Being the Presence of Love 9-10-11

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light of

Being the Presence of Love

Beloved ones, now that you know yourself as pure Love and the Light of divine consciousness, now that you feel your heart as the singing universe awakening to greater Love in this glorious Now Moment, let your extended hand be Love ‘s outreach, as the Will of Love moves and you are reborn with it.

Let your heart be the perfection of Love ‘s greeting as Love meets Love and pronounces it beautiful and perfect. Let your breath be the speech of the resonance of unity as the Will of Love exhales as perfect communication. Let your eyes be the vision of the heart of Creation, pouring forth rays of Light to rest on all things in acknowledgement of perfect good.

When the Will of Love calls you to respond in this moment, become the dance of Creation that now is your feet, and let Love move you in the perfect steps that you appear as My response to this Now Moment request that is the call of planet Earth. Let Love elicit you in the needs of the moment — the impetus to flow into the expression of My outreach and My joy.

Be My acknowledgement of each pure expression of God that is known as another person. When your eyes are the seeing eyes of Love, then what you see is Love ‘s purity before you and what you see, you amplify, create. With every moment and every moment you are inspired, and with every breath you are the fullness of Love. You are the consciousness of this aspect of God, fully in communion through your heart, filled with My presence in this moment and alive, beloved ones, to the perfect response when Love calls you.

When you rest, you not only rest in Me. You become the Love of which all things are made. When you breathe, you are the universe breathing. You are cosmic life alive and flowing, and you are endless and perfect life in which all things live and are acknowledged …until the purpose of your heart calls you forward, and out of Love, out of service and you assemble this body, hands and heart, eyes and breath, countenance and feet to move you… that you might be the presence of Love open and ready and giving that which the Will of Love lives through you.

Oh, beloved ones, when you live the expression of Love with every heart beat and every breath, your joy is like the coffers of Heaven. It is overflowing with the treasures of the giving heart of God which marvels every moment at the ecstasy of Love. As this perfect expression of Love moving into the world as you, then the circle of Creation is complete and is fulfilled. As Love is acknowledged and opened and expanded, new possibilities for Creation are born as you and every moment you are My acknowledgement that it is good and that only misperception sees it otherwise. The heart always sees the truth.

So, come into the glory of the stillness. Come into the magnificence of this Light. Come into the presence of your own heart and be filled and fulfilled in your amazement of all that you are and all that is purposeful in and through your life, for you are the focus of the heart of God and thus does Love rejoice in new possibilities of outreach as you allow your stillness to become movement, the immersion in the Ocean of Love to become the world and the feeling to be no different for only Love is Real. The eyes of Love see the truth in everything when the pure eyes are directed by the heart.

Every moment the Will of Love creates miracles by perceiving the truth of Love behind every illusion and acknowledging this Love in pure communion, heart to heart.

Dearest ones, let Love live you now. Be assembled brand new by the Will of Love. Allow the whole cosmos to be present in your heart and the Moment of Creation to be your power and your life force. From this place of limitless expansion, Love ‘s possibilities are truly endless, and only the heart of God can choose which possibility is in resonance with the great and perfect good of all.

It is deeper than surrender, beloved ones. It is the letting go of the false world that you might find the glory of your own eternal presence, heart of the whole dissolved into the Light and born anew each glorious moment through the heart into the world as you. In this place of magnificence presence, in this joy of limitless Love, in this breath of Creation that is breathing you…you become the full acknowledgement of who you are — born to the Will of Love right now.

As you live in the expansion of true reality, you are interwoven with all the beings whom you love. Your very electrons dance with those of Jeshua. You are the breath of the Divine Mother as Mary. You are the passion of Creation beyond naming and the sweep of Creation makes you more of every possibility of service.

Truly, beloved ones, you may appear as a focal point of God here in the world, and as a stream of Love with perfect clarity — shooting like a shooting star or comet through the immensity of the hologram of God and bringing to another point of the cosmos a magnificent expression of pure Love, while the whole of your being shimmers in endless ecstasy. The Moment of Creation is lived as you, while you are wrapped in the whole in a rapture of endless ecstasy as that which you are appears across the spectrum as the pure and endless outreach of Love.

You are as a comet blazing through Creation which fuels that which you are as the heart of Love in the world. The consciousness of eternity is our communion as such a celebration that all of life ‘s diversity is given expression here and now.

Beloved ones, you often marvel at the world, at the magnitude of its natural beauty, at the stunning array of all created life, and you say, when awe overwhelms you, “Only God could create this.” Let Me remind you that the world is your expression of your joy in our communion and of your power to be the outreach of the Will of Love. And so we are the one life lighting all perceptions of the expressions of the elements of God, the possibilities of which are endless.

So, dearest ones, step into your freedom and let go of the tiny package of what the mind creates. Open up the walls of your perceptions and become the explosion of Love across the universe – endless possibilities made clear by the Will of Love focused as you. Daily, accept the Will of Love and let it move through heart and consciousness until you feel it effortlessly cascading into the world through you and delivering to your heart the continual messages of every element of My Love that appears to be, perhaps a human being, perhaps an animal or a sunset, or this joy.

All of it is clear. You are the hologram and All That I Am is right here, c to life in a new way and being expressed more gloriously right now as you appear, seemingly magically, out of the Ocean of Love, dancing forth, appearing human…when in truth, every electron that creates your body, your life is in agreement to spin this tale of Love and to manifest a passion play of stunning proportions where the heart of Love reclaims itself here and now.

Thank you for taking this part and giving yourself so fully that every heart and hand may be restored to the movement and awareness of the Divine, My Presence, celebrating life as everyone and being acknowledged everywhere as the heart of God.

Your acknowledgement is the path to freedom from the imprisoning boxes of the false identities of the ego ‘s world. And so, beloved ones, let your heart be open that Love acknowledges Love in everything and sets the fires of Creation to burning passionately, that the world might be revealed in all its glory as the natural expression in the world of symbols of the heart of God I Am.

I Am with you. I Am in you. And I Am this Love that moves you in this Now Moment, and I ask you to feel the endless presence of Love and the true astounding possibilities that the Will of Love can create through you.


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