Living Consciously in the Hologram

Living Consciously in the Hologram

Beloved ones, everything in the universe is conscious. Everything is alive to Love. Everything is available to know deeply. And everything is awake within your heart.

So as you go forth each day, live each moment with heart open and invite all of life into communion with you that you might experience deeply the Love that you are and the wonderful relationship that you share with the whole.

Every bright amazing quark of energy is fully alive – a quantum field of Love. And you, with your amazing heart shining, radiant, present — you are the miracle within which all is moving. You are the awareness of God. For everything I Am, you are. This you know already, but so much of this is forgotten through the mind, through the dream of being a separated self.

It is time to invite the holographic presence, time to experience the miracle that you are. Time to be alive to the wonderful communion that is the whole of life alive within. It is time to be awake to the presence of God-I-Am, the whole of which is in all things.

So beloved ones, let Me take your hand and lead you into the miracle of a life fully awake, into the wonder of deep communication with All-That-Is, into the experience of loving life, of consciously entering into the dance, becoming the prayer of gratitude for Love — feeling the ecstasy of the open heart in which everything you encounter is shared and the hologram is dancing itself into an ever-fuller presence of Love.

To live, beloved ones, with an open heart is so exciting. You have never met life like this before. In this Now Moment, it is bursting alive with brand new things to share and to discover. And the minute that you truly open your heart, you are delivered from living a singular path and you become instead the Love that mixes it all, that delights in life, that is multilayered consciousness filled with presence and with joy.

In this way, you leap from a linear perception of life and time, and become instead the universe within which Love occurs — the place where I Am finding Myself and waking into an ever-greater communion.

First, you must release the idea that you know anything about life — for the thinking mind, when it believes it knows, cuts itself off from the genuine miracle of the Now. When you come into each moment like a brand new child just brought to birth and everything is new to you, then you can live through the heart in an embrace of life that is just now beginning and you are amazed.

Thus with every breath, you are forming new relationships with the hologram of Love.

So this step that you are about to take is a miracle — that Love is present in all its possibilities now. That you are rich beyond every imagining as you leap into the wonder and become the joy, dropping ideas of being human. Instead, being the embracing heart, present and alive.

Every day, come into a brand new life. Please release the ideas you hold about what life is and about this world. See, beloved ones, with new eyes. The eye of the heart, the eye of the hologram, the wonderful pure breath of the movement of Love. All of it unfolding now. Each heartbeat and every breath is a prayer of gratitude of self-discovery as the consciousness of God and the heart of Love I Am.

Can you feel the excitement? What will you do? What will you be? How much will you discover? How deeply does this Love affect you now? And how vast is Love’s presence?

You are purged of the past, effortlessly. For beloved ones, the past is just an idea. Every perception of time, and especially of limitation, is dissolved in the light, made free in the Love, that you might celebrate your awareness as the heart of God – now.

Can you feel this joy rising in you? It is everywhere present and so grateful for living, for being alive to each new possibility to be this Love, to express it and to cherish every reflection of the expansion of Love.

You can feel life washing through you now, bringing to birth limitless possibilities. And all of this Love rushes through your heart to keep extending the possibilities available, the wondrous mystery of All-That-I-Am as it comes awake in you.

With all that you Love, you have barely begun. Often you see Love through the eyes of the ego. But if you become still and open your heart as wide as possible, and then more, suddenly you become alive and transparent and the movement of life flows through your being. Every breath of God I Am, every touch of the Spirit, reveals so much to you. You are engaged in the communion of life that is endless, and fully alive and awake.

And oh, the relationship that we share is so deep, mysterious, powerful and alive, that you are amazement itself. You touch with your heart, each part of My presence, each element, each quark, each drop of energy – all of it holographic, living in you and communicating its discoveries.

So your work, beloved ones, is to keep the conversation going, to recognize that all of life is speaking to you. That your heart understands it all. And that this moment is a miracle like nothing else, like nothing that you have ever discovered before. You are awake, you are looking, you are ready and you are excited.

Keep pushing the envelope, as you say, finding new ways to experience communion with the hologram, new ways to invite the holographic presence of the heart of Love, all that you are, that you might celebrate this moment’s mystery and accept this moment’s gifts.

Hold out your hands and allow the abundance to leap into your consciousness, to gift your open mind. Feel the movement of Love and let nothing hold you back at all.

Beloved ones, the shell of the ego-mind is cracked open, and your heart is doing the same. If you have built any barriers to keep yourself safe, to experience life in a way the ego understands, let Me in and let Me show you who you are — the fires of life, the power of creation, the joy that is the miracle of God. And from this place, you run into each moment as a celebration of God in awe with what this moment brings, and in gratitude for the possibilities.

Living in the communion of the heart is so exciting. It is so much fun. It is filled with possibility. Let yourself come in. Open your universe until everything is included and you are one with Me.

When you recognize that All-That-I-Am from every perspective is alive in you, that you are awake to that relationship, and this one, and this one, and this one, every shift in awareness, every new angle from which to see, every amazing touch of Love in your heart, you will remember that everywhere you look, from every possible perspective is a new conversation of Love in which you are immersed in the experience of the hologram of God.

From this place, all of life speaks to you. In this place, you are fully alive to the wholeness of God spoken deeply through your heart.

There is beauty in this Now Moment that encompasses eternity. There is nothing that you need to understand. Seeking understanding keeps you wrapped up in the mind. But you, beloved ones, are a communion of the heart.

Come and be an explorer of Real Love and see what you discover in this Now Moment. You will be genuinely amazed.

As you open into Love, Love speaks as you. As you honor each experience of life as a holy communion, you will understand that this holographic existence shows you new universes being born. It keeps you alive to the upliftment, and opens your heart into the holy communion that is already underway, already alive within you right now, as you are born in this Now Moment as the whole of the heart of God in ecstasy.

Beloved ones, dive into each new hologram of life that you encounter. You already know there are no accidents. Every movement of Love that touches your heart is not only now part of your consciousness, but it is a gift from Me. A gift to show you what is possible. A mirror of the symbols of your expression of Love. A joyous awakening to the whole of God. A conscious participation in the awakening of Love.

As you live in reverence, you discover all the possibilities that are waiting for you now. And thus, each moment is filled with anticipation and you become adept at hearing your heart and opening to more now, feeling the Love I Am alive in you.

Discover the hologram that you are and how everything is possible, and you can see with every perspective, that each moment you are life awakening as your heart in celebration and in joy. You are the miracle of Love and the circle of our gratitude is pure grace. The unfolding of all of the gifts of Love.
Please open your hearts, beloved ones, and accept them.


The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

Circle of Light