This Is the Time of Expansion September 28, 2012

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light of

This Is the Time of Expansion
September 28, 2012

Oh, beloved ones, you are entering the time of the expanded life. You are moving beyond the perceptions of time and space. You are becoming universal citizens, participants in the wholeness of life. You become that which encompasses time, and in this, you are free.

How can I explain to you the gifts of this freedom except to say that when your heart is the source of your experience of life, you are present to the whole of God right here, and in that presence the whole of eternity dwells easily able to encompass the experience of time while being fully alive in the gift of the birth of Creation now.

When you are the whole, the endless circle of God, every aspect, every piece, every perspective is alive within you in its fullness and you are that which sees it all, loves it all, blends it all and rejoices in the glorious expansion of Love. This is the time of expansion, beloved ones, and I ask you to live your life from this place where you are continually opening, opening, expanding into a greater experience of God, reaching beyond everything that you have thought that you have known — reaching into the experience of Love that truly can encompass it all, love it all and free it all easily.

This will become a very real experience that fills your moments and blesses your days, that absolutely everything that you encounter in the expanded state of Love is wrapped in the grace of your presence and loved into freedom, without judgment, with the simple gift of acceptance. It is beyond being free of the judgments of the mind. It is living from the perspective of the universal, rather than the perspective of the human.

It is having an expanded vision that is easily large enough to see from the vantage point of the Real of Love, and in seeing, to rejoice in that which is human as a part of the experience of Love that is embraced by the whole.

Beloved ones, expand beyond the boundaries of life as you have lived it. Expand into the experience of living Love. Become the essence of the heart of God that you are, now, so that everything can easily live within you and you can be both the now and the gifts of time all at once.

The freedom found in living in the present, in the truth of the birth of Love in the now is its ability to wrap around the experience of time, and in loving it, set it free to be moments of eternity, blessing everything that is encountered.

Your hearts truly can hold it all. You can be a citizen of Real Love washed in the awareness of the wholeness of God I Am, powerfully moved by the mystery of Love encountering Love, delighting in the shapes that Love takes as the world, and being willing to dance the dance of freedom by celebrating this one ongoing moment that is the birth of all life.

Can you feel this truth — that this moment now, the only now that ever is, is the birth of all good, of all Love, of all the riches of God discovering itself and celebrating in every movement the vastness of eternal Love showing up right here??

This is a time of great expansion. So, beloved ones, rush into your life and flow open your hearts. Make this a mad dash into the experience of universal universality. Even beyond this, embrace the whole in everything. So much of the mind’s perception of duality is based on the concept of time, of being able to create the visions in the now moment of life. It is fine to explore this way of looking at things.

But only when you are centered in the vastness of the whole and you can marvel at time’s “interesting perspective,” without losing your place as the limitless heart of God is it possible to be both limitless Love and Love’s intimate and intricate expression here as this human being, this heart expressing this aspect that you know as yourself. Only when the backdrop of limitlessness is in place are you truly free to explore that which you perceive that has limits without getting lost in them. This is very very important because so many have gotten lost in the convolutions of time and mind, and the perception of being individual.

And yet, when held within the magnetic presence of the whole of God, this exploration of time and mind is a delight and an experience of dancing Love into new patterns of joy. Can you feel this? The difference between being lost in time and being held in My arms in the eternal vastness of Love, while exploring the possibilities of one unique perspective, one individual stream of God The difference is everything.

Therefore, I am asking to you expand, to dive into this pool of limitless Love, to become so familiar with your place in the universe mixed through it all, your consciousness a ripe flavor in a special batter of cookies. You are a unique flavoring of the whole that creates a treat for Me, creates an experience of the sweetness of life, the holiness of Love, by being willing to be both the endless and the finite all at once. This is what you are holding. Now it is time to embrace the infinite so that your experience of the finite can be given perspective, can be held within the infinite and thus explored joyously.

If you allow this expansion of Love that is pushing on your consciousness and breaking open your heart, you will be glad. You will find that you are My delight in life. You are the willingness to experience it all, to be “both/and,” to embrace the whole and delight in the parts.

Nothing needs to be pushed away, but rather, embraced in the inclusiveness of Love, taken into the endless capacity of your heart, acknowledged and loved, that you have the anchor in the limitless in order to support the experience of the precious gifts of life that are here and now.

It is like hanging the moon on the endless sky. The sky allows you to see the moon and to take joy in it because you have the backdrop of the infinite, the limitless that brings to focus the beauty of what is reflected. This is the truth of life on Earth. The endless infinite presence of your being as the heart of Love gives you the backdrop for your experience of life, gives you perspective that you can have gratitude for all of the beauty that comes, moment by moment. The seeming experience of time can have value to your heart when the heart is anchored in the Real of God I Am and has no boundaries.

It is time for the expansion into Love. It is time, beloved ones, to rush forth to experience life and to be willing to embrace the universal in order to be able to see what seems to be Earthbound. When you do, when you allow the vibration of Love to be that backdrop against which you see the moments of your life in time, you will realize that only thus, only through this expansion into Love can you ever really value the beauty that you are, that you see, that comes forth as the reflection of your heart in the experiences of your life on Earth.

It is only when you have the one Light acknowledged and ever shining that there can ever be a real reflection of Love. That is what we are going for here — the expansion into the glory of your true limitless nature of the living heart of God, shining the Light of the birthplace of Creation that it might be reflected before your heart in the beauty of this world. Step by step you can know yourself and breath by breath you might know Me, because you have the expansion to bring contrast to the finite, to the perception of moments of time.

As this expansiveness becomes more and more comfortable, becomes where you live continually, the divisiveness of time will fade but the beautiful facets of the creative power of your heart of Love that is given expression through time will not. Instead, you will marvel at the beauty you have created on the canvas of the world.

So as you leap into the expansion of Love, don’t leave behind the miracle of the beauty that you are here and now, but recognize instead just how vast you are and that absolutely everything can be included. You don’t need to leave anything behind but rather just expand how you see it and how you experience life.

You will find that I Am pushing you to expand, sometimes in surprising ways that never would have occurred to you. Embrace this expansion into Love that from the perspective of the miracle of God, you can see all the beauty that is made possible through the gift of the mind, through the gift of time, and through the gift of this leap into freedom.

What you reclaim now, your wholeness, your power, your beauty, your awareness of all that you are is now increased in surprising ways, because of what you have gained in this sojourn, this experience of Love in time. Even this mis-perception, the belief in other than Good has hollowed you out and created more space for your heart, for your ability to take what is infinite and wrap it consciously around everything.

Just by how you see things, you change things. You already know this. So I Am here to change your perceptions. Beloved ones, please let Me. Let Me pry you loose from the ways that you have held on. Let Me open your heart beyond everything you have believed you could be, that you can become the fullness of Love embracing it all and through your heart, making it a new expression of life and true beauty.

Be willing to allow the infinite to be mixed in to the experience of your moments and your days. Become the Love that nourishes everyone. Become that which doesn’t change the perfect Love, the glorious wholeness, while allowing your heart to rejoice in the canvas of the world manifesting a new expression of God. As you allow this expansion, you become My heart that wraps itself around the whole of humanity and experiences each precious heart within the whole for what it truly isso beautiful, so cherished, so profound that nothing else can register but Love.

Be the universal citizen, alive to every nuance of Love knowing itself and be the rejoicing heart of God I Am, celebrating every aspect of the world, glorying in the Earth and the gifts of Nature, worshiping the power and beauty of Love made manifest before you in each person you encounter.

Make the commitment to embrace the expansion and to become aware of that which the heart takes in, the shimmering gifts of gratitude for life that will feed you eternally and allow you to become this endless song of gratitude. You are far more vast than you can ever imagine with your mind. Your heart has the capacity to feel every nuance of Creation fully, so fully that all you can do is worship Me in every expression that you findevery heart, every pair of eyes.

As you embrace the expansiveness of Love, you step across the bridge of time into the celebration of eternity and you become the ocean of Love in which all else exists, your perspective ever the expanded one. You are the joy of God and we are one in Love.