eshua: Easter Transformation

Jeshua: Easter Transformation

I Am Jeshua and this is the week of Easter. I Am here to walk with you in these last few days before the transformation, before the moment when the reality of Love meets the illusion of the human mind and is powerfully transformed.

The story of Easter is told on many levels and has messages to share about many, many things. But most importantly, it is a message that goes straight to the heart and reminds you of what you truly are and of the power of Love that lives within you. For the resurrection is less a story about the transformation of a body, and more a story of the power of Love.

Your heart deeply understands this. It already knows that you are ready to take this story and make it your own. To step into the fires of transformation, that you might emerge as the glorious heart of freedom that you truly are.

As I take your hand, let us move joyously through the ideas and stories of Good Friday, through thoughts of suffering, loneliness, betrayal or distress. And let us move effortlessly into the glorious culmination of Easter itself, which is the shift to the truth of Love and the Reality of the heart. For My beloved friends, there is nothing more important or Real than this.

Love is the only truth of God. And Love effortlessly transforms the ego’s world, transforms the stories of suffering into the truth of joyous unity and the wondrous power of Love.

This is the story of the heart’s remembrance of itself. It is the recognition that what you are is the greatest power in all creation. And that as soon as you make this shift in focus, the world that comes into view is completely different than the world that has been painted for you to see by the consensual dream of human minds.

You have walked this path with me for so long. Your heart is familiar with the ending. You are the acknowledgment of the universe that Love is everything. And you are living here to become this very statement. That the world you see with the two eyes of the ego-mind is not the world that you see with your heart. And you are ready – you know the difference. You are willing to take my hand and become the resurrection.

You are deeply blessed. For even to recognize what lies beyond the story of Good Friday, is powerful, and important and needed to bring into alignment the hearts of humanity with the truth of Love.

When you step into the Reality of Love, what you see with your heart is an experience of beauty. A cohesive whole of joy and increase that continuously unfolds expressions of wonder and experiences of deep abiding peace.

My experience of the transformation was effortless. For I already knew deeply the truth of the heart. I could see with the eye of pure Love and look right beyond the duality of the ego-mind. This is why, in my presence, there were healings, because only the truth of the heart appeared in my presence. And those who could say yes to this, never turned back – they left behind the stories of less than God’s perfection. This was true on the day of Easter as well, as I became the doorway, the symbol for the remembrance of the power of Love and the truth of the heart.

Easter is certainly a statement to leave behind concepts of death. But even greater than this, is the turn and the acceptance of the Reality of Love. For once the heart is your instrument through which you live, through which you see the world, that which is less than Love doesn’t appear anymore. And you become, as I did, a symbol for the Reality and the power of Love, and the heart’s ability to make it visible.

So let this time, as Easter draws closer, be a time to renew your experience of Love. Lift up, let me take your hand, let me show you why I never had any fear. Because my every step was taken in the view of the heart, where the path before me was pure and perfect. Where every experience was orchestrated by Love, and where every moment I knew the communion with God.

Joy welled up from deep within, from that point where Love becomes the experience of the world. And in the moment upon the cross, I made the connection with every precious, wondrous human being to lift them – everyone – beyond the view of duality. To blaze a trail to the truth of Love — visible and unfailing — to be the proof that Love is the only true power. And that even ideas about body and death cannot stand before the truth of the heart.

I created a bridge for the whole of humankind to make this shift to the Reality of Love. And from that moment, step by step, this bridge has been used to great advantage. And all around you, you can see and feel the result as you reach this time where the balance has been tipped. Where the opening of hearts far surpasses the beliefs of the mind and ego. Where a point has been reached where there is no turning back. Where the light is dawning. Where Love has come to live in all of us, to be present, to be valued, to be experienced as life on earth.

This threshold has been crossed this year. And I Am here to assist in the unfolding of what it means to remember the truth of Love. To make the shift to the heart, to be the transformation, to be the acknowledgment of this open doorway of Love which is the shared heart of humankind — alive and blessed — real and activated for this Easter and this celebration of the power of Love.

