Yael Powell is a universal communicator and has received many messages from animal and plant beings. This masterpiece of animal communication presents a collection of messages received over many years from her special companion, Magic Cat, an animal Master. Yael has always had many animals. Magic was originally a stray cat who came to Yael in a very dramatic way. He would jump on the screen door of the house and make noise until someone fed him. He became so obnoxious that at night Doug closed him in a shed so that they could sleep. Finally, Yael, who never refuses an animal, let him inside the house. He climbed on the pillow of her bed and they fell in Love. From that time on Magic was well behaved and Yael’s darling.

It was no accident that he came to Yael because he was a very evolved cat, in fact, an animal master, as you will see as you read this book. In this compilation of his messages, Magic brings us insights about the Web of Life, Sacred Sexuality through the eyes of a cat, our “loopy” minds, death, the difference between animals and humans and many other topics. Magic shifted from his stray body into a beautiful Ragdoll body a few years back, but then decided to leave for the realms of consciousness. He is ever in our hearts. If you love animals and have ever wanted to communicate with one, you will love the candor and beauty of this volume.