The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light


After 11-11-11

Beloved ones, it is a brand new world that you are seeing today and in this new beginning, what you choose to see and how you choose to see it is everything. The world of Love is fully here, waiting for you to amplify and choose it. It is waiting for you to step into the glory of living in the wholeness of Love.

The world bursts forth brand new in its entirety in a glorious explosion of pure joy, fully formed, totally complete, vibrating every chord of the harmonious song of Love that is out-picturing itself as the joyous home of My heart. This is here for you to experience and to live, that you might spend your every moment in the ecstasy of God.

It is so important that your focus brings this into being, dearest ones. I am asking you to practice, practice, practice experiencing the world of Love now. Please step into the wonder of your heart and let it show you this communion of life that is not only Real to you, but exists within your heart. You are woven into every fiber of its expression and woven perfectly as the celebration of the miracle of Love.

I Am asking you to feel this truth, to feel this singing resonance of Love, to attune your heart to be the instrument of perceiving, of being an integral part of the expression of the perfection of Love that you are, reflected as the world, as your Home, as the magnificent cosmos of joy that is completely here to support you. It is your own heart singing forth its name. Its name is the unity of life.

The out-picturing of this unity, the reflection of your heart, is already imprinted in your energy field, beloved ones. It already sings its truth to you because it is who you are. It is nothing but the reflection of your total trust in Me and your awareness that only Love is Real.

This world of only Love is here, now. Yes, it has always been here, but now, dear ones, you can see it effortlessly as long as you are ready to surrender the world of ego and to make the choice to experience the heart as a living Now Moment experience coming forth whole and joyously complete, coming forth to show you who you are by what you see around you as the resonance of Love that lives within you.

This communion of life, dearest ones, is meant not only to support you but to nourish you in this eternal moment in endless good. What is Real to your heart is that everything is alive in Me and every electron of life sings My name in a song of unity.

Thus, as you have chosen this point of focus that you call the world, it comes through your heart to sing to you just how I adore you – how glorious and how perfect you are.

Take every story that you have ever heard of the Garden of Eden, drop it into your heart and let it multiply. Feel just how magical the world is as it dances forth to reflect your perfect Love in a panoply of diversity and grace, all of which vibrates with the message that you are perfect Love.

For each of you there is an expression of your purity, your Love and your unique vibration that lives within the center of your being and comes forth now as Creation sings it to you to show you all that you truly are – that the Moment of Creation is also your awakening to all that lives within you.

As this joy of life bursts forth and sings its endless Hallelujah! And sweeps into your energy field with sparkling rainbows of endless creative possibilities, your heart also is interwoven perfectly and eternally with the whole of humankind, with the hologram of Love.

In the instant, Now, the pulse of life is creating the merging of your every song, the fulfillment of your hearts’ desires, the depths and richness of endless beauty, the power of Creation’s fullness, the majesty of Creation’s Love, the heart of wonder discovering itself, the mystery of life, of Creation revealed in the great explosion that Creation is, dancing in your energy field as a thousand harmonies of Love.

This, beloved ones, is the world. Its potential is unlimited, confined only by your ability to feel the Reality of Love given birth as your true self – the one self that speaks this prayer: I Am the Endless Creativity of God and Love Is My Name.

Seven billion songs of life blend into a chorus of Eden-like perfection, of a world luminous and whole, a world in which every life speaks directly into each other. Every voice of Love is heard and the glorious diversity of the creativity of God I Am blazes into being, completely whole, completely perfect, rich in every detail, powerful in its inclusiveness, ecstatic in its song of Love.

Thus, beloved ones, the world is made brand new, whole and complete, right now. Through your hearts at the Moment of Creation beats the pulse of Love expressed.

It is My request to you, dear ones, that you become this living prayer of God, that you let it live you, speak you, breathe you and dance you into being – that you are interwoven with your every breath with every other precious being, united in this chorus of the song of Love.

If you find yourselves yet having a little amnesia, forgetting at times that your Home is the heart of God… If you have a moment where you happen to blink and focus on the world of duality, breathe into your heart and choose to feel what is being born brand new, whole and complete, made of only Love, right now.

As you choose to place your focus on the Reality of only Love as a felt experience of who you are, as a living communion with the whole of Love, you will find that the communion of life enriches your every moment so deeply that you are in constant awe and gratitude for the tremendous gift of this holy life, every aspect of which speaks within your heart.

