The Great Release 09/15/15

Dearest Family of the Heart,

This is an amazing time! Pulses of Love are sweeping the earth, giving all of us access to the glory of our Spirit and supporting the full opening of our hearts.

Recently at this time of month we are have been putting up an audio download on our website and then sending out our text Message from God at the end of the month. But this month we have switched it , sending out a text Message now because we want to make sure that this Message goes to everyone possible and because it is “Time sensitive”, relating to the second half of this month.

Please do help us distribute this just as widely as is possible. As always, we only ask that you keep our identifying information intact. Please let us know, too, if you have suggestions for other places we can post these Messages.

Let us keep each other in our hearts and prayers as we release illusions and open to Real Love.

In deepest appreciation for your presence in this Circle of Light,

Yael & Doug
Circle of Light

The Great Release

Beloved ones, you are standing, once again, on the threshold of transformation. You are stepping into a change that is so grand, it is invisible to the mind. It is greater than ideas of surrender. It is greater, even, than thoughts of awakening or Love. It is the leap, beloved ones, into freedom from the mind, into becoming the Reality of Love as it lives and moves, in and as all things.

This time in the world is the mark of the shift, the leap, the change, the transformation that is already deeply and powerfully underway. And you, beloved ones, are simply the observers of what it means to realize that you are Love, that you are God, that you are the wonder of life.

Wonder that has no defining edges. Wonder that cannot be held by any concept. Wonder that is the breadth and depth of Reality, and that is completely taking over the earth that every life may celebrate the truth, and live and breathe each other as one joy; that every heart may remember itself as the shift, and every moment be pure delight.

For a little while, this transformation will come and go like the pulsing of the Love that already is. You will be awake, be aware, be the power of Love, and then another moment comes and you are human, for a little while again.

All you need to do, beloved ones, is pay attention. Truly, deeply be the observer of Love. Recognize that you are thrilled by your existence, that you are everything, truly, that I Am. And be willing to let the mind disappear, to let the ego go, with all its ideas of what you are. Simply live this breadth, and depth, and joy as the unfolding of Real Love.

Notice, beloved ones, that you are so alive. You feel absolutely brilliant. Not brilliant as a person with a brilliant mind, but brilliant as in: this light is shining everywhere. And as you shine, everything you touch is illuminated. And you – the little you – becomes transparent, until all you see and feel, all you truly are, is Love.

In this place, you step into the world as the pulse comes, and you are suddenly present, fully here, totally alive. And just as the heart beats, so does creation appear, again and again as the whole truth, pulse after pulse.

This pulse of life lives the honor of Love, experiences the gift of being brilliant, and becomes the outreach of All That I Am, to live in reverence, the gift of being, to celebrate the gift of life. To live this, this reverence and celebration, this is what you’re here for. This is being alive. To allow the fullness of My presence to invite you now, into this communion with all that is here in this moment.

How can you be brilliant, as brilliant as the sun, without being attached to the one who shines? By opening your heart and allowing this communion to come, that you can be one with the whole conversation of the birth of life.

While words truly can’t encompass the wonder, you can feel the power of Love that is now making itself known in the world as humankind, that experiences itself as the true mandala, the exquisite unfolding of Love. And every spark of life, each color, each movement is absolutely necessary as part of the whole. Each contributes to the creation of the artistry of Love, the full expression of God I Am. And each and every spark, every magnificent color is honored and holds a specific energy that cannot be done without.

In other words, every life is valuable, is perfect, is an expression of Love that must be present. And each is also an unlimited part of the whole, that through this communion experiences everything and deeply feels the whole of Love.

Living this, the mandala of the heart, is where you stand as humankind. Being this wondrous reverence for life is the threshold of the leap you are about to take collectively. And, dearest ones, you can believe it, even though what you see with the two eyes of the ego says it’s impossible. Your heart feels the resonance of what is beneath. It feels the undercurrents of Love that are unfolding, the Reality of God that is awakening — in and as all things.

Thus I call you to reach out to Me. To place your spirit in Mine and to make this leap.

September is a month of great change. It is the turning, beloved ones, of the tide. It is the point when you make the choice to go for Love, to surrender your thoughts of the world, and to allow yourself to be brilliant, to be the light of God.

As you say “yes” to this transformation, to the great letting go that is this time, to releasing the whole human identity, you shall feel evermore weightless, until that which has held you down, the ideas of limitation and gravity, release their hold and freedom comes rejoicing.

This is a world made out of Love. It is meant to be a transparency where everything that you see is created of light, and everything you experience is obviously Love, moving. That which has been projected for a while, the frame after frame in the sub-creation movie, now becomes more and more transparent, until the old movie becomes invisible. What’s discovered is the story of Love that has been running beneath the surface.

Beloved ones, this is not a personal change. It is not about dumping your old ideas, releasing your baggage, even changing your heart’s beliefs. This is totally cosmic. Bigger, beloved ones, than planetary. This is a convergence of Love. This is a beacon of light.

This is you, beloved ones, all of your glorious spirits, that have come together at this time from every part of the whole of Love, to be the fullness of service to the awakening of the heart of God. That which you have known as humanity, that which you have seen as life on earth, that which your heart has known as you have felt the call to be present, here, to be focused on this shift that is happening.

So rather than looking at your own story, come to Me and let Me show you the Love. Let Me show you that you are invisible, that the personality, the persona is gone, that you are brilliant. You are a glorious flash of light. You are the coming of Christ. You are the full return of Love.

You are everything that has ever been predicted. It is here, and it is happening.

Do not be fooled by what is seen by two eyes. But rather, beloved ones, look with your heart, and come and join Me.

All that you have felt, it is happening. The call has come, and every heart responds, even if that response appears impossible. Let your heart feel it and you will know that this great cosmic sweep of Love is here. And the flash of light that shall appear will be seen through the whole of creation.

And you, beloved ones, are ready.

So take this time in the next two weeks, to attune your perceptive systems, to attune to the heart, to feel the Love, to be in alignment with being transparent. Be ready to step into a greater vista, that the stage of your life is the cosmos.

You are ready to be the Love of which you are made.

So I call you to leap beyond ideas, to step onto the stage of transformation, to acknowledge the singing of all hearts, as every being holds the resonance of the awakening of earth and every heart focused here.

Ego-minds are scared. They are creating many a fearful scenario. But what I want you to see, beloved ones, is it doesn’t matter what egos do. Your hearts are ready.

Join heart and hands, and hold the highest vision. Do not look at the small picture, but focus on the heart’s vision instead. Let go of all that seems to be wrong and feel your heart’s abiding in the truth of Love.

How amazing it is, how it vibrates, how it brings you instantly to ecstasy, how it makes you remember that you are perfect. That you are held and blessed, supported and loved. That every moment you are blessed in ways never expected. And the blessings always multiply.

This is where your focus must be: on the miracles that are created by Love. On the wonder of your relationship with Me. On the feeling of being Love and feeling Love live through you.

Blessed, blessed and blessed, this is how it feels to remember. As you leap beyond all ideas, not only of being human, but of any limitation, know that as you leap, I catch you. And suddenly you see as I see, that this moment is holy and only Love is Real.

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

Circle of Light