The People, The Place

We are located in the Northwest corner of Arkansas, a short distance outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas — an amazingly beautiful little Victorian village. Circle of Light is on five wooded acres that overlook beautiful, pristine Beaver Lake with the hills of the Ozarks beyond. Our spectacular sunsets are legendary. The setting, natural surroundings and vibration evoke the “New World.” The Center is completely guided by God through the extraordinary Messages given daily through Yael. We are so blessed!

Yael speaks: I had seen the eyes of my SoulMate in a dream. In 1986 when I arrived at a spiritual camp in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, Doug entered the room. I recognized his eyes from across the room. Our hearts were drawn together and we knew we were each other’s destiny (our minds fought a little!). After two months, we said vows to each other. The moment we did, the Messages began in earnest. It was as though our Love had unlocked an awareness or ability to understand what God was telling us.

For many years we lived in Eureka Springs proper where we developed our own beautiful bed and breakfast/wedding business called Garden of Dreams. Doug found the property that became Circle of Light while sailing on the lake. It was a beautiful house that was half-finished on five wooded acres with spectacular views of Beaver Lake. We knew immediately that it was meant to be ours. Amazing events with the intervention of Spirit allowed us to buy it. Doug’s talent for carpentry, iron working and many other things made the property beautiful and functional as a wedding chapel. After being there a short while, we created a Merkabah around the property and dedicated it to our work for God. Shortly after, God brought Shanna to us.

In our years of marriage we have overcome many challenges, including ego. The physical disability that came upon me years ago is still with me, and requires constant care and attention to my body. I am still mostly housebound. I have learned that this body serves a beautiful purpose, allowing God to touch all strata of the consensual reality here on Earth — from the highest to the lowest. This understanding has helped me to view my disability in a new way. Through the receipt of the Messages over the years, I have dedicated and re-dedicated myself to God and to the awakening of humanity to who we really are. We have learned so much from the Messages. They have opened us and led us to help others.

Doug speaks: On our 13th anniversary, July 11, 1999, Yael and I were guided to do a renewal ceremony – a Sacred Marriage in the New World, dedicating ourselves completely to service, to humanity’s transformation. We also pledged to each other and to God the total opening of our hearts. We celebrated this renewal at sunset on the deck of our beloved home, Circle of Light. The sunset colors lit up both sky and water. We were attended by three of our dearest friends.

As soon as we completed the ceremony, we felt a shift. A few weeks later, we began receiving a series of amazing Messages from God on SoulMates, the subject of our first book. These Messages answer many questions that people have asked about Love, SoulMates and relationships. Our work has unfolded from there and continued to expand. We now understand the reasons for all of the personal struggles we have been through. We are sharing all that we have been shown, the tools and the awareness that can assist in the creation of the deep Twin Flame relationship we are experiencing and that all are meant to have. God is ever expanding us with an ever greater vision of opening the heart of Love on Earth.