You Are My Prayer of Gratitude 3-31-12

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

You Are My Prayer of Gratitude

Beloved ones, you are pure Love, open, endless and alive. You are pure joy in the experience of being one with life. You are also pure gratitude. It is the truth of your awareness of the gift of life, of relationship, of the miracle of this moment that is – this moment that contains your limitless freedom and contains your communion with All That Is.

This moment, your being is immersed 100% in gratitude. We have spoken many times of gratitude and have brought it forth in our communion again and again. Yet, beloved ones, in this time of transformation, of the awakening of humanity into Love, gratitude is not only an important key. It is the doorway to freedom itself.

Often you have thought about gratitude and chosen things you are grateful for in your life. But, beloved ones, that is gratitude from the perspective of the mind. The mind says some things are worthy of gratitude, and many things are not – and that the consciousness of a human being gets to choose what it will be grateful for.

I am lifting you into a new relationship with gratitude that is the full expression of pure immersion in the gift of life — gratitude that has nothing that is outside of it, nothing that is not included because I Am continually in endless gratitude for the absolute astounding miracle of this awakening to Love. I Am in endless gratitude for this life I Am becoming fully aware of itself and the absolutely miraculous eternal gift of relationship to all that lives within this Love I Am.

Every tiny experience of life is celebrated and the whole of God I Am is a song of Love so grateful for this experience of giving and receiving that every moment is a “thank you,” every moment is pure gratitude.

When you allow gratitude to live you, to become the flavor of your experience of every breath…then not only do doorways to the unity of life open to you. The ego mind also must acknowledge a vision of life beyond its perceptions of bad and good, beyond, beloved ones, all resistance.

This is what is so important about gratitude in this moment of your full awakening to the power, beauty and truth of Love. Every breath is a gift of indescribable magnitude and we are continually all one and perfectly, endlessly in Love with each other. It is a Love Song that is never done.

How can we not be grateful for this? Beyond the ego’s perceptions of what life is — its definitions of suffering and grace — is the extended experience of God I Am in pure gratitude for the miracle of conscious life. This is the truth of your being.

When you fall into your grateful heart, doors open that you have never seen before that lead you directly into immersion in pure Love. You are granted the many communions of the heart of God with every expression of the gift of relationship and every experience of the continual and endless prayer of gratitude that we share.

When you open to this gratitude, beloved ones, it is far beyond your perceptions of the human being. It is so big, so bold, of such glorious magnitude that it lifts up the very concept of duality. It washes you free of the little mind and its desire to pass judgment on your experience. You recognize in your heart, as your truth, that every moment is a miracle and your heart is a continual prayer of gratitude.

Resistance, as you already know, is what keeps the ego in place and builds continually this dualistic world. It keeps you imagining that there are things that can keep you from your endless good, and keeps you turned away from Me and from this grace that is the movement of Love.

The moment you become this prayer of gratitude, then you are flying free of your story. You are acknowledging the gift of life that is given to you in this Now Moment for all eternity. It brings the human drama into perspective and it also releases you from the hold that the ego mind creates in its resistance to life that keeps this Love from being able to manifest here and now as you.

The ego mind keeps you distant from the abundance of God and keeps you perceiving a separate world. Gratitude can take you effortlessly beyond all this and give you the freedom that you are, not only to experience pure bliss but to also become Real consciousness that can see beyond the story lines of the ego mind… can see beyond the labels of bad and good, can see the endless gifts of Love that come from your experience in this life and fill your heart and then your mind with grateful peace and endless joy.

When you are grateful as a person, you always pick and choose – no matter how hard you try not to. You are grateful for this thing that you like but can’t bring yourself to be grateful for the experience of pain – or what you perceive as suffering. But oh, beloved ones, when you allow gratitude to show you the song of your true being, you are the perspective of the hologram in which every particle is life embracing life. Suddenly this human experience is all good because it is the gift of Love awakening.

So I Am calling you to a new experience of gratitude, a new resonance of the grateful heart. I Am calling you to be the prayer for gratitude for life that will shift humankind out of duality into the recognition of life as pure good.

The moment, the very moment this is your reality, you are released from those things that had you locked in to constantly recreating the experience of duality because you labeled them “not good,” and thus, the focus of your heart continued to recreate the dance with whatever it has been that you couldn’t be grateful for. Thus, the experience as a limited human being had to continue.

Let this gratitude sweep clean the temple of your heart. Let it dissolve every resistance to life. Let it lift you into a new perspective on what a life is – how important, how delicious, what a miracle, and how every experience when it is loved is a doorway Home to me – home to your experience of who you are as the limitless and joyous heart of God.

Gratitude is far beyond a request for your participation in shifting your view of that which you live. Gratitude is the truth of your being when the ego mind releases its judgments and joins in the prayer of gratitude for the experience of life — gratitude for the miracle of being God, gratitude for the breath you breathe in unity with all and gratitude for this magnificent experience of pretending that you don’t remember all that you are and that you don’t remember Me.

Gratitude is part of this communion when you truly feel this Love we share, when you recognize not only that you are here in service but that all of humankind is part of My joy in the delicious experience of awakening Myself as each and every human heart.

