A great transformation of unprecedented importance is occurring in our world beneath all that we see around us. It is a return to the truth of our being and the truth that Love and only Love is Real.

A grand, ever-expanding out-pouring of Love is bathing each of us from our beloved Creator at this important moment. The result is that hearts are opening rapidly and these openings of the heart are bringing people all over the planet to feel an increasing desire for deep relationship, true Love, what many call the Love of the SoulMate.

There is nothing more important than the opening of hearts to Love. Every opening in any heart contributes to the increase of Love on Earth. The opening of hearts is the critical shift which will change our world in all the ways that we all desire. We at Circle of Light wish to do our best to add to the growing understanding of what this Love truly is and how it relates to personal relationships on Earth. We, therefore, share with you what we have been given through the Messages from God at Circle of Light.

We Are God Awakening.
Love is all there is. God is only Love. Everything is made of Love. Everything is God. So are we.

We, humanity, are part of a great, limitless, unified consciousness we call God, the Source of All That Is. There is nothing outside of this consciousness and everything within it is awakening and discovering itself in the movