Happy holidays and New Year to you all


May you all be blessed with feeling the power of these words as they flow through your open heart of Love. And as a result, living a life of beauty and joy for all to see and share in.

Happy holidays and New Year to you all.

Circle of Light

You Are the Light

God said:

Beloved ones, I am here with you. I am in you and I am the call to your freedom. I am that which moves within your soul and I am that which brings you the vision of light and the illumination that blazes through your heart.

You are with Me now, feeling the movement of Real Love, playing its song of ecstasy upon your heart. This movement calls you to open up and to surrender that the blazing forth of the light may show you your own truth; that you are the source of illumination when you truly open your heart.

This light blazes forth through every heart, to light the world, to show the way, and to give you your own illumination as you follow the path of your heart. It will show you perfectly your clear direction. It will bring you the awareness of the revelation of our unity. It will lift you into spheres that are indescribable to the little mind, but leave their imprint on your consciousness for eternity.

You are ever and always one with Me. You are always the vehicle of this Love, that it may tenderly illuminate every stream of consciousness that is alive in the whole of Love.

Thus, you come to be the focus, to shine the light on every small thing. You come here into the world, beloved ones, that you might be the director of this light, that you might allow the illumination that comes through you, to be focused on the the precious lives within this world.

In that focus, they become available to the truth, to the blazing forth of the movement of Love, to the experience of their own truth as God. Every precious stream of Love becomes fully aware of itself, and that the gift of light is extended continually in ever-grander ways.

So you are My ability to focus the light.

You are that which can blaze the light into every little particle of life. You are that which calls you to serve, through your heart that comes into the world to be the vehicle for the whole of Love. You are that which carries on the perfect conversation, the communion of Love in which all things speak their holy name and rejoice in the unity of forever.

So, beloved ones, allow your heart to be open and unfettered to show you just how vast a conduit for Love you are. When the Love is built up, when the vibration is so high that it must move. Then it truly explodes; your heart opens and pure light blazes forth to bless the world and to illuminate the consciousness upon it.

Thus does Love become the light you see. The light that blazes through your heart brings you the vision of the world that is made by Love and grants you the clarity of the truth of every lifestream. It gives you the ability to feel Me, to live this communion, to celebrate our oneness, and to see with the vehicle of Love, the open heart, just how perfectly the hologram is represented here so that the open heart may see both the blazing light, the illumination, and the consciousness manifesting as a life on earth, and celebrate that experience.

You are here to be the witness for Love, to witness this blazing forth when the movement of Love is so powerful that it becomes pure light. And to see yourself in this, to recognize your spirit, to recognize the truth of Love, and to recognize your purpose as the illumination, so that which I am can be revealed to every part of Me.

As you become evermore aware of the ability of your heart to be that which focuses the illumination of the whole of God, you will live in reverence and see this world for what it is — a mystical celebration of the rich expression of wonder, of the ability to see life in all its beauty, to be drenched in the jewel-toned expressions of the artistry of Love. And to see how the colors of your experience are illuminated by your own open heart.

That which you see as your experience of the world expressed as duality is colored, always, by the ideas of the little mind. But that which you see with your heart, beloved ones, is the vision of the perfection of God I Am. And it is so beautiful. It can never be fully expressed, but oh beloved ones, but it can be felt.

It can be felt, and it can shine, and it can show you your path as the light pours through your open heart and illuminates your way.

As you surrender to this great being of light which is your living Love, trust that what you find, what you see, what you experience will always be enough to propel you into the full awareness of your own truth as Love. And across the whole matrix of creation, filling every iota of consciousness, of wonder, is your own awareness of your ability to be the truth, to see the open heart spread before you as that which we name the world.

Thus, the world that the heart sees, is a world of Love and beauty that imprints its expression on your beingness forever. It brings to you the gifts of your service, that you might then offer these gifts to humankind and that you might be the illumination for the world.

When every heart is open, the world is only light. It is the most amazing experience of the whole heart of God I Am.

When you see this perfection, when you see the being of light before you that streams through your open, and surrendered, and beautiful heart, then that which you name the world, you recognize as yourself. You recognize its beauty as your gift and your service. You feel your own deep surrender to Love, when the ego-mind falls away and you are the expression of God, the pure light of the open and fully surrendered heart.

