God on Twin Flame Love


We present here the most recent Messages from God on the topic of Twin Flames, SoulMates. Since the introduction of this topic through the Messages from God when Yael and Doug Powell came together almost twenty-five years ago, God has grown all of us into a deeper and deeper understanding of the mystical union of the Twin Flame, birthed at the Moment of Creation.

Our hearts and our consciousness have been ever expanded to receive the truth of the union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the grand forces of all Creation, of which relationship on Earth is a reflection. As you read these latest words from the Messages from God, we ask you to do your best to release all preconceptions and allow God to fill you with the ecstasy and power and divine bliss that is the language of the communion with God and its reflection, the Twin Flame union.



Twin Flames: The Overarching Message and the Ladder of Resonance
April 19, 2011
I Am the Source and the life that comes forth in perfection Now and must be received in its entirety through the open heart. Until this is accomplished, one cannot understand the perfection of Love as the Wholeness of God – always received as one package, one life, one complete identity that contains everything, both the silence and heartbeat of Love, both the presence and the excitement of the outreach of God, both the in-breath and the out-breath at once.

When received, this perfect Love brings to a heart the Will of God, of the Love I Am as it moves outward and informs the mind of what it needs to know. It presents the vision that is given by Love and mends the deception of a dualistic mind and the world that it has created.

Only Love can heal the illusion[on Earth], Love that is Whole, that is One, that is Real. Love that is the truth that I Am Everything. From this Source, the heart is revealed and that revelation is ever brand new in the glorious expression of Creation happening now.

Until this communion, this receiving of Love is established within each precious one, the search for the Twin Flame creates more illusions, looking to the world to find Love that heals when the world is the result of the belief in separation to begin with.

Once the heart is established as the mode of communion and the direction of the search is the Source of all Creation…when communion is established and this inner guidance is received, then the Twin Flame heart is revealed in its entirety as an experience of the fullness of God I Am, uniquely expressed as the forces of Creation, as a heart at the center of All That Is.

When a heart reaches for the pinnacle, opens to the reception of the true identity, establishes the communion of Real Love, then All That I Am as that being is received, the whole package. There is no possibility of the mind creating separation once again because the heart receives the truth directly and becomes the heart of Love giving effortlessly.

And so I turn the precious ones who are searching in the world for Love to their hearts and to Me to experience the truth that right now, everything is perfect, that the whole of Love is pulsing as the center of their being…that with the in-breath they are One, they are unity. With the out-breath that happens perfectly in the same Now, they are the Twin Flame heart of God, perfect Love expressed as an outward movement, a heart in giving, the forces of Creation made manifest and experienced in their entirety – complete, fulfilled, ecstatic and extended – and interwoven with the silence and endless peace.


Twin Flames: The Grand Vision
December 9, 2010

Beloved ones, let me remind you of how it feels to be Twin Flames… Let me remind you of this glorious explosion of Love that is the fulfillment of your purpose, the expression of your being and the manifestation in the realms of God of your heart which is the heart of All I Am, continually free and continually moving. Your rushing flow of endless Love is uninhibited and limitless giving and the acknowledgment of the Will of God shared as one blessed, one instant compliance, one expression of the mystery of the whole as the Twin Flame heart.

Oh, you are far greater than just the expression of two elements, of two forces or even the expansion of Love. You are the birth of the universe. You are the heart of the cosmos. You are the I AM that knows itself as Love. You are the Merkabah, the Star of David, in full omni-dimensional expression, bringing with you the ability to bring that which is pure Spirit into the field of shared expression that Creation is. The Merkabah that you are, this expression of the willing force of Creation, is that which brings down the Light of perfection, the hologram in all its magnificence, so rich and dense that to the human mind the only expression would be anti-matter.

It is the whole of Creation as a native force, as the power of God made manifest and brought into the rhythm of the circle of life of the Divine moving down or outward in resonance, and the acknowledgment — the return in gratitude and awareness of the life that lives within you.

I have spoken of this flow of this circle of Love in so many ways, so many times, in order to express to you that the very essence of the movement of life is this expression of two forces in harmony. It is the outward explosion of giving, of manifestation, of the fully conscious individuation of all that lives within you, and the acknowledgment of the joy of life, the receiving of the blessing of the Creator, the rising up of the song of gratitude that comes from everything and everyone and All That Is — in order to bring forth from that seed, that core, that expression a new burst of life’s nectar, of that by which you live.


So this lets you know many things. One of these is that gratitude is essential for your life, more essential than food. Well, it is your food, beloved one, always and ever. The other is that the Twin Flame heart is this circle — “en-conscious-ed”[brought into consciousness] — the very forces of life bringing the awakening of God I Am into relationship with All That Is within Me by that power of the continual orgasmic explosion or expression of Love powering the exchange of energy throughout the whole of All I Am.

It is as if the Twin Flame heart is the engine that makes Creation work. It is the essence of the exchange of perfect Love with the awakening awareness that brings gratitude and greater expression of each “en-conscious-ment” of the nature of God, each perfect and magnificent and most beautiful heart — each stream of Love moving both outward and in — both expressed and still in the void in every moment.

