More about Yael and Doug

YAEL SPEAKS: My life has been a study in dramatic contrasts – from the depths of human darkness to the greatest heights of Light and Love. Through my communion with God that has come to be these Messages, I have come to understand that it is my heart that brings these things together and helps to open the door to brand new possibilities for all of us as we work together to transform a world of limitation into a world of joy, Love and wonder.

doug-yaelWhile these Messages didn’t begin in their current form until 1983, the Light was always present in my life. At the age of 5, I had found myself connecting in consciousness, through my heart, with what I now understand as my Twin Flame. As I lived through years of incest and physical abuse that culminated with being pregnant with my father’s child (ending in miscarriage), something deep inside kept me going. This Love sustained me as I walked these paths of darkness. It held me through the death of my son in my early twenties, and brought me at last to Doug, my husband, whom I met in 1986.

In 1983 these God Messages had begun in earnest. At that time I was in therapy grappling with memories of my earlier life. Then, confirming the physical pain I had felt for some time, I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a progressive genetic disease of the spine (from which my father had also suffered). I could no longer work. I had to leave school to which I had returned to further my education. I was in excruciating pain and could hardly get out of bed. It felt as though my life was totally falling apart. In agony at every level, I decided I did not want to continue to live in such a state.

In the midst of this pain, I called out to God to help me. Until this time my experience in meditation had been that of pure Light or of communion with Masters or Angels or Spirits of Nature. Yet in meditation, in answer to my call, I was lifted to a place of such beauty, of sparkling Light and dancing golden rain.

I felt the presence of the Creator’s Love in a way that changed everything. Before that moment I had always used words like “Universe” or “Cosmos” to describe the things beyond our ordinary experience of life on Earth. But in that moment I was infused with such tender Love so intimate that when the Message came that said, “I Am God and I hear you,” I understood beyond my mind’s capacity to comprehend that our Creator was personal. I could feel this Voice, this Love, this Light of God speaking throughout everything. Yet, it was also speaking so tenderly to me in a way that brought a new awareness of what it is to be loved. In that moment my life was shifted. I did my best to capture the experiences in words, and I read them to myself when I returned to normal consciousness.

Not only did I know in that communion that there was a reason for my life. I also felt, in every fiber of my being that a great gift had been given to me, and a new perspective on what it means to live. God’s Messages truly saved my life and gave me a new direction. They spoke of deeper meanings and gave me visions that lifted me into heights where I could feel the resonance of joy. I realized that I must take the steps in my daily life to make those experiences in meditation become part of my daily reality.

soulmates2Each time that I would sit in meditation, pen in hand to record, I would experience being given what I needed to continue, even though my body was in constant pain and I became severely disabled. Yet, as my body and my physical life became more limited, my spiritual life expanded into glory. I touched the heights of miracles of consciousness and felt my heart totally expanding. I began to be given a greater vision of my life, my body and humanity and the role that I had come to play.

In 1986 I met Doug, my husband. Sitting together in meditation for the first time, God revealed that destiny. I closed my eyes and touched Doug’s hand, and my entire being exploded into Light. God’s loving presence grew and we were alive in luminous golden Light. We seemed to be a flame lit from within by God. The flame burst forth, jumped the gap between us and poured forth from us in an outgoing River of Love reaching for humanity. We were to serve together. In the midst of this experience I found a notebook and pen and I wrote. Thus truly emerged the Messages from God.

I have wondered many times why I live in this disabled body, while having this glorious connection with God. Yet as I stand here now in this time of such exciting transformation, I am recognizing at last all of its gifts. After so many years of resistance and of frantically – many times – trying to heal myself, I have come to understand, through God’s assistance, that through this heart of mine, this gift from God, I have the privilege of being the heart that joins both Heaven and Earth and makes them one.

In the midst of some of my greatest struggles with physical pain and limitation, God brought to me a Message entitled Transformation: The LightWorkers’ Decision, (to read this Message, visit Messages from God, Oldies But Goodies) and showed me that I (and other LightWorkers) had come to connect by resonance with all those streams of “darkness” with which I had lived, in order to bring – by resonance – all of humanity back to God through the Law of Vibration and the gift of Love. God showed me that as I lived in the pain and carried within me all the streams of suffering and fear that I had experienced, and, at the same time, lifted into the realms of Love and bathed in God’s presence — I brought right to God with me every human being who had experienced or still carries in their energy field any like resonance.

In this moment, as we all stand on this glorious threshold of transformation, I am filled with gratitude for the continual vision that God has given me of who we really are and how we all do this for each other – taking every stream of human darkness, of separation and of pain, and bringing it through our hearts to God for transformation for everyone so that none shall be left behind.

On the physical level there are still those who continually ask me why I haven’t healed and give me instructions on visualizations and all those things that, believe me, I have tried. However, I see now with the greater vision how my heart can feel all the other lives to whom God delivers this pure Love through the strands of shared human experience. I recognize that this life of pain and physical limitation or disability is what truly opened the communion with God, created the stillness in my life to experience this amazing journey of awakening, and allowed me to embody the wounded Divine Feminine in order to bring it back to the center — to that which it truly is, as the full expression of pure indivisible Love.

My beloved Doug, in doing this work with me, agreed to embody the disconnected Divine Masculine as well. We have traveled an amazing path of awakening into an ever-greater fullness of Twin Flame Love. Together we grew through the challenges of the ego in our relationship into the true heart of Love, guided every step of the way by God. Having walked every step of this experience of the shift from the ego to the heart, we now work together assisting other couples to transform their relationships. Doug has been my support on every level, keeping me grounded, anchoring energies from the realms of Light and Love and so lovingly taking care of me on the physical plane. He has his own unique brand of magic!

YaelOf course, these Messages have blessed me beyond the ability of words to convey. They have brought me this amazing and all-encompassing Love and greater and greater ecstatic communion with our Creator and with all of life. I have come to understand why I was asked to use the word “God” in all of these Messages, rather than other more popular ways of expressing, because I have experienced what God calls “both/and.” God is both fully present, wholly personal, as well as within us and the living wholeness of All That Is. As we understand that life is a hologram, we can experience the whole in every particle. God communion can be the fullness of the Great I Am present within us, and vibrating everywhere all at once, all around us. Even science supports this.

As we enter this period of transformation, God brings us not only the vision but ever deeper experiences of new possibilities. We shift to our heart and learn how to live there, reclaiming the heart as our instrument of perception and leaving behind the realm of duality. It becomes clear that every moment anything is possible and that through our heart and this new perception, we can shift this world completely and become the instruments of creating Heaven on Earth. Thus do I find myself filled with such energy and excitement, aware of the potential for miracles and receiving experiences of passion and wonder as God pushes us over the edge of that cliff of freedom.

I experience daily this incredible vision and am washed in the excitement that comes from God as humanity – the heart of God – now awakens. I find myself realizing that this life of pain that I fought and resisted and tried to heal so intensely for so long is such a small part of the amazing “bigger” picture that I now trust the Creator. If my life is useful and if I can use it in the service to Love, then I am happy to embrace whatever I am given. If, as we step through the doorway as God now encourages us to do, and reclaim our ability as the co-creative heart of God – if in this transformation, this body shall transform (which I suspect in my heart it will do) – then I am exceedingly grateful. But most of all, I am grateful for God and for the precious gift of all of you.

Thank you for being here and sharing these exciting times — reading this website, becoming part of our family and opening your hearts to God, too!