Making A Commitment To God

You Can Have A Personal Relationship With God

Make A Commitment To God Now

God has asked, through the Messages from God, that each of us make a written Commitment to open our hearts to God (by whatever name is comfortable), and begin a personal daily communion with God. A wonderful time to do this daily connection is before getting out of bed in the morning, but any time is fine. God has promised that each person who does this with consistency will have a direct experience of personal communion with God. “You will have all the Light of Heaven coming to you.”

God has also asked that we at Circle of Light Spiritual Center act as a bridge, and each day bless and amplify every Commitment we receive, thus raising its vibration and magnifying the effect of its words. “…there will be those who begin to fly – whose hearts have wings – and they will open to Me with great hunger and great joy. These shall quickly add to the family of those who are part of this Light House.”

Please use your own words and write as much as you wish. We give the following sample of beginning wording to assist but of course you do not have to use it. “I am making a Commitment to open my heart and call God personally into my life each day. I will maintain this connection daily and I ask Circle of Light to amplify it for me as well.”

God has also asked that each of us make a list of things for which we are grateful, and a list of people to whom we wish to ask that God’s Love be sent.

“I am grateful for…..” and “I also ask that God’s Love be sent to…”

It is important that you keep a copy of your Commitment for yourself to read each day.