SAY YES TO LOVE, GOD EXPLAINS SOULMATES through Yael and Doug Powell (English)

In 1986 Yael and Doug Powell received the first information about the enigmatic topic of SoulMates through the Messages from God. Over the years as they have grown with God’s teaching, the information about SoulMates through the Messages has greatly expanded in scope and detail. These provocative Messages from Yael’s communion with God, the first book published by Circle of Light (2001), reveal radically new and fascinating information on the God-given natural gift of the SoulMate or Twin Flame.

The Messages confirm that each of us was created with a Twin Flame at the Moment of Creation and explain that the innate yearning we all have for a perfect partner is based on spiritual truth. This book opens the heart and tells how to draw your Twin Flame through meditation and heart connection to experience the bliss in relationship that is our birthright. To our knowledge, the SoulMate/Twin Flame teaching as given forth through the Messages at Circle of Light, has not appeared before on the planet. It returns Love and Sacred Sexuality to a key place in our lives, and demonstrates the importance of understanding the Twin Flame for a transformation to Love in our entire world.