Beyond Believing in Love Feeling the Heart in Everything-11-27-2011

The Messages from God

Beyond Believing in Love
Feeling the Heart in Everything

Beloved ones, there is nothing Real but Love. Love is the substance of everything, for Love is what I Am. Love is God. Therefore, all that is created is created from this one substance of Love.

This means that everything has a heart. Everything has a center that is connected to the Source. Everything has a fountain of life that supports it in every way, even those things that would seem, on the surface, to be completely made of something other than Love. Underneath all perceiving, all believing, every thought is the energy of life that is God I Am. You are connecting to this truth in your heart every moment.

So I Am asking you, beloved ones, to not believe any more in anything, but rather to feel the Reality of Love. Go straight for the heart of anything you are perceiving and feel the truth of the substance of which it is made. Thus, you garner from each experience, from every moment, through your heart, the true perceiving that in everything there is a gift for your receiving, and it is the gift of Love.

Your experience of the ego may reject this and will give you a thousand reasons it isn’t true. It will tell you that what has happened has hurt you; give you lists of all the things that you have been through. But when you use your heart, beloved ones — to probe, to go deeply into the heart of each thing…what you will discover is that experience was exactly what was needed to launch you into your freedom here and now.

Whatever happened or seems to happen, brought you to Me. There are many things in this world that seem horrific and yet, beloved ones, you all know about dreaming. You understand in the morning when you awake that what seemed so real to you in the previous moment is gone in an instant and you are free of whatever your dream experience involved.

You awake to who you are as a person. Just so will the heart of Love within each thing bring to you the gift of your awakening out of the dream of false perception, out of the ego, and into the reality of Love – that only Love is Real. When you wake from your perceptions of the little mind, from the programming of the human consensual dream, oh, beloved ones, Love will give you everything and deliver to you the gifts of what you have been through.

It will grant you the ability to be the heart experiencing and acknowledging the only truth – that the Reality of Love is still blazing in and through every dualistic thought. Every false perception that says there is other than Love is pushing you to that moment when you are awake, and find yourself bathed in endless blessings, alive in the reality of Love, shining like the miracle that you are…with streams of Light pouring from you everywhere, connecting with every person who has shared the resonance of every experience of other than Love that you have had.

As you are filled with wonder at the miracle of life, the resonance of Love is suddenly clear as the center, the reality of this world and the only truth of God. And so we share another moment of the awakening of God which is, beloved ones, the only thing happening here.

So I Am asking you to stop believing in anything but to, rather feel it with your heart. Believing instantly creates the separation that comes from mind and comes from thought. The heart goes directly to the heart of everything and feels this unity of Love, and brings you into the only moment that exists, brings you present here and now and shows you the interweaving of Love with everything, with every thought that you’ve believed of anti-Love, with every judgment of the world that brings duality into your experience, moment by moment.

It all dissolves, and the heart of everything is clear and it is the heart of God.

So, dearest ones, use your hearts fearlessly to take you into the center of everything, of every heart’s belief in other than God, every part of the dream of separation, every perception of poverty, of insanity, all the ways that Love is cleverly disguised by the constant re-creations of “reality” by the ego to keep itself alive.

When it drops away and the heart sees everything, the moment of awakening is shared, for all of this, beloved ones, is this one Love, this one life we are, remembering and feeling the truth of only God.

Even this word, “God,” is filled with story lines… So let us use this word as an example. Take the word “God” and notice its baggage. Simply touch the ball of consensual reality that has been built of all the threads of thoughts and judgments, all the resistance and all the going toward, piled and piled and piled upon the word “God” until it is covered in belief, until it is buried.

Many of you can barely stand to go near it. The concepts and beliefs seem so powerful as you approach this word, “God,” can be totally confusing and can bring to mind, of course, every story line that one has agreed to take as personal.

So this ball of knotted threads, of beliefs woven and woven around the word “God” now has its own resonance that is the consensual dream that takes all the beliefs and adds them up and creates a vibrational field in which every human being now lives, consciously or unconsciously wrapped in the huge ball of beliefs.

