Let There Be Light Jeshua (Heart Activation)

Dearest Family of the Heart,

Because the energy of the Heart Activations being offered by Jeshua is so high right now, the Message we are being asked to send to you is a Message from Jeshua that refers to this energy. It is also an amazing experience of LIGHT and a perfect Message for all of us in this time of opening and transformation.

So whether or not you have received the Heart Activation, we feel that this Message will be relevant to you. We are also going to put this Message up as a free audio download on our website in case you prefer to listen rather then read.

For those of you who are assisting us in passing the word about Heart Activations, we are implementing a new signup on the website that allows us to create a mailing list so we can send relevant Messages to those who have had Heart Activations. We are very excited about this! It has been a long time coming and, as I mentioned to you before, we are learning, more and more, how to do things online. The link for signing up for Heart Activation is on the Heart Activation page on our website: https://www.circleoflight.net/index.php/shift/heart-activation. (There is a link on the Home page that connects with this link as well.) This is where you will want to send people who are interested. Thanks!

As Spring arrives and, in so many places, the earth warms and nature blossoms, let’s celebrate the blossoming of our hearts as well. Please join us in holding the vision of the effortless emergence of this world as a world of only Love.

With all our love,

Yael and Doug

Let There Be Light
Jeshua (Heart Activation)

In the vortex of the awakened heart there is only pure light, where the vibration of Love is so strong and so vibrant that the light it emits engulfs everything. And there is only Love’s awareness of itself.

This power, this light, this is what you are. Underneath every idea of an identity, there is this. The vibration of living light is so strong that nothing can be held out of it at all. Anything in its presence is entrained instantly.

This, my beloved friends, is the activation of your heart. It is the realignment of your consciousness with the truth of your being. And it is so glorious that there need never be any description, for ideas of the mind are irrelevant when you become the experience of God.

At the moment that All-That-Is spoke the word and said, “Let there be light,” — light first cause, light pure illumination, light the vibration of Love at its highest and clearest. Those of you who have requested this activation are bringing to the earth the return of the remembrance of the vibration of God – pure light, pure life – the Real cause of everything.

This is what is moving through you now. It has never, ever stopped, but you have imagined that it could. But this imagination is now engulfed, for you are completely ready to be that living word. You are that which issues forth as the source of all creation, as the energy of Love. So clear and so powerful, there is nothing else but the pure emission of light as the result of Love moving.

Together we are a matrix of cause, of the experience of pure Love knowing itself. We are a wondrous matrix of light in which every stream of life is knowing itself perfectly. Bursting forth as the one idea – Let there be light!

In other words, let Love move now. Let creation begin. Let this explosion of pure life be acknowledged in All-That-Is. And let it be ever-celebrated now – the celebration of which is pure ecstasy.

Let there be light!

Can you feel that prime directive vibrating deep within and bringing you awake? The birth of the creator’s awareness of being Love. This vibration that is your heart is everything. It is that which orients All-That-Is. It allows the great being that is All-That-Is to recognize itself coming awake to celebrate its existence and to rejoice in the relationship of all this energy – this Love.

The vibration of living Love speaks a language that is never ending, that encompasses eternity in one Now moment. A vibration of Love moving so fast, with so much power, so much energy that All-That-Is is bursting forth, coming into full consciousness — being aware of the wondrous relationships of Love, the interweaving of this cause of everything. The endless edict to give this Love and to accept it.

When I walked the world I held this vibration. Every word I spoke was in this language. Truly, you have heard of tongues of fire. It is the fire of creation itself that is emitted, my beloved friends, from our heart. Deeply acknowledged through our existence, the living fires of creation are in us. For we are the Creator’s heart awakening. And this is the activation.

It is the remembrance of that awakening in you now with no film of forgetting, no illusion of the ego-dream. It is being the vortex of the heart of God – pure awareness of Love living and giving of itself.

Every old idea falls away. Every old identity is gone. You are the pure vibration of Love. And, my dearest friends, you are contagious. This vibration is absolutely entraining. You already know this, but the mind forgets. It likes playing in its field of ego dreams. But all the while, the heart is rising up, bringing with it that which has been obscured on earth. Rejoicing in the freedom to Love, suspended in the living Now moment.

You, my friends, are the key to freedom. And you are turning in the lock.

This activation is already accomplished. It has easily been your heart’s intention for this whole incarnation. You are ready to be the pulsing of Real Love, that it may be seen and felt by the whole of humanity.

In this place of the heart’s ecstasy, there is no time. And all is yours. All the gifts of Real Love, which are the truth of your being – and have always been.

This light is your meditation now. Opening to this, feeling it, stepping into it. Far beyond the ideas of the mind is this pure, pure experience of the light of God. This is where you are. It’s who you are. And it will never end.

Clear, powerful and astounding – blazing through old experiences of duality, reclaiming the truth of only Love. The remembrance of only good – only God.

As you stand in this, my friends, you can do everything. Old concepts now fall away effortlessly. Every moment that you close your eyes, your whole being is in accord with the vibrational song of your endless birth that sings the truth of your beingness – which is “I Am the LIght”.

“Let there be light,” the Creator speaks. And this light rises within you effortlessly. Blazing completely through your consciousness. Opening the doorway of the energy of your Love. Connecting you to this deep remembrance that you are the heart of God. And the resonance is so alive in you, that you cannot return to the dream of the ego.

Instead you are vitalized. Instead you are the living word. Instead you are taking on the mantle of the Christ and remembering that I said as well, “These things that I do, so shall you do and more.”

It is this light that I was referencing and that you were born to celebrate. Your every step, your every breath is this remembrance. And the active heart is pure Love in the world.

All you need now is one moment with eyes closed and conscious breath, and you are here.

You are the remembrance of Real Love becoming aware of itself here, and everywhere. All hearts are joined in this Love. And all Love is relationship. It is the true accord of the Christos, the conscious heart of the Creator on the earth. The true heart of humankind.

Let there be light.

And so it is, bursting in you now. Streaming forth from your center, blazing into the cosmos in recognition that the great I Am is being acknowledged and Love is born and celebrated in pure awareness and ecstasy.

You, whose hearts are activated, now create the matrix of the awakening of the Creator right in the midst of the dream of duality, which lifts it up and breaks through all illusion until there is only this recognition of “Let there be light”.

And that light is yourself. The selfhood of the heart of the Creator being expressed perfectly in you now. Being expressed in you perfectly now.

Light blazes in you now. Breaking through all illusions that there can ever be other than Love. Penetrating every experience of less than God, less than perfection. All of that simply disappears. And in its place is pure wonder, gratitude and joy.

You are the center of the hologram and your consciousness is the universe. For eons you have pretended to be the human race – to be less than the heart of God. A misperception that is now being mended. And the whole of creation is ecstatic.

Let there be light.

And your heart responds to break free in great streams of living light and Love now making manifest the heart of God in the symbols of this world.

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light
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