100% Committed to the Celebration of Life 3-11-12

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

100% Committed to the Celebration of Life

Beloved ones, it is time to celebrate your life. It is time to take joy in everything that you do. It is time to find the beauty right now in this moment, for I promise you, it is always there. It is time to turn your focus to the work of Love, for it is in loving that you transform everything that you acknowledge.

You have all experienced the suffering, experienced the fear. It is in your energy field. It is in your bodies. It is in your genetic codes. So now, all you must do is love. As you love, you lift up and transform everything that you have been through, every misperception of the truth of God, every limited vision of your powerful heart. Everything that you have seen as a world of strife and pain, everything that is less than the whole of Love…

As you come now into this place, into this commitment to celebrate your life, to live in gratitude, to find the things in every moment that excite you… as you choose to live this, this is how you shift the world.

Beloved ones, the energies that are coming in now are so bright, so potent, so powerful and so unlimited that if you focus on the fear, it will be like multiplying it, using the cosmic source of energy. This is not what you are here to do.

You have come now to a crossroads and your focus is everything. It is no longer time to try to “heal.” It is no longer time to continue the journey of “working on yourself.” Every such placement of your attention dips into the creative paint brush of you, the heart of God, and creates more separation and more duality. It creates more of the belief in being human when in truth you are the heart of God.

It is time to celebrate your life. It is time to find the things to love. It is time to wrest your attention away from the ego mind. It is time, beloved ones, to shift to the heart. I promise you that you have the power to do so. You have the energy. You have the support.

At this point in the convergence of the cosmic energies of awakening Love, to do anything less than live in gratitude…anything less than make this choice to celebrate the gift of life…is irresponsible and not fulfilling your mission.

You are the 100%. You are the pure stream of conscious Love. You have lived the illusion purposefully. You have taken it on and made it your energy field for exactly this moment in time when the Light floods in. Now is the time when the Love is acknowledged, when it is not longer possible to deny the truth that this life I Am is unlimited, glorious. It is pushing itself forth through every single heart. No matter the ego’s resistance, Love is being born here as humankind, here as you.

In every moment, beloved ones, you can find something to pray gratitude for, something to love. Every moment I Am here with you and I promise, dear ones, that you love Me. You love this Light and you love being receptive to the upliftment and the joy I Am ever giving you.

So if you can find nothing for which to pray gratitude, simply turn to Me and say “Yes,” and I will show you never-ending good. I will show you your awakened heart. Even if you can feel it only for a moment, that moment, beloved ones, is enough. Focus on it and hold to the truth of that increment of grace.

As you hold to it, as you acknowledge it, as you cling to life and make the choice again, the power of your focus – which is the power of Love – will amplify that window through which you see and feel the truth, the truth of God I Am as your Reality, as your heart, as your sustenance, your consciousness and your joy.

Even one second of acknowledgement of that which is already present as the truth of your being, and everything can change. Suddenly you are a citizen of the New World. You are standing on the firm foundation of Love. You are acknowledging yourself as a magnet, as a creative heart, allowing the Will of Love to live as you and to do its mighty work.

This is not something that you do with the mind, though you can begin there, if it works for you. It is something, beloved ones, that you do with your heart. You feel into the truth of life exploding as one breath, one pulsing consciousness, one exquisite shared harmony of Love.

From this intuition comes this streaming life where every aspect of the whole of God I Am is majestically revealed and lived, and you are such an aspect. You are an aspect of My Love, of cosmic consciousness, beyond the imagining in the mind. Every second of your acknowledgement of good of any kind aligns you with the resonance of the truth and opens you to this amazing gift in which you live the heart of Creation and the heart of Creation is present here as you.

It is time, beloved ones, to look up from the grindstone, to lift your nose, so to speak, and see the sky. It is time to install in your days spiritual breaks, time for apprehending the truth of Love as the miracle of you – time to open to this communion with Me and to feel the living miracle of what we share…time to intuit that you are already perfect, that you are here to serve in this awakening of every misperception of Love, every false heart’s belief…

You do this not by doing any of this consciously, but by being My “Yes!” to life and to bringing your heart to bear on the play of duality through prayers of gratitude, appreciation for beauty, presence, beloved ones, in the Now Moment and the reaching with your heart to love all that life brings before you.

In every moment there is beauty. Beneath the projected screen play of the ego is the whole amazing continual explosion of life, and you, beloved ones, are able to feel this. In that second of acknowledgement, you are able to return the world to only Love.

Allow your hearts to show you even tiny things that are expressions of beauty, gifts to be treasured, the little things that make life beautiful … friendship, the blooming of a flower and feeling the communion of Nature. It is time, beloved ones, to celebrate your life, and in this celebration, to accept your good, to be 100% committed to allowing your true supply to be drawn through your heart to create your world through the Law and the gift of Resonance.