For a while it will be your experience to see two paths before you, as you as yet see the dream of the little mind as well as the truth of the heart of Love you are. But as the light pours through your open heart, it illuminates you as well. You begin to see every aspect of what you are. You see and feel the change in yourself, in your resonance, until only light is alive in you as the expression of the Love you are.

When this occurs, beloved ones, the world will match the feeling in your heart. The exquisite and ecstatic feeling of this communion becomes the world you see. That world of beauty, and of peace, and of abundance, that world that is the celebration of every gift of Love, is easily made manifest as all that you are as you become the outreach, and you become the clear light, and you are completely directed by Me to shine the light that lives within, as it is lovingly directed to illuminate the world.

Beloved ones, the change that is upon you, the change within the world, is so grand that your experience will shift one-hundred percent. That which you have known as yourself, as the little mind�s version of you, can no longer hold the package of your dreams that live in your heart.
As you shift, and open and surrender into the communion with Me, the world becomes far different, and you are ready to be free to create the vision of Love, that everyone may participate in the celebration of the clear heart and the illuminated path as confusion fades, and it becomes obvious that open hearts are making the way clear for everyone.

Then, the consciousness of Love is born in the collective. The consciousness of humankind is focused on Love. The world that is seen with the vision of two eyes. The idea of Love and something else can fall away and the open heart stand revealed.A world born in the now, in which Love is expressed with joy and humankind becomes the dance of communion and celebration.

Truly that time is here.

You are in transition, stepping away from old concepts, old attitudes, old ideas and fears, that you might be free to embrace your beauty, to embrace your role as the light, to embrace your deep permission for the light to live as you. And embrace the moment to moment experience of our communion that Love might be expressed as your experience and that you might truly live the open heart.

Right now, keep focusing on your heart. Learn to see the light, the light that comes blazing forth through you. Seek that light before you take any step, and you will know just how to move. You will see the path before you, clearly expressed. You will be the celebration of this Love, that is the whole experience of life in all its glory, illuminated by the light in your open heart.

What you meet as the world, as other human beings, as those things that make up your world, you will feel deeply with your heart. And you will know how perfectly you experience the union, you with every life that you encounter, a discovery of your beauty, your vastness, and your service, and your ability to see the light that comes through you.

This is what Jeshua understood when he said, �I Am the Light�. The resonance of Love as it moves is expressed as light. Once a being knows this, the vision is clear, the whole of �God I Am� is revealed before you and within you.

You are ready to see the world in all its beauty throughout all dimensions beyond ideas of time, while experiencing the gift of your service of being able to direct the beam of light that is your open heart into the world, specifically at Love�s command. And to celebrate the shifts that it brings.

You are ready.

You are the light.

You are clear.

The clear light of forever is your heart. Those things that may appear, as your light is clearing, are given to you now, that you may be ready to be of service for the illumination of humankind and of all life on earth.

As you come to the end of this year, be ready to surrender your open heart to Me. As you watch what is revealed, and you see the beauty, you will be uplifted, and amazed, and surprised by where your light is focused as you observe.

Thank you for your Love, for the gift of your open heart. Thank you for all the ways that you give the Love you are. Thank you for all you�ve done to make yourselves ready. And thank you for your choice that Love be revealed through you.

Every step you take will be guided. You will observe the light of your own open heart, and you will be excited about what you see, and what you feel, and all the ways that Love speaks in the symbols of your experience.

Every step you take is illuminated now. Illuminated, beloved ones, by the light of your open heart. Until now, you haven�t realized what it truly means to say with your whole being, �I Am the Light�.

Now these words become even more powerful, more meaningful as you are directed, moment to moment, to serve this Love that is born, beloved ones, through you. And directed by the unity of our Love, the oneness of the expansion of All I Am.

The harmony that comes from illumination, and the vision that you will share with others of light bursting forth through open hearts when they are ready, until you see this planet for what it is, constructed by the reality of Love and illuminated by the light that comes from the movement of God.

For I Am the Love we share.

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light
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Circle of Light