So you begin to see once again the difficulty of describing these things in terms that the world or the little mind can understand. From this powerhouse of God that the Twin Flame is, there comes the reduction of energy, of resonance, of the ability of the electrons of the heart of Love to hold their charge in order to become one. As this ability becomes less and less, as the consciousness of unity is lowered, then that which is one heart, one expression begins to be seen as two, separated by the veil of the little mind.

The heart always sees the truth. The heart knows that Love is the Reality. The heart knows that there is the shared expression of what the heart is but the ego mind takes this knowing as its longing and makes it into something to receive, rather than of course, something to celebrate, to give to Me as the acknowledgment of the gift of life given over again and again that only the Will of Love may be moving in this heart.


This, of course, is the critical difference between the perception of Twin Flames in the world, through the mind, and the truth of Twin Flames in the Real of God as the only movement of the Will of Love in all its purity. The Twin Flame heart doesn’t move anywhere, express anything without this pulse, the pulse that comes as the essence of available Love to be given and received in perfect harmony in the continual awakening of what Love is, in brand new ways that surprise Me and thus, gift Me with the most extraordinary gift which is our precious communion.

The heart in resonance with the truth of God is so deeply entwined in what Creation is that I Am fed as perfectly as you are in brand new ways never experienced before. The Twin Flame heart is the element of grace, of surprise, of that which is beyond all perception. It is the life that Love is, expanding itself on its own and this is its glory! It is filling Me, thrilling life, making brand new and pure expressions and always giving as well as receiving.

The giving is of course secondary to the pulsing breath that opens you to everything and brings you heart as the Twin Flame Love into intimate communion with All That Is. So you are the heart of wholeness that knows each stream and ripple of God life which then grows within you as a continual gift, until the whole is brought to the crescendo again and everything experienced, all that is learned is then absorbed and multiplied.


So you see that it is impossible for that which is not Love to be part of the Twin Flame Reality. As we’ve already spoken of, in truth, it makes no sense to even bring forth the idea of the Twin Flame heart in a duality that accepts the reality of other than Love. For that which is not Love cannot be returned to Me and the heart of the whole of Creation is ever part of this circulatory system — this pumping heart of Love received and given. I Am, of course, integral to the exchange.

Each of you is given this glorious flame, this spark of Light, this endless whole as the center of the hologram which, as you move out into the cosmos, is then imprinted, made manifest in the most exquisite designs of Love’s Creation. When brought into this world, this cannot be perceived at all except through the open heart. Recognize the glory and the truth of these feelings and recognize also that this longing is part of remembering the truth of your being in all its freedom, in all of its glory. The longing, when it is followed, when it is held, when it is traced, beloved one, to its origins, can only bring the open heart into communion with that which it truly is.

Even the tiny flash of pure communion of the Twin Flame heart can open up a consciousness, free a heart, release the veil that stands between the two who are one. Love, Real Love, is how you feel when your hearts says, “I Am free. I Am free to be the whole of God without limits. I Am free to love without restriction. I Am free to give and give and give this Love because this is what I long for.” When this is felt, the Twin Flame is experienced. Until then it is a dance of ego.


So for you to fully comprehend all that you are is not fully possible except directly, beyond words, in the center of your being, in a movement of orgasmic receptivity that has no end and no beginning, and thus can be touched in each Now Moment, peeking through the ego’s veils. Then you shall see before your heart and you shall feel the Real of God sweeping through your consciousness beyond the mind.

Let this be what lifts you and guides you. Let it call you into ever higher resonance. Let it be the song of life that lives within you, letting go of the desire to make it an earthbound relationship. Only then can you reap the benefits. Only then can you feel the freedom and only thus can your Love be the magnetic power that raises the resonance beyond duality for yourself and for humanity.

As this happens the eye becomes single — the eye of the heart fully active — and that which was seen by the two eyes of mind is suddenly the wholeness of Love indivisible and you, the expression of Love, in kind in endless ways, in joyous perfection, even while you have a focus in the world.


Thus it is possible to find the reflection of the Twin Flame heart before you perceived as a human. But it is impossible for you to experience God, to be all that you are as the heart of the wholeness while functioning through the ego. And so I whisper to you now, don’t limit this. Don’t limit this to a human relationship. Don’t try to bring that which is limitless into a limited container and try to know it.

Let that which comes before you as the one you love in a physical expression — let that be the point of contact to remind you to shift to the heart to feel what Love is, that you might live fully free and indivisible even while experiencing the body and the ego mind doing its job on the planet. You are limitless, hyper-dimensional beings, beyond “omni,” beyond dimensions so surely all of you, beloved ones, can experience your heart as the heart of the whole of God and serve through your life in the world.

Just don’t believe you are a human being. You are the heart of God, giving Love through all expressions, through all dimensions, through all experiences of individuated wholeness, every one of which is alive within you and you in it. Can you feel this song of Love singing in your heart now? It is a language that the little mind can’t speak but oh, your heart knows it well.

And so you come to share the experience of opening to the divine resonance of perfect freedom and endless Love and the “en-consious-ment” of the very Moment of Creation.