Now, beloved ones, open your heart. Shift to the Reality of Love. Feel the endless beauty, the upliftment, the constant call to open into grace, to allow this Love to flood your every electron and to acknowledge that it is who you are. Feel the brightness in the center of your being. Feel the song of who you are as you emerge, fresh, whole, pristine and endlessly powerful. This is your heart and how it feels.

And now, extend your heart and its perceptions into that ball of human beliefs that are wrapped and wrapped, intertwined and wrapped some more, creating concept after concept that bury the word. Go right into the center and find the heart. Find the heart and feel it and instantly Love blows apart that consensual ball of beliefs and you are here in the only time that is, fully present Now and feeling the glory of the whole of Creation of your Source and the miracle of life that is held between us in gratitude and endless reverence and exquisite joy and ecstasy.

Suddenly the heart reveals the truth hidden completely by the mind’s beliefs, not only your own beliefs, dear ones, but everyone’s. By the Law of Resonance, they attract, cathecting to each other and interweaving until it seems to Real to the little mind that the heart finds the heart of everything and loves the truth.

So, let your heart deliver to you Reality. Let your heart, beloved ones, unwind the world. Allow your heart to move right through all the beliefs that create the experience of being separate from Me, that create the perception of other than Love and find the gift of Love in everything.

That gift is the key to awakening from the dream. I promise you that everyone experiencing this life has agreed to what they’ve experienced in order to share with Me the glorious Moment of Creation – when I, the One I, awakes. That I is also you, sharing the indescribable beauty of recognizing every stream of Love within the whole, within Myself which is yourself as well.

When you come into this experience of the truth that only Love is Real, not as a belief, beloved ones, but as the truth of your heart, then the heart of All That Is, is not only yours. It pulses out its Message from the heart of everything that you used to believe was the world. All those things that scared you while you were dreaming, all those things that you had decided to use to launch you into this glorious unity… all of it exposed, the Love in everything, made Real to you, including the Love you are, the Love, beloved ones, and nothing else…

Come into this moment of pure communion and make the choice for the heart – not only your heart, beloved ones, but the heart of everything. I want to show you the beauty of the world and just how perfectly the dream is ending as you allow the heart of God, the one heart, to be revealed.

No longer believe in anything but rather, feel the truth of the heart. Let your heart bring you the truth of everyone and everything and every story, not that you might no longer reach out to help… but that when you reach, you reach all the way in, not stopping to collude with judgment. “Oh, this is awful and it shouldn’t be happening…”

Rather, go past every perception of the little mind straight to the heart of every belief, of every person, every story, every expression of duality. Find the heart with yours and stand firm to resonate the truth…to be the magnetic presence of Love. Choose and choose and choose the heart of God until all you see is Love revealing its kaleidoscopic beauty and you are free to simply be the movement of Love, the hand of God I Am reaching out, the acknowledgement of the One I that is the word, and it is Love.

Love is beyond the ability of the mind to describe but already exists as your heart. The moment that you feel this as your own reality of the heart that is the center of your being, that moment becomes the one moment of the awakening of Love into pure delight, into the acceptance that the resonance of Love is ever woven into everything. It is woven into everything that is perceived as the world. When you feel this, you can’t be fooled again for the moment the mind begins the story, the heart is present, and shows the truth of the heart within the world.

The heart of Love is the center of this consensual dream. It is the center of the ball of beliefs around money, around relationship, around sustenance, service, everything that humanity believes. Every concept, every word, every syllable has a heart and you can feel it.

Heart-to-heart, joining the resonance of Love is the greatest service you can offer to the awakening world, for in it, you multiply the experience of the heart and offer by the Law of Resonance to connect with this reality in every heart and you make it available.

I Am with you as I Am you. As you are breathed in the world as the heart of God, connecting and amplifying the extension of Love, heart-to-heart in deepest acknowledgement of the truth that is the center of everything — only Love is Real and Love, dearest ones, must be felt rather than believed in.
Your heart will show you the difference.