The Light at the Center of Your Heart 10-16-12

The Light at the Center of Your Heart

Beloved ones, feel this Light that is blazing from your heart. Follow it into the very center of your being where you connect with the power of life, with the force of Love, with the Moment of Creation. Let the movement of Love create this heart and blaze its truth into everything.

When you let the Light illuminate everything, you recognize that you have become a source of Light itself. Living thus you will find there are no shadows and you move every moment in a world of exquisite good. This is how we come to live Heaven right here and now, as the world awakened to itself as God I Am.

When you allow the pure Light that is fully available at your heart’s center to illuminate your every step, your every breath, your every moment, beloved ones, every choice shall be clear and your experience shall be ecstasy continually. It is this point of Light where all life is unity, for Light is the bursting forth of Love into movement, into action, into the exquisite grace of relationship — of energy creating new experiences of God that this Love may continually expand.

Become conscious of this blazing Light in the center of your being, the place where Creation comes forth as you, as the Twin Flame womb of Creation, of energy, of the expectation of the illumination of God I Am into knowing ever more this limitless joy, this glorious hum of ecstasy.

In the past you have practiced imagining the Light but beloved ones, now this Light is here. It is taking over. All that it needs is the “yes” of your attention and everything you see shall fully be illuminated by the pure Light of God I Am. As this Light blazes forth from the center of your being, it will show you every step with clarity, in full communion with My Love.

The power of Creation becomes the center of your life, the center of your experience of the endless Now Moment. With this power fully conscious, acknowledged and alive in you, you are truly the force of Creation itself, and moving mountains will be child’s play as you open to Real beauty and the pure joy of living the world of only Love.

Notice, I did not say “in the world” but “living the world” because beloved ones, your heart is in full communion with everything. Every motion of God, every current of this Love, every expression of joy that your eyes see as Nature and every blessing of the precious hearts that surround you is part and parcel of your very own experience of life.

As this opens to you, the richness and joy of communion with all life in every moment comes to fill you at last, and all dreams of loneliness, of being separate individuals can fall away as you are filled with the joy of remembering that all life is part of you, fully conscious and joyously expressed.

This Light shines continually and brings to you the ability to truly see every nuance of life, to appreciate every expression of the outreach of Love, to illuminate the reality of the truth of God which is the expression of the truth of your heart — with no shadows and no illusion.

As you allow the magnitude of this Light at the center of your heart, of your being, of your reality, you will have no need for releasing the ego dream — for the ego is a shadow that disappears in the glory of this Light at the center of your heart. It is the coming together of the very forces of life — radiant, ecstatic and powerful — blazing forth, bringing you movement and consciousness, and allowing your heart to be the illuminated aspect of the heart of God that you are meant to express.

As you see this Light with the eye of your heart, you will be amazed at all that is contained in it — rainbow hues of creativity expressed and the ability to reflect All That I Am, perfectly — illuminating all illusions and going right to the center, the truth of Love that exists in all things.

There is nothing that you need to do to allow this Light to illuminate you but recognize that you are the source of Light itself; that you are connected to the beginning through the creation of life that is ever occurring, that you might rejoice in all that you are and live this world as peace and beauty.

As you become a fully acknowledged source of Light, the world you live in contains no shadows, no dreams of separation, no sub-creation of the ego and every step is illuminated perfectly, that you might see everything as it really is and live in endless gratitude.

If the dream seems to take a while to fade, keep your focus on the Light, beloved ones, for as you do, those old images of the ego’s world lose their potency, lose their ability to affect you in any way, and you walk in the pure Light of living Love, the movement of the Love of God I Am, radiating Light upon everything and bringing forth the truth of Love within it.

Every heart is pure Light at the center, for Light is the expression of Love’s movement and you are moving. You are the outreach of the Love I am. You are the opening of My own heart. You are this consciousness of God I Am becoming ever greater and more joyously clear.

Therefore, as you look for the Light in every heart, you will be amazed at how effortlessly all shadows fall away. You are always living as God meeting God, stunned by the beauty in everything — heart swelling with gratitude for the beauty, filled with never-ending peace and the deep assurance of our communion bringing you everything that I Am — laying the treasures of Heaven before you. The gifts of Creation are Real, held at the center of the treasure that is your heart.

Say “yes” to this glorious illumination and let the Light blaze through your being, dislodging old perceptions and old attitudes and thoughts until you are able to live completely expanded with the ability to blaze this Light into everything — that you might always live by the truth, no longer to be fooled by the shadows of ego any more.

You live at the center of your exquisite and beautiful heart that sings the living song of Creation itself, that calls the divine to create more Love. The masculine and the feminine come together to encircle the Light, to take the illumination of living Love and to manifest it as new beauty.

This, beloved ones is what you are doing here. You are painting on the canvas of the world the most glorious view of Love, the most powerful expression of the heart of God, the most potent outreach of Love, the deep acknowledgement of gratitude for life, that new expressions of the Love you are may come forth right now.

Keep your focus on your heart to live here at the very center of Creation itself, to feel the force of Love and let it move you to be more, more Love, more grace, more beauty and the limitless expression of your unique beauty as the heart of God.

It might seem nebulous — this directive to see the Light in your core, in the center of your being of your heart. But, dearest ones, how you see things is everything — whether you see the world through the eye of Love or the two eyes of the ego. This blazing Light at the center of your heart is the illuminated eye of Creation, the eye of the I Am of God, the power at the center of your being, the core of the Twin Flame Love you are. All of it is ready to be lived, to be expressed as this world of exquisite beauty, but you must choose to see through your heart, to allow this Light to illuminate your world and to be the expression of pure beauty, the Love I Am exquisitely alive as you and celebrated every moment.

To make this shift from the little mind to the heart, beloved ones, is easy in truth. It takes decisions and it takes this Love, but it is available and I Am with you continually. As you breathe it, as you feel it, as you are clear that your heart is how you live and what you bring to create with, then the mind becomes illuminated by this Light, and what you see before you as the world is the Creator expression of the truth, the expansion of the heart of God.

It has been difficult living in the dream but oh, beloved ones, the glory when you awake. Your ability to bring Love forth has something new to add to the power of Creation, to expand the living heart of God I Am, to paint on this canvas of the world something that has never been created before and to name it pure Love.

There is nothing more exciting, no greater gift than this. So I ask you to celebrate this opportunity and to shift your focus to the Light, the pure Light of Creation in the center of your heart and let it illuminate your world. I Am with you as I Am in you as you are Me, the opening of this beauty and this Love. I Am ever in gratitude for you and I delight in our ability to relate and to live in this vibrating communion that supplies your every need.

Come and live in this Light. Experience the expansion of this Love, and watch the world as it moves beyond the shadows and becomes this Light’s full expression. Be prepared not only to be amazed but to live in gratitude continually.