it speak to your being. Then you find all the visions of life now dissolving in the full recognition that there is only one truth, one life, one God, one reality, one heart, and it is Love.

Let this be Real to you now. Let it fill your every moment and when next you are challenged to believe in the illusion, return to this place that is the truth, the reality that Love is the one Real thing. Hold it. Feel it. Allow heart perception. Step into this communion with Me as the hologram until you can find yourself as this very Love, alive eternally and instantly reflected in your experiences of life in the world.

Whatever it is that pulls your attention and makes you believe in less than perfection, makes you believe in sickness or lack, makes you believe in other than Love, stand firm in your heart and command that the truth not only be revealed but fully experienced, until there is absolutely no doubt.

The moment that you feel the Reality of only Love, stake your claim, beloved ones. Demand that it is yours. Let it fill you and exalt you. Let it lift you, that you might fly free from the dream of separation from Me, separation from this one life we share and thus separation from the rest of your heart, the whole of humanity and more.

When you can feel just how much you’ve been perceiving as lacking, you will realize just how much the illusion can cost, and when you claim yourself as ONE WITH THE TRUTH, then you recognize in the essence of your being that you and Love are one and the same. All That I Am you are, standing here, ready to claim. This one life sings forth as your every electron; beams radiant into the world as your every precious atom; embraces communion with all life as your heart; and celebrates the eternal truth of only life, only Love and only the abundance of God.

Feel this. Claim this. Face your illusions, whatever they are — of sickness or fear, limitation or lack or powerlessness. Dive into the essence, to the atoms, to the quarks and expand your reality, that this is your heart and only Love is Real. As you do this you will find your conviction growing stronger, that the illusion of other than Love is not yours and isn’t real. And as you do, the resonance of the unified Love I Am takes up residence in your life in the world, that you might shine, that you might be the example of moving through duality into the unity of God.

The moment you do, all Creation rejoices with you as you stake your claim on the truth of God. As you speak the words “I Am Love,” you hold yourself firmly in this one radiant presence and face the misperceptions made manifest through the ego, until your heart can fully reclaim them.

The moment that Love is more Real to you than separation, beloved ones, your experience of life begins to transform, be it instantly or through the perspective of time. It is merely a matter of reclaiming your heart and the truth that it shows you.

So, if, for example, you are dealing with illness, you must stand in that place where the illness feels real to you. Open your heart and move into the hologram until you feel the vibration of this one powerful Love. As you do so, you will recognize that this is who you are. You will feel your expansiveness, your communion with Me, and you will recognize pure life expressing its reality in you, as you and in all that you see….until you feel the vibration of Love through your being.

You find yourself in harmony with all life you touch and you allow the remembrance of the glory of your heart to be revealed to you through all perspective, through the universe and through the quarks. The full flood of unity and joy that you know, beloved ones, in your heart is the truth. You feel the alignment; you feel yourself dissolve; and you recognize we are one and therefore, what I Am, has to be what you are.

Every misperception can be dissolved by Love. Like an eraser on a chalk board, illusions are gone and the one life I Am is claimed as your own and you are free. You are free from the horizontal arm of past and future, of being controlled as a little mind. You are free to experience this communion with God, with everything you touch, including yourself. You will recognize that the truth of Love is ever right behind the illusions of separation that aren’t real — that are of the mind.

So much joy rises up and floods your consciousness that your every thought becomes this pure and holy communion. Your heart holds sway and every belief in anti-life is gone until whatever it was that was your personal catching point is released and you are standing purely in the Light.

Beloved ones, there is no death. Often you say you know these things with the mind, but you are not feeling it. It hasn’t sunk through your whole being and spoken through every cell. It hasn’t lifted you into communion with the Moment of Creation and all that is Real.

But dearest ones, it can. Now. For it is the truth. Only Love is Real and only Love, as life…only Love made manifest as your very self, this unique magnificent expression of an aspect of this Love I Am…a Love that is absolutely indivisible and eternal…this is waiting for you to recognize that all else is illusion.

This Love penetrates everything to reveal itself as the movement of life. Life is the truth of the hologram of Love. Nothing else. It has no opposites. There cannot be real death. Vitality, eternality, limitless life and Love are the only truths.

Therefore, illness cannot be real. You must reach through the illusion to the reality of your heart, and dearest ones, state your claim there until you find yourself with absolute 100% conviction that behind every illusion or separation of other than Love is the radiant truth of the one indivisible eternal Love – the life of unity I Am.

If you find yourself being hooked by the little mind’s belief in lack, the same thing is waiting for the perceptions of your heart to feel through the illusions, to connect with the flow, to reclaim your ability to accept life directly, accept the abundance of God I Am as the truth of yourself 100% — which means that every perception of lack isn’t the truth, isn’t the reality of your being.

Feel this and know the blessing of the hologram, that with faith unwavering you can step forth in trust that whatever you need is provided, that you are vibrant life and that you are eternal. Every atom of your body, of your being can prove to you that you are indivisible from this one glorious life we share.

The blessing of the hologram is a gift that will develop your conviction, your assurance of the truth, because if you feel this Love in anything, then it has to be 100% in you. It has to be the reality of everything because that is the nature of a hologram. Every tiny piece contains the whole, regardless of what angle you are looking from. Each and every perception reveals the truth of God because, as you know, there is nothing else.

So behind the illusion of lack, of illness, of death, you will find this abundant life has been waiting always. Reach through this duality where you believe in other thoughts, and feel our communion in your heart, in your being and reclaim the fullness of the truth right now, beloved ones.

You will find that perfect life is fully present, totally real, eternal, unshakable and glorious, and has been here all along while minds pretended otherwise. But now, dear ones, your hearts are open and you are ready to be free. You are ready to leap off the slide of time. You are ready to dive into the ocean of Love. You are ready to allow this life to manifest its fullness in you, to be the timeless nature of Love, to be My expression as pure and perfect peace and endless ecstasy.

Feel, feel, feel the truth of Love as it floods your heart, reclaims your essence, shows you how to dance free of time and floods you with perceptions of the Now where life comes forth in wholeness once again, ever and always one.

So let Me say to you again, precious hearts, that if you feel this Love anywhere, it has to be everywhere. If you can feel this Love for even the flash of a second, it means that Love is everywhere, waiting for you to claim it. It means it is the truth of who you are, because we are One. We are glorious. We are this life being born in its fullness, Now. Feel this joy rising as you realize that eternal life and its perfect expression as vibrant health and beauty, endless abundance – all of this has ever and always been present, right behind the illusions of the mind.

Dearest ones, these streams of Love that are your hearts can easily erase the illusions of ego and time and reveal to you the truth that you are free and the hologram of Love is your true nature. One life unified and whole. One celebration of the birth of God’s awareness. One unified presence of Love as humanity. One glorious restoration of the truth.

I Am here with you as you embrace it, now.

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