Your Heart Is In Service You Are the Bridge of Love (Yael’s first Message after her illness) August 8, 2012

Your Heart Is In Service
You Are the Bridge of Love
(Yael’s first Message after her illness)
August 8, 2012

Beloved ones, each of you is here to create a bridge to the realms of Love. Your hearts are an intersection of the expansiveness of your beings and the expression of creativity that is the world, the imagination that swirls all around you as the experience of Earth.

Each of your hearts is a clear roadmap to the limitless Love that you are, attuned to the vibration of your heart, your being, to create for others of a similar vibration — a way to find the path they are looking for.

Each one of you is invaluable. Each of you is a teacher, a Master, a being that cannot be replaced, a doorway to the wonders of Love. So, as well as looking for guidance, for the blessings that come to you through another –look, dearest ones, at yourselves and find what it is that you bring to the world. Each of you is a path of Love that makes of this awakening a beautiful mantra of beauty and grace that embraces and encompasses all.

It is easy to believe that another has so much to give, has clarity and Light. Yet, I promise you that you would not be here touched by the truth of Love if you were not the same, a guide to the deliverance of the heart.

So, dearest ones, come and attune yourselves to Me. Attune yourselves to the discovery of who you are and what you bring. Reach deep into your heart and listen, and you will hear the song that you sing through the universe. You will find the beauty of the pathway Home that you bring to the world.

When you see with the eyes of Love, you will see every pathway linked to create the most exquisite mandala of beauty, awakening, ascension, grace…all that you bring shared by every aspect of Love that is humanity. When you hear the song that is your own heart singing, you can feel the bridge that you are building to Love. You can feel how firmly your feet are planted on this pathway of Love that you are here to share. And you begin to sense the reception of your gift across the airwaves of the human heart, across the attunement of lives to these gifts. You will realize that all of you together are creating something of such beauty that when you can stand back enough, what you will see is a glorious and shared bridge of Love, created from the perfect energies to reach out and to support the awakening of every human being.

You are the song of the stars, the beacons shining on this bridge Homeward, and you are the miracle of life awakening these pulsations of Love that they can easily encompass everyone. Beloved ones, the bridge of Love that you are is extraordinary, and it is carefully built, impeccably planned before you appeared in the dream – carefully attuned to the hearts you are serving.

So wherever your mind may perceive yourself on this journey, the truth is, your heart is perfectly attuned to serve those who are waiting for you to be the anchor up to the realms of Love. Each element of this bridge that you are is built, breath by breath, prayer by prayer, all of which are felt and heard, all of which are signals calling those whom you are to serve. Often this service is invisible to the little mind which cannot perceive the subtle communications of the heart and the intuition. Yet, the communication is always delivered. The bridge is recognized and freedom is instilled in the hearts that are waiting for what you bring.

I Am asking you to honor your service in the subtle realms as the very bridge of Love and Light that is being built for humanity so perfectly. Does it not make sense that absolutely everyone would participate in the construction of the pathway to freedom? Because you understand the unity of Love, you also understand that no one would be left out of service. No one would be without a part to play. No one would come to Earth with a heart and not be given the way to use it.

So it is time to celebrate the unity of service, regardless of the inability of the little mind to see sometimes exactly what you bring. The heart will deeply acknowledge it and if you ask, will show you your part and your perfection in the astounding beauty that is the interwoven service of humanity, all hearts working together. Certainly you understand this, you acknowledge it, you sense it…that absolutely everyone has a part to play. Yet, the ego mind often places your focus outside of you and tells you that others are here to bring these gifts and you are only here to learn.

I promise you, it isn’t true. Each and every one of you is not only part of this bridge but the very materials of Love of which it is made that are strung together choice by choice and moment by moment, until something so magnificent is created that all of humankind is engaged in its delivery.

So, know yourself and feel what you are, the part you play, and know, too, that absolutely every heart is engaged in this great plan, the building of this magnificent bridge that will shift what has been perceived as reality into the experience of only Love.

Moment by moment you are perfectly engaged in becoming the tool in the builder’s hands. I Am the builder. The tool is your heart. And the work of Love that you create is this map for the journey Home, this bridge of awakening that as everyone becomes aware of the part he or she plays, will be acknowledged as a unity of service, all of you together.

So when your eyes behold another person who might seem to be turning away from Me, go to your heart and feel the truth of them, that they have chosen to resonate in exactly that way so that they can place that part on the bridge, strong in its alignment with those who vibrate exactly as they do and who can recognize what they bring.

As you feel your heart’s acknowledgement of the truth in honoring each and every person as a gift of service to Love, you will find that even the judgments of the egoic mind will fade. They will bend their knee to the truth that only Love is Real. Whatever the disguise, whatever the story the mind creates, the truth of the heart plays the part it is meant to play impeccably, that the bridge of Love may serve absolutely everyone.

As each contribution to the bridge of Love is put in place, the reality of life on Earth shifts and new possibilities open to everyone, new perceptions of life, new experiences of freedom and new confidence and trust in the Spirit. I Am a unity of Love and so are all of you together. Each part of a wholeness is taking you Home, bringing you back to the truth of your being, and each is absolutely invaluable.

I Am with you as I Am in you, reflecting to you the truth of your being, bringing you the experience of your perfection, that in its acknowledgement you may fulfill your part in this awakening.

Beloved ones, acknowledge your heart and listen to what it is showing you about the part of My heart that you are and the part you are to play in service to the awakening of humankind. Each moment that might seem to be a mystery to the mind is absolutely clear to the heart and shows you a package of Love that you are and the part of the bridge that you are holding.