The 100%! Creating the Shift in Focus February 25, 2012

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell at
Circle of Light

The 100%! Creating the Shift in Focus
February 25, 2012

Beloved ones, you are whole and you are holy and you are beautiful. You are shining through the universe as Love. You are living wrapped in comfort and in purity and filled with grace which means that there is a field of consciousness that surrounds and fills you, waiting to show you the truth of your heart.

This field is waiting to penetrate the world of illusion and show you what is truly here. What is here is life abundant. I know, beloved ones, how very difficult it is to withdraw your attention from what seems to be proof that the world is full of lack, that life is dangerous, that you are full of fear and that every step must be taken carefully.

But I promise you that right here in the very same space, the space in which the mind projects illusions, there exists the truth of the heart and the abundance of limitless Love. It is simply the means of your perception. You can see the world and you can feel the fear. Or, you can use your heart to perceive the truth of God that resonates like the chorus of the Angels woven into everything. It is everywhere and pregnant with your fulfillment and your joy.

I cannot tell you how important it is now to withdraw your attention, your energy and your support from the world of duality, from the world of lack and to place it in your heart…to feel the truth…that even if it comes in tiny flashes of intuition, you can feel that there is something that is alive and rich, filled with good and yours to claim, victorious.

It is the Reality, beloved ones, of the heart. It is the truth of Love. You are the shining heart of All That Is and you are free to taste and live the truth. The only thing that holds you is the dreaming mind. But you are here, precious and beloved hearts, for exactly this purpose – to be those who lead humanity into the land of milk and honey, into lives that are rich and fully creative, into a bridge world of Love that makes you available for the grand leap, the return Home, the remembrance that only Love is Real.

I Am not only every part of you, not only the breath that you breathe and the substance of life from which you are made. I Am also tenderly and always supporting you in this powerful and important work that you are doing, the work of freeing humankind from the lie of lack and the belief in fear.

I know, beloved ones, how fear can grip you, how the emotions that resonate with the ego’s world have been programmed into your consciousness and become your heart’s beliefs. But this only has power in the realm of time, when you are in the mind, functioning through the ego.

I Am giving you the promise of your hearts, that if you will make the effort to withdraw your attention and to continually place it in the reality of abundant Love in your heart that you might open and truly feel it in this place where we meet beyond the bounds of time and mind and duality…everything I Am, beloved ones, is yours and every moment, through your heart, can come Reality…the flow of life that is incredibly abundant and rich beyond belief.

The only way to freedom is in this moment, in the Now, beyond the realm of time. The only way to freedom is to go Vertical, to come into the place where you are free to feel our communion. The only way to freedom is to find your own path to releasing yourself from mind and time regularly, until you can allow your heart to soar free, until you feel the proof that only Love is Real.

When you feel it, it will lift you and change your resonance. This shift to your heart will change your life. I cannot begin to tell you how very important this is – to truly make the commitment that I have asked of you, to be 100% committed to reclaiming the power of Love, to reclaiming the truth of your heart and to releasing the ego’s world of fear, of duality.

Commitment means being willing to place this first. There is no other way to find your freedom, to reclaim the truth of Love, to live in your abundance. Until you do and you can resonate, dear ones, with Love, the world outside will continue to control you and the little mind will buffet you on the rocks of continual shift and change.

Because the Love I Am is now increasing and the presence of the truth of God as humankind is waiting to become visible, to be born in each of you fully alive, the more that you resist your heart’s call, the more difficult it can be to deal with the world and all the things that Love brings to the surface that another decision, the decision for the heart, might be made.

Dearest ones, you pray to Me and plead for help. You are overwhelmed and stressed and sometimes say you feel like “you are going under.” Then, you say to Me, when I touch your heart and call you into communion, “ but, God, I am so busy. There is so much to do. I have to somehow solve these problems. I have to deal, God, with my financial reality. I have to cope with the day to day.” And so, you turn away from that which could transform you and give you’re the relief, the freedom that you seek.

I Am asking for the commitment to the heart, the commitment to seeing Love as the true reality, for making a place in your life for this communion until it is so Real that it shows up before you as your world. I promise you that it will, to exactly the degree that you claim it and give yourself to the experience of Love. It cannot be something you decide with your mind and then allow the mind to say to you, “See. It doesn’t work.”

The little mind, the ego is what has control of your lives up to this point, if you are seeing lack, and it will continue to produce the proof for you until you choose the heart and learn to use the instrument of true perception to experience who you are and to experience the abundance of God.

It may seem like wrenching yourself away from what seems to be most real to you, a world that seems physical and solid and “laws” of life that are the consensual dream. Thus, you have lived them over and over and over. But now you are on the line where time can leave. It is the year. It is 2012. It is time to come into the truth of the heart, that Love may fill you and grant you spiritual eyes with which to see the world, grant you the experiences of Love that are timeless, eternal and limitlessly abundant. These are waiting for you to claim your truth as the heart of God, as the limitless Love I Am here in the world as you, My outreach, My heart open and giving…as the power of Light and life and Love that is astounding.