So come my friends, and take my hand. The moment that you feel me, you know you are the miracle. You are the very fires of creation itself blazing forth in remembrance of the glory of Love. And everywhere you now look with the eye of the heart, you hear and feel this acknowledgement. The world is the chorus singing yes. Every breath you take is breathed in gratitude. And every heartbeat is communion with the Creator. You are aware that Love is everything and you are Love made visible.

I Am more than your friend. I Am your blazing example of what lives within you. I Am the reflection of your ability to claim the truth of your heart and then to live it. I Am here to be the heart that now entrains you. That brings you into the vibration of Love, and will not let you go.

As you say “yes” to the fulfillment of your purpose as Love, you will find that all around you hearts are opened, lives are transformed and the truth of Love is made more visible, moment by moment, as the world we live in.

And I certainly live here too. Not in the physical sense, but I Am deeply interwoven with your hearts, my beloved friends. And you know me so deeply, in such a beautiful communion, that just hearing my name makes you resonate with joy; helps you celebrate the potential of every heart waking up in remembrance of the truth and power of Love.

This Easter we are celebrating a miracle. It is the tipping of the scales. It is the choice for Love accomplished. And regardless of the view of the ego-mind, regardless of the storyline of the human consensual dream, that bridge created in the timeless space of Easter is holding strong and it is filled with open hearts saying “yes”, creating a starfield of endless light that now blazes through the world creating a new platform for life. Becoming the acknowledgement of God, the Creator living here as Love’s fullness. And awareness as the success of the choice for transformation of old beliefs in less than Love, to the glorious truth of the limitless heart of God that we share.

You can feel me. I Am with you so strongly. And I Am showing you the joy that is Easter. The joy that filled me on Good Friday in spite of what the body-mind seemed to be experiencing. For the vision of the heart never wavered. My eye was on Love, and nothing else. And while it was somewhat of a shock to make the deep connection with the experiences of humanity in the dream of humankind in duality that I experienced on the cross, in an instant I became the upliftment. The lines of light creating a matrix of new possibilities for every story of being less than God. Creating a new weaving of Reality into the story of life on earth. And that creation comes to fruition here and now.

Let this Easter mark the beginning of the glorious transformation of life on earth. The remembrance of the truth of only Love. The reclamation of the innate ability to see God. To be alive within this communion of Love. To be a part of this living conversation of the heart. To recognize the divine that lives within you here.

That every precious lifestream now may celebrate the truth and to sing together the song of Love unfolding that becomes the beauty of the natural world; that becomes the celebration of the resources of Love; that becomes the out-picturing of Real success. The fulfillment of the destiny you have come to unfold. The fulfillment of the statement, “I Am the light”. And the ability to use the instrument of the magnificent open heart to be the living transformation of every storyline, every belief in less than Love into the experience of the truth that only Love is Real. And you are Love’s expression in and as the world.

I Am here to help you approach the story of Good Friday differently now. To see it through the single eye of the heart. To realize how deeply I rejoiced in My destiny. And the power held in me and Mary Magdalene as the forces of creation in the world bringing Love’s upliftment to all of humankind.

Therefore, every moment of the passion was filled with purpose. Every single moment filled with potent symbols. Each one perfectly expressed, each one chosen by the heart for its message and its truth. And the power of that resonance pulsed through me — through that time — and everything was filled with light. Even those moments I seemed to be bereft. Even in those, my heart felt the hologram, felt everything that was included in that moment, and my heart rejoiced.

You are moving into the time of full consciousness. And while through the perception of the mind it may seem to take time to manifest, through the heart you have stepped through the doorway. The perfection of Love is now unfolding in the world – and as it.

It is very important to make the shift to the heart, to let this Easter be your time of transformation. For the truth of Love shifts the vibration of every experience instantly. It shifts your perception to the unity of Love. It transforms the subconscious into the spirit, so that everything that is made manifest is the unfolding of the truth of your heart.

It easily supersedes the story of duality, the belief in a personality that has experienced much that is less than Love. And once this has been lifted up into the vibration of the heart, then that which is created is the expression of God celebrating the beauty of humankind and becoming the magnificent open heart of Real Love experienced as life on earth.

So let us walk this pathway together. Let us be the expression of the heart of only Love. Let us celebrate the power that Easter holds and know that I Am with you every step as you live the unfoldment of Love with everyone.

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light
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