JESHUA: Your Hearts Are Ready to Let Love Live You January 5, 2013

JESHUA: Your Hearts Are Ready to Let Love Live You
Through Yael and Doug Powell at
Circle of Light
January 5, 2013

My precious friends, you who share with me the awareness of our purpose as the focused and functioning heart of the great I Am, that the Creator’s Love may live through us to be known intimately by everyone and to be lived purely by us…

Your hearts are ready to live this awareness, and every part of you is resonating with this joyous celebration of life. Everything on Earth is changing. An avalanche of Love is now occurring. Welcome it with open arms and an open mind, that your heart may truly be its conduit and that you might stand firm as the presence of God in this world that is waking from a slumber and remembering the one truth of Love.

I am here joining heart and hand with you, assuring you that you are ready and capable of allowing this vibration of pure Love to live here as you — that every moment you might find yourself in bliss, being lived as the open heart of God.

So much – so much now falls away — all the old identities you have held onto. All the stories that you have believed about yourself, the things that you have heard from your little mind… All of these are easily dissolving now, and what remains is you, stunningly beautiful, pure and clear, alive and present, but filled with the joy of eternal beings, completely consumed by the birth of Light shining forth to lead humanity back into this remembrance for every precious one.

It is a time of great honor for the heart of human beings for all that has been lived, believed, endured and turned around. It is a time when all the hosts of Heaven rejoice and uplift and support you into the realms of Real life that everything that your heart accords as the truth of God can be acknowledged also as the truth of you, that you might live at this crux of the in-breath and out-breath of God – these pure waves of Love that bathe this planet…that you might be the ones who serve this transition, carefully calibrating the pure bliss of God, that it might fit into the hearts of human beings and lift them up to freedom.

Every heart on Earth knows the truth now and every heart is bathed in endless ecstasy. Every life is returned to its firm foundation in God. All that remains is to release the stories of the mind. Beloved and precious friends, this can be easy.

There isn’t a need for lots of clearing and forgiving. There is simply the call to the great turn — to remembering the heart as the one and only vehicle through which you are meant to live. If you do this, and allow this Love to fill you up, then thoughts take their place directed by Spirit only, and you are purely God’s movement of Love needing no control and having none of it.

The illusion of control is born of the ego and each of you must come to live each day in total trust that all that you need shall be always provided for you and that which is your work shall come before you as the Love of God reaches out and touches others. It is always directed from deep in the heart and directed, my dear friends, in this Now Moment.

For some, allowing the mind to drop away is easy. The complete and joyous surrender to Love is a blessing. To others, in whom the story has taken deep root and the belief in separation not yet gone, it shall take courage to release the mind and surrender to Love, that only God lives here…only Spirit, and nothing else. And you no longer know anything, nor my dear ones, do you need to. You are simply and completely God- directed. In fact, there can truly be nothing else because there is only God here.

The turning of this time into the world of Love is the turning away from the dream of the little mind or ego. It is the complete surrender to every moment’s discovery of what it means to be this unique outreach of God and nothing else. You do not plan what needs to be done. You simply surrender and allow your heart to be filled to overflowing with peace, with Love, with joy and with this communion with life that shows you that you are part of the wholeness, and in this release you release all suffering.

You release every bit of the little mind’s story. You release the things from which you have been “healing” for so long. You release the need for life to be controlled by the mind, and you wait. Wait in the heart held in God’s Love, surrounded, surrendered, living in peace and wonder, until and only until the Spirit moves you, not through the mind. Only through the heart and only in the present moment.

So there cannot be any previous knowing. There can be no planning. And yet, there is communion that brings to you the guidance of our Creator continually. Yet, every step comes about from within and not from the little mind’s planning. As you surrender to Love, your heart will rejoice and show you the world of Love you live in. It will show you the feeling of endless plentitude and grace. It will fill you with the awareness of how deeply you are loved and fill up all the places where the mind pretended that somehow, somewhere, something had been lacking.

In truth it is not possible to lack for Love. Let me say this to you again for I know it so deeply. In truth, it is not possible for you to lack for Love. The greatest hoax promulgated on humankind is the hoax of the ego that created all the stories that say that Love has somehow been lacking. All the time that you pretended to be lost and alone, cut off, confused, turned away from this thing… all the while, God wrapped you and filled you to overflowing, constantly asking “how much more can I give you…what, beloved ones, do you need?”

Often, very often, God was ignored because the whole attention was caught up in the ego mind’s stories and all the feelings of being separate and alone. All the while you were surrounded by so much Love and filled with the Light of the Creator that would give you anything and prove to you a million times a moment that you are loved beyond imagining and that Love is yours for all eternity.

All the while that you pretended to be alone, that you believed in your human inheritance…all that time in a time that is continuing, of course, you have been so loved and so supported. You have always had more Love than you could possible need.