Gratitude is not a decision. Real gratitude is not based in thought. It is, instead, beloved ones, an experience that is completely felt in the heart. It moves you beyond resistance and boundaries and makes you part of this streaming Love that is free from being locked into any perception, including the perception of a human being. It is instead the sound of Creation laughing as in ecstasy we all shout, “It’s all good.” That which has been perceiving itself as separate from Love is swept into this song of gratitude for life and every resistance to life is then dissolved.

Dissolving this resistance is your key, beloved ones. This you already comprehend. But gratitude is the perfect means to accomplish what you are longing for, what you feel deep within – that every moment is meant to be pure joy and that your heart is your mode of perception. The heart, of course, embraces everything it encounters in life. It takes it in and loves it. Whatever it is, there is no resistance, and thus, by the Law of Resonance, it is returned to the awareness of the perfection of God I Am as the truth of all beings.

Gratitude is part of your heart’s experience. All of you already know this. Any moment when you meditate, when you are lifted free, when you have an experience that stops the little mind, don’t you always feel so grateful that there is no way to even begin to describe all that your heart feels?

Well, this experience is yours any time. When you claim it by becoming this prayer, you are lifted effortlessly beyond the ego mind, beyond all those things for which it has resistance. You are lifted into a place where you embrace life fully, that all of it can be loved and all of it is thus free to recognize itself as the one Love I Am.

It is time to leap into this stream of gratitude, to become as free as the wind, to let gratitude take you to view everything, all that you have perceived as bad and good, that you might experience life beyond the story line, beyond the bubble of consensual reality.

You can find how inclusive this Love is and how this gratitude for life makes your perspective of every experience totally different, that you can rejoice in everything now and thus be released from those things you continue to create through your perceptions of not good and the judgments of the ego.

Gratitude, Real gratitude, can infuse everything, even the experiences of profound pain and bring you to a place where you can feel the truth of just how you chose this awakening and this element of service to Love as humanity, service to the awakening of all together, service by the Law of Resonance.

But even beyond the need for such perspective is the greater awareness that gratitude brings, that when you can zoom out to the biggest picture, the experience of life that is humankind is a moment of remembrance of the truth of God as the reality of all life. It is the turn Home to Me that releases the energy that has been tied up, beloved ones, for so long in creating a world that is separate from Love.

The shift to the heart can transform it all and transform it effortlessly. It is simply another vibration, another level (for lack of a better word) for perceiving life. When it is found, it can bring the world effortlessly back into the celebration of truth. It can change greed and violence. It can bring, as has been proven in many experiments, dramatic change with only a few hearts that are fully immersed in gratitude for life, in the truth of Real Love.

For each of you, gratitude as the truth of your being can transform your experiences of resistance to pain. Whether that pain is experienced as physical, emotional or seemingly circumstantial, opening to gratitude brings it into the heart that we all share, that every particle of energy that has been trapped in the reversal can be released and begin to move.

You gain new flexibility, new abilities to live Love and new awareness that the prayer of gratitude is not only immensely powerful; it restores you to the truth of God which is only Love and only good.

As long as you have resistance, you are locked in, recreating that which you want to change. The power of gratitude can unlock that “paired spin” and restore you, bring back your ability to breathe as the breath of God.

You already know to remove your attention from those things you don’t want more of. I can promise you that the continual prayer of gratitude makes it unnecessary to even “go there” and lets you move to a whole new resonance, freeing you to perceive Real Love and to live it by opening every doorway of life with gratitude.

Gratitude is so much bigger than you’ve imagined. It truly is a deep experience of God. It takes conviction to bring yourself into the Now so you can begin to perceive with your heart the truth of this life we are grateful for. There is so much more than the mind can access. When you become this prayer of gratitude, it is like saying, “BEHOLD!” Behold life in its limitless magnitude of joy that is appearing here as this tiny spot of whatever it is you have perceived to be grateful for…

The moment a prayer of gratitude sings in your heart, oh, that is the truth of whatever it is. That thing is suddenly available and you can dive in to experience the reality of limitless life and each extraordinary stream of God made manifest to your heart and through your heart to your eyes.

You have not yet learned to pray gratitude. Oh, yes, we’ve been making progress — to state it in terms that the little mind can comprehend. But now, dear ones, we are throwing wide the door and leaping into this life stream of pure joy that sings gratitude through All That Is, that becomes new riches and new depth to this life, because gratitude creates more Love, and more Love increases the riches of God. More riches, more to be grateful for… And more gratitude creates more joy and more and more to be grateful for.

Without the story of resistance to Love, gratitude is your true name. It sings you forth into this moment continually and shakes you free to experience joy. I know, beloved ones, that you are ready and this endless stream of gratitude is your true blood. It is the energy of life that flows through your whole being and sings you forth, that you might love Me as I forever love you.

The world is filled with jewels of God. Nature is rife with them. A grateful heart sees every one. It misses nothing. It knows the truth. So, come! Dive into your hearts, beloved ones, and join Me as this endless prayer of gratitude.