Through your hearts, this Love can fuel this world in ways the little mind can’t even dream. You are standing on the cusp of Paradise and I Am begging you to claim it. But you must claim it so deeply that it becomes your truth, a truth that lives within you, a truth that wears your name, a truth that shines before you as your own beam of Love and gives you true information about what is before you.

What is before you, beloved ones, is a world of Love, only obscured by the dream occurring in your mind. With one shift to the heart that truly stakes its claim in you, everything before you is different. The illusion: insubstantial. Love: pulsating and vibrating. The truth of the heart: indisputable, standing here as you, manifesting as your world.

But I must say to you, again, it is not a mind decision. The mind will convince you that you have tried and that it isn’t true. You have taken a little while to stop and meditate, and “see God, my world is just the same.” This is because you are still focusing with the world of duality, allowing the mind to whisper, to continue its game.

You must be strong in the heart. 100% committed, dear ones, that when the seeming proof of lack and fear comes before you, you can say to each and every one of them, “Get thee behind me.” The ego’s case seems strong because you’ve lived it and it is supported by all the minds of humanity.

But I promise you, the heart’s truth is so much stronger. It is supported by the whole of Creation, by All That Is, and therefore, beloved ones, it is worth everything to claim it, to make this shift, to put forth the effort, even while the old world still shows its face…to withdraw your agreement, to change your heart’s beliefs, to build your access to the temple of your heart, to make the time to be in the Now Moment and to experience the glory of God, and to know with all your being that it is “you” and it is our Love.

Standing on the cusp of time and freedom there is a gathering of power coming to the world, the purpose of which is to launch you beyond the ego and to give you the proof of the truth of Love. So every effort made will be multiplied, and every great being who serves the world is in attendance, each and every one amplifying your every effort.

Each one is giving you shining examples of what it means and how it feels to be exalted, to live in freedom, to live devotion, to be the outreach of Love and to know with every fiber of your being, with every fully conscious electron that absolutely only Love is Real, that anything not Love is the illusion. In the face of Love the illusion becomes as nothing and Love becomes fully present as your experience of life, as your example to others and as your willingness to fulfill your agreement to serve this glorious awakening.

Everything that you have read or heard, all the wonderful moments of enlightenment are only the tiniest crack in the doorway of your heart that is poised to blow wide open to claim you for Love, to show you the truth of God that you are, that you might shine as the great Light of Love into this world.

Withdrawing your agreement from duality will take effort. To continue to coming to the ego mind’s images is much easier. It is where you have been. It is a known path. It’s a lower resonance so it is easier to slide and to continue, even though you believe you don’t want it and you want your life to change and to be abundant. You want to live the Love you are.

The ego mind is insidious and it is multiplied by the thought forms of humankind, 7 billion times or more, for 7 billion is not counting those who are not embodied but who are still attached, still focused on duality.

And yet, the power of Love is such that one breath taken in full surrender to the heart can open you and give you what you call “enlightenment,” awaken in you the truth of the unity of God and the mystery and the gift of our relationship, the recognition that All That Is is My awakening and you are in it, a ray of Love pulsing to this world the continual message that right here in the very same space in which duality is lived, right here, in the timeless present, is the whole of Love and the abundance of God nourishing My own heart.

Say “Yes,” beloved ones and band together. Support each other, please, and do it quickly in withdrawing your agreement from the world of duality, from the separation caused by the mind that says the source of your sustenance is separate from you. Isn’t it obvious even to the mind, dear ones, that the whole of God I Am would take care of itself. And so I Am and so I do. Now is the time for you to remember this, to make it true for you that you might live it for others…that Heaven on Earth becomes much more than a saying.

We create the world of Love, dear ones, together, from the Love that flows, explodes from the Moment of Creation and births you into splendor in this Now Moment. It blazes through your heart to become this world you Love that you might sing in harmony with Nature, that She might give to you in symbols of delicious and abundant nourishment your deep conviction that I Am your nourishment and the symbols of the world are secondary to your acceptance.

Support each other in feeling Heaven on Earth, in feeling it in your heart, in letting Me show you in our communion just what it means to be the Source of Love and how it feels to believe nothing and to experience the All of Love continuously in the moment.

Bring your power back, dear ones, to your heart. Look to Me and to the Love rising in you. Allow yourself to be bathed in this abundant life. Then take your steps through your days, and as you live in the world, do so consciously, withdrawing your support from the world of duality, from the belief that you must labor for your sustenance in something “out there.”

There will be a time as you shift your focus, the vote of your energy, where the images from your old heart’s beliefs may still arise, but you will know they are a passing fantasy, born of your commitment to love the world. You take back your power, come into your heart, commune with Me and feel the Love and quickly now the world outside will reflect it. Abundant life will be yours in amazing ways, that when you live it, then you can show others until every heart is whole, every person fed, every life receiving the gold of the Spirit and living in harmony with the world. Then comes that point where the Love is so strong that the world is unnecessary and every heart is Home.