God’s Guidance to LightWorkers through Yael and Doug Powell

God’s Guidance to LightWorkers¬†opens with the powerful “Transformation: The LightWorkers’ Decision” from August 7, 2001 in which God notifies us that whether or not we are conscious of it, we the LightWorkers made an earth-changing decision during Harmonic Convergence in 1987. We agreed to do whatever is necessary to bring all of our brothers and sisters home during the coming times, on the In-Breath of God. Prior to this decision, Divine Plan had projected an ascension of those who could carry the Love frequency while the remainder of humanity would remain on this planet in the illusion, in an evolutionary process.For many of us this decision involved volunteering to transmute, literally, dark energies through our bodies. Of this decision, God says:

“This was the moment of My greatest joy. You surprised Me in wondrous and wonderful ways. When I understood this, oh My beautiful children, I fell in Love with you all over again! I understood My own heart in new ways. I knew for the first time that you truly were showing Myself to Me! You were truly opening into Love in manifestation. I knew then that all I had dreamed of for you would be true! You would be co-creators gently loving into being new life. I knew that your homecoming was going to be more than all I had dreamed!”

Many of us have experienced or are experiencing physical difficulties, suffering, hardships that we have not been able to explain. The Message says: “Only the commitment of the LightWorkers, of the pure and loving of heart, to use their lives, their bodies, hearts and Will in service of humanity’s transformation will create the bridge that will bring everyone through.” Every energy is embodied in a physical manifestation here on Earth or in any part of Creation. Only by embodying darkness for those who do not have the consciousness to acknowledge their own choices can every brother and sister turn back toward the Creator. This is the gift that the LightWorkers have given.