So the great shift, my dearest friends, for all of you is at last, at last, letting it in. This turn, this shift, this time of awakening is simply the time of letting it in…just how much God loves you, just how deeply you are part of The One who holds you, and supported by life that is endlessly and wholly beautiful. It is time to let God’s Love in and to allow your heart to show you the true Reality — that not only is Love the only Light, the only truth, the only substance, but you are loved uniquely, wholly and eternally by our beloved Creator.

You are loved, cherished, rejoiced in, held in harmony, guided and constantly filled with abundance. You take every breath in the heart of grace — the recipient of God’s endless and total giving. Now at last, the time has come to let go of all resistance and to let yourself be loved as you have always been, and allow the stories that you’ve believed said otherwise to simply fall away. You heart rejoices in the wonder and the beauty that you are.

It is time to remember what you are given, and that the giving never stops. You simply must be willing to be the recipient and to open to all the blessings of the heart of God, your one true identity, and the end of all illusions of less than Love, of pain and suffering.

When you come to live in the heart and to feel this deep communion, to be present for the blessing of this eternal moment, you are lifted far beyond the little mind’s imaginings to the point where they are just like distant images that one barely notices because you are so completely infused with Love and so filled with gratitude.

As you allow this to be your felt experience of life, as you become fully present in your Real identity, then every breath truly is the breath of God, and every moment’s experience is one of beauty and overflowing Love. Every moment is truly a discovery as you wait on God, as you allow this Love to move you forth and to live as your heart filled with all the mystery of grace, all the gifts of this endless and holy communion.

As you completely accept at last your true identity as the heart of The One, the heart of the endless eternal and glorious fullness, every moment is an experience of upliftment of more — more of the Good, the only experience of God I Am, and more of the resonance of joy that your heart will show you as your experience of life, that then is made manifest in the symbols of this world.

Nothing is done by you, the you of the little mind. Everything is done by YOU, the YOU of the heart, the great I Am. As you live this grace, as you are held in God, as you breathe this Love into manifestation, what you feel of your life is gratitude and so much beauty and joy that the details of the little mind are purely secondary and you are discovering what God is unfolding moment to moment, completely free of the mind’s planning.

To do this, to live like this, give your heart completely to The One in whom you live, in whom you exist and discover what it means to be part of this communion of life in which Love speaks in all that you encounter, in so many myriad ways. Your hearts, I promise you, are ready to be the vehicles through which God is manifesting a world of Love in accordance with the spiritual truth, a world of grace, of giving and of plenty.

First, my dearest friends, you must feel it deep within in the core of your being, and feeling it, you know that you are wrapped in Love, filled with God, continually shown your beauty. Love comes to live itself in this expression that you think of as you. When you release the little mind and all its engineering, what you feel is the expansion of the Love of your heart, and you watch as the observer of what Love brings forth. Every moment the mind’s work is to sing in gratitude for every miracle and every blessing.

The turn of this year is this cross between the out-breath and the in-breath of God. Your surrender, your shift to the heart is the key to everything. If you find yourself caught yet in the stories of the little mind and its identity, call to me and I will keep you turning into my arms, into my care, into this warmth and grace and endless Love, until you can keep yourself pointing in the right direction, letting go of the whole human identity and letting the heart not only be your whole identity but letting it be the Love that lives you and makes life manifest here at this point in the holy matrix, this point in the expression of God’s identity that happens to be your heart.

This time of the world, this time of the heart of humanity is the completion of the remembrance of the oneness of God — that each of us has a glorious, unique expression of the Creator’s Love but we are all part of one thing, all a part of the great I Am. As such, all concepts such as loneliness, fear, separation, wrath, or false identities simply can no longer be sustained. What is sustained is sustained by Love and it happens automatically.

I have walked this path of reclaiming the full identity of the heart of God, the heart of Love, unique and yet fully blended. Therefore, I am delighted to be your brother and your assistant. Come and take my hand and listen to me. I promise to keep showing you the heart’s true Reality and the release of the little mind into the pool of Love that thought might become the expression of the movement of this piece of God – this unique and glorious expression of Love that is part of the whole for eternity. And yet, allowing the new expression of the expansion of God’s heart to come forth as you. What a wonderful, joyous gift it is. What a gift to be part of this…

Aren’t you excited to see what this reveals, as your heart becomes your identity? As you leave behind the little mind and its dreams of being separate or different? Oh, my friends, I know that you are ready to release old identities. It’s as easy as this – as making the shift from the mind to the heart, from time to eternity, from separation into the joy of unity — breathing as one with the Creator, and glorying in Love’s expansion.

I will stand with you through this time of change and I will be more than a brother. I will be the truth of your heart being reflected in mine. I will be the deepest joy beyond your imagining. I will take you easily into times of silence where you can feel the truth of Love up close and personal. I will be right here with you celebrating as you breathe in the truth of Love and let Love breathe you out in service. Every moment is an ongoing miracle, the miracle of life.