When you allow this Love to be perceiving you, perceiving from the position of its integrated presence in the whole, then everything you touch speaks from within your heart to share with you its nature as an aspect of God and to bring you ever deeper revelations, not only of who you are but of the power of your potential as the expression of Creation itself.

Just as I Am, you recognize the magnificence and beauty of all that you are as part of My recognition, the very same thing expressed in beauty through all Creation.

What is most important in this Message is the power of choice. With the shift, the portal of Love that was 11-11-11, the veil becomes barely existent and the choice to experience the communion of life, the weighted choice, the true probability of the expression of grace as humanity and the powerful appearance of the world instantly through your hearts.

Then, every conversation with every form of life resonates with the richness of the hologram of God and every breath is so filled with the beauty of Love that all you can do is allow Love to live you. There truly can be nothing else – no planning, no scheming, no decisions. There is nothing to decide when only Love is.

There is nothing to do to become what you are but there is a great need to bring it into focus, and this is what I Am asking of you now. You must choose your hearts, beloved ones. It is no longer something waiting in the future. It is the Reality of Love that has ever been the present – accessible to you now as the true voice of humanity singing in the center of your being, part, beloved ones, of who you are, expanding every perception of what you thought your life was and bringing it into the realm of divine feeling. This, dearest ones, is the key.

There is energy in motion that is the flow of Love – not emotions as human beings experience it, but the pure energies of Love, the pulsations of the waves within the ocean and the powerful communion with the Light which is spoken in the language of resonance and brings into the limitless field of your heart the full awareness that All That I Am lives here and you can easily commune with it all.

Your heart truly is a universal communicator. Each and every one of you continually feel the Real of Love. You have simply, until now, chosen the reality of the little mind when all the while, the truth of Love reveals itself within you.

The time is here to shift to the heart, not as a CONCEPT or a thought – not as some idea of what you should do but as the pure experience of the feelings of divine Love that resonate effortlessly in your heart and are amplified with every breath of the universe as it is breathing you and every endless “Yes” from the depths of your being that instantly expands your heart’s perception… until every moment contains everything in a pure and instant conversation, in a communion of grace.

Grace means that Love lives you and that you cannot do anything to stop it. This is the truth of Love, beloved ones, and you must honor it. It already is the truth of your heart unlimited, and nothing that the mind can even imagine can come close to the beauty of true acceptance and the freedom that Love brings to the ego to know itself as last as part of everything.

When the ego mind receives the Love, it opens to the Reality of the hologram, that everything you thought with the little mind is actually only Love seeking to be delivered, seeking to recognize its truth as consciousness that is unlimited.

Open your heart in trust that you might feel Me and that in our pure communion, you experience this ecstasy as Love rushes through your being and shines itself forth as the hologram of your heart. This is the nature of a hologram – that absolutely every teeny, tiny part contains the whole of it.

Dearest ones, every thought of less than Love, every false identity, every bit of energy of the ego, every perception of fear or limitation, every bit of it is part of the hologram and thus, every increment is pure Love that simply must be recognized and lived.

Isn’t that a definition of freedom? And isn’t this the most extraordinary joy that the heart sees only what is blessed, what is loved, what is effortlessly included as a part of itself, and Love encompasses it all, living you the strength to make the choice to choose the heart and to truly feel the brand new creation of the world from the inside outward – paradise.

From your heart, which is Mine… From that which perceived itself as limited to the felt experience of being Love divine, Love that feels the pulse of its creative nature, the creativity I Am expressing as your beauty that through your heart right now is reflected the newest creation of God I Am – this world, your Home, the expression of the Moment of Creation as pure joy.

Come! And let Love live you now. If you fall back into ego mind perspective, then simply breathe into your heart and feel the communion. Oh, dearest ones, the communion of all life, that everything that you touch, everything that touches your energy field speaks right into the center of your all inclusive Love.

The world becomes no longer a mystery but a sweet, joyful conversation of all that lives within the heart of God.

Come to Me in trust and I will show you how it feels to acknowledge the hologram and how it feels, beloved ones, to birth the world in a blaze of Love and pure consciousness, expressed as seven billion faces, as continents and oceans, wildlife and vegetation, as the nourishment of this explosion of Love raining into your hearts, that every drop reveals the whole of Love and appears before you as beautiful rain, shimmering with rainbows in every hologram, delivering itself to quench the thirst of precious humanity to live in communion with Me.

Come and let Me show you this brand new world and let Me show you who you are as the heart of the hologram. Let Me show you the bursting forth of Creation itself, named as the Home of the heart of God by who you are and now at last to be experienced.

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