The little mind works continually to keep creating an identity for you. It tells you incessantly stories of who you are, brings up memories, projects the future, and activates old feelings of duality that keep you resonating as a human, as part of the consensual dream of being less than the cosmic exhalation of Love, less than the extraordinary miracle, less than the heart of Love.

I Am assisting you to go between the thoughts, to use the heart to feel what is behind, to experience the endless communion of life and oh, beloved ones, to feel your Love for Me and My endless and astounding Love for you.

Accept the gift. Accept the miracle and celebrate that this Now Moment you are alive and that life is pulsing through your being and being expressed as your experience here and now. Feel yourself expand beyond the ego’s play. Just a touch is all it takes to shift things, that you become the entraining heart that opens the flood gates of attunement with the treasures of God, with the endless provision of the life I Am, with the experience of the world that you would call Heaven and the instantaneous dissolution of all egoic lines of separation.

In the heart you live inside of everything. You are this intimate Love always moving. What you feel with one another is so beautiful that in an instant you can perceive another’s experience of a whole life, and powerfully love it free by choosing to focus on what is already true – that one person before you as perfect Love, that one as the treasure of God, that one as the expansion of the beauty of life. Your heart can show you what each is expressing and this is what I ask you to focus on.

There is no time to yet believe in the need for healing, regardless of what is still running in your play. Beloved ones, time itself is now dissolving and you stand ever more fully in the River of Life which, by your focus, you direct and by your joy, you allow. By your open heart, you become Love’s perfect attunement and by your life in the world, you become the magnet for lifting the experience of separation from Me back into the truth of our Oneness.

It is time to be My heart touching all, and it is time to feel the trust that I take care of you, that the source of your life when it flows through your heart appears in this world as limitless abundance. The power of Creation must move beyond the limited box of the ego and be allowed to be expressed as this world, as the bridge between the old world and the new — the bridge between beliefs in separation and the joyous acceptance of unity of “both/and.” It must be allowed to express as both the experience of pure Love, one life, one hologram AND the out-picturing as you of the fullness of My awakening into loving all that is within Me in this grand moment of discovery.

Dearest ones, take these gifts. They are yours. Delight in them. Open the door to the treasure house through gratitude. Even if all you can find is one tiny thing that appears in your world for which you are grateful, focus on this. Clean it and multiply its resonance by lifting it up with prayers of gratitude.

You are 100% receivers of the Love I Am. It has made you and it informs you continually. When you say “Yes” to life, then the law of entrainment swiftly works to magnetize duality into the glorious perfection of the expression of Love that is the Real truth of this world.

What about all the things your eyes see? What about so many endangered species? What about wars and pollution and illness and fear?
Oh, dearest ones, don’t focus there. Only Love can “save” you. Only Love is powerful enough to take this world from the brink of this craziness and make it the out-picturing of hearts awake to the truth that only Love is Real so that thus does only Love become reflected.

In the moments of this bridge we are creating, if you live in this Love, if you feel this communion, if you stand in the Now Moment, then whatever you perceive as being your lack of good, whatever experiences that you are having of suffering become as nothing when you stand in this glorious Light. They become inconsequential. They become like a mist, something in the background happening while you are living in your heart through this transition.

Trust the power of Love. Trust it, beloved ones, to attune you. Trust it to fill you up, to bring you what you need, and trust it when it is allowed to set you free – that you, your very life, become the Arc of the Covenant, the choice that we made, dear ones, all of us that this world would be more than healed. It would be restored as the heart of unity, as the Home that you ever have in Me, reflected through hearts of gratitude into a world of plenty and beauty.

It is more important than you know where you place your attention. If you choose to place it on old world images, for whatever reason, then use your heart to lift up the resonance until you can actually feel your inner prayer of gratitude playing continually in the background.

Let us say, for example, that you go to the movies which as yet are always focused on experiences of duality. Open your heart and attune to Me. Be so present in that moment that you are overwhelmed with Love for what every character, every situation represents…a world in the midst of transformation, hearts remembering Love. Keep your resonance high, in attunement with the truth and anything you touch will be magnetized right into this field of the expression of grace that we are calling Heaven on Earth.

It is time to celebrate your life and every moment’s celebration is amplified by all who serve the awakening of humanity into the truth of Love I Am expressed as each and every one of you, and together the pure and powerful presence of My heart and the world that Love is now creating.

I Am with you in your every moment, and I will guide you to prayers of gratitude, to instances of beauty, to snippets of joy that will attune your life – that you are the conduit in this Now Moment of Love beyond time, 100% available.