Being the Heart Vibration (from Messages for the Heart of Love)

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell at
Circle of Light

Being the Heart Vibration
(from Messages for the Heart of Love)

Beloved ones, the energies of the heart, the vibration, the resonance – what you feel when your heart is fully open and unimpeded — is a reality of Love that is consistent. While creative, it can be relied upon to attune you effortlessly and endlessly to the Reality of Love I Am. It attunes you to the truth of your own being, to that which you are and your place in the hologram of life, and dearest ones, to your purpose, beyond anything that the mind can conceive.

In your heart you have access through heart perception and this can easily be felt and experienced by all who open to this resonance. Therefore, it is contagious. Hearts open hearts open hearts into an experience of wonder and ecstatic Love, completely beyond the ego mind’s imaginings. It is far more profound, far more important and unlimited than anything that has been experienced as Love in the field of humanity until now.

Oh, beloved ones, the consensual “dream” is being opened. Every heart that opens creates a hole in that membrane that has been wrapped around the world allowing the dream of duality to continue. Every hole brings in the living Light, the waves of endless Love, and most of all, the feelings of being the limitless heart of the Creator of All — absolutely eternally capable of pure dominion with all life consciously and fully. The heart is the perceiver of the hologram and the only instrument that can view life in its entirety.

The language of the heart is Love’s movement. It is the feeling tones of the intimacies of divine Love singing itself alive in brand new ways as the conduit for the creation of life itself. It is that which brings through every particle of life I Am, the Moment of Creation and the choice to focus it.

Every living moment is given to you as the center of this whirling star field of life, given to you to deliver this gift, to deliver Creation coming forth again and again, asking the question heart-to-heart: “what shall we name this? what shall this Love be within us?” Thus is this dance we share together.

If you open your heart now, you can feel this expression, the whole “ball of wax” as you often say, the power of Creation as it is bursting forth. You can feel the magnificence of that ecstatic orgasm and the honor when it comes to you in its wholeness and gives to your heart as individuated streams of life the choice of what you shall make of it, using God energies, God power and Love’s voice to make manifest a new experience of divine life coming forth as you now.

Beyond words, each intimate resonance of Love’s potential comes to be felt and plays itself on the instrument of your open Twin Flame heart, giving to you the hologram of all Creation to build into a new expression of pure and ecstatic Love that you might ever be that which maintains and feeds it the very food of life – Creation’s energies fully, beautifully, eternally in the living present.

So, all of you, oh beloved, you are life playing itself in a song so grand, an expression of Love so powerful, so great that it shakes your whole being as it rushes through you. It becomes My heart’s entrainment for humanity, that all may once again remember the center and the limitless potential of the Divine as the forces of life, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. All may remember how these great forces reach the orgasmic crescendo again and again (to use the words that relate to time), reach the experience of exploding Love endlessly and express it unto the fullness of the heart of the hologram powerfully. All That Is is affected by it.

Certainly the field in which you are consciously entangled, that field that we name “the Earth and humanity,” becomes a different thing in this living Now and becomes this gladly, as every electron shakes off the dream of a limited life and accepts its eternal truth as the powerful heart of God I Am, as the doorway, the conduit, the center of the hologram connecting everything to the Moment of Creation, to the explosion of life. Thus, you are the recipient of all power, all life, all Love, and all Creation as more life is made in everything that you touch as you are filled and touched and lived in Me as the heart of God I Am.

So what I send each of you forth to share is this resonance, this field of the heart, this powerful vibration of the mating of life, of Light and Love that all who come in contact with this experience, this vibrational field, this song of resonance are fundamentally changed from creatures of the ego mind to the endlessly omni-dimensional freedom of the living heart of Love I Am.

Since it is beyond the ego mind’s comprehension, your directive is to become this feeling and through the heart to be so conscious of every nuance of Love and so awake to your truth as the Twin Flame heart of all, that you can feel within you every conscious stream of life. You can feel when a sparrow falls, when a feather drifts upon the wind, when human beings fall in Love. You can feel within this field of your heart this opening of true heart’s perception every moment of transformation in every life from the limited to the limitless – including of course, in you.

I ask you to come now into the heart’s field and to spiral in until “in” becomes the All of God. Allow true heart’s communication to make of you this field of resonance so pure, powerful and beautiful that your every breath, your every step, your every movement is lived within it. You will become sensitive to the nuances of Light, to every whisper of heart’s perception that you are as the center of the living All of God in which All That Is communicates in and through the open heart you are.

More than anything, it is a language of divinity, of divine Light. Pure Love in a dance of ecstasy becomes, through you, totally available to every precious heart through all humanity, to every life stream that is expressed as life in the world. Every moment is eternal rejoicing.

If you are in your heart, beloved ones, I Am present. I Am gifting you with Real heart’s perception and bringing to you the endless and limitless experience of communion with every life. This is so astounding that you feel reverent and absolutely honored to be that which communes with All and gives all life access to Me perfectly and to each heart as part of the hologram individually as well as the experience of unified life that makes this Love available endlessly.

So what I want of each of you is for you to amplify this experience of Divine Love. Become the conscious open heart of God I Am in tender communion that honors everyone. Let All That Is sing within you, making the hologram of all life completely accessible and the power of the heart unavoidable. I Am calling each one of you to full responsibility of what is created through you, the heart of God.

When you feel this heart resonance, this ecstatic joy and feel this communion with the living whole of God I Am, you become the entraining heart that brings alignment to all life effortlessly, brings the hologram and makes it personal, that true divinity is experienced in every electron of energy field and body. Every moment is the acknowledgement of the interwoven and endless harmony of the heart of God I Am, you are — beyond the ability of mind to describe it. The heart experiences it easily.

As you allow this new, yet ever-present experience of life to be the living Now that you ever live in, you shall be welcomed into a holy and endless communion with the pure joy that is the heart’s expression. Your every moment becomes exquisite, endlessly providing all people access to the reality of My Love as personal. This occurs whether experienced in this vast and limitless communion or experienced as endless Love-Making through the heart with the divine counterpart in eternal celebration.

Draw in the taste of endless freedom. Let your heart show you the feast of the All of Love. Let your breath be the experience of this endless resonance that ripples through all dimensions infinitely and writes its name of perfect Love within you. Become this beacon and let the name be spoken, that the energies, the Light, the waves of Love blast through your heart into the world where nothing can limit them any more.

Make sure they pour through you so clearly that you can feel the other hearts entraining to your heart’s magnetic field. I Am Light rejoicing in you and I Am ecstatic Love celebrating a celebration that is your birth from the realms of God right now as a pure divine conduit, making this Love not only available but allowing the call of Love to be spoken through you in everything that Love asks you to do and feel. You open your heart wider yet that every precious endlessly creative person, each point of heart consciousness knows itself as fully free and available to be the heart expressing itself in service, right here in the world.

You are guided through our intimate communion and expanded in our unity of endless life. Most of all, you are the heart of God, awake, alive and present, standing on the crossroads for humanity and being the beacon of freedom. As the Moment of Creation energies pour through you, they shall touch all hearts and open every consciousness.

Even if that consciousness rushes back to sleep, pulls the curtains of limitation over its windows and does its very best to go back to sleep, this movement of Love has been implanted and will not rest. You are the vehicles of that implantation. You are the open window that will not be covered.

Through you I Am the outreach of Love touching everyone until all hearts remember freedom. Therefore, step forth as a heart so full and open that you are pregnant with limitless possibilities that Love may now offer itself in every way in response to every “Yes.” Even if that “yes” is tiny and tentative and even if it is completely unconscious, it resonates clearly on this shared field of the heart of God and it is answered as the prayer it is instantly with grace.

The more you share this experience, these feelings, this vibration of pure excitement, the more, beloved ones, you will feel it and the more directly you shall be the catapult into the moment-to-moment experience of the endless Reality of God that is the heart’s true home eternally, in Me, as Me, and as the conduit for My outreach and My expansion. This is how I know myself in ever-greater ways that become for you, My heart, a deeper experience of the union of consciousness and Love.