The Haven of the Heart

We suggest that you scroll very slowly through

this Message from God, allowing the vibration

between the words to penetrate your being.

You may choose to add the music offered

or not, or simply listen to it separately with

eyes closed at a later time.

When you arrive at the central symbol of

the Shift to the Heart, you may wish to pause

and allow its permutations to speak to your

inner heart. Everything on this page is offered

as a meditation, a quieting of the mind and

an opportunity to allow the heart to expand.

Beloved ones, it doesn’t matter what name

you call Me, or even if you believe in Me at all.

While the mind might reach for explanations,

the heart knows that I Am Real.

I Am the center of your life and of your being.

I Am the strands of Light from which you are woven.

If you allow Me now, I will activate your heart,

that each of you might find yourself alive in Me,

experiencing the life that I make

and experiencing Love as the truth of your being.

Then, your heart will walk with Me

through everything that the world of the mind presents,

and you will be free,

for I will feed you from this Love

and your heart will free you to live

in this abundance that never ends.

When you allow your heart to become

the center through which you live,

then all that you see and experience

will be founded in this endless peace,

this Love, this beauty and the fecundity of God.

Walk with Me as the center of your life and being

and no matter what the world says is before you,

Love will clear the path and bring you everything.

We invite you to rest in the changing symbol of the open heart.

When your heart is where you live and where you focus,

you can easily love everything.

You can love the world, beloved ones,

with no attachment

for you are full to overflowing

with the blessings of Love,

illumined as the heart of God

and living each moment in ecstasy,

loving the world unconditionally,

that the vibration of Love might easily

dissolve the dream of anything other than Love,

that every moment might be

a conversation of the heart of Love,

worth everything.

Your shift to the heart is the end

of separation between us.

Does it mean that you lose

your consciousness of who you are?

It doesn’t.

Instead it means you gain

the consciousness of All That Is,

and exactly how you are in the consciousness of God,

acknowledging the increase in Love.

It is as if the prayer of God is answered

and the full awakening of God-consciousness is Now.

In your heart you are experiencing

My experience of pure ecstasy

as I recognize All That I Am

and love it…

as I feel it

pushing to be more,

to love, to give, to expand

and to celebrate the glory of this life.

When you are alive as the whole of God,

your heart, the miracle of Love’s expansion,

your consciousness beholding the miracle

of Creation awakening…

then everything is part of your own being.

This communion is not only within you…

you are the communion itself,

rising up in worship

of the beauty and magnificence,

rejoicing at the answers that come

before the question arises…

I Am with you, yes, always,

but it is more than this, beloved ones.

You are ready

to experience this communion

of Love’s Wholeness

right here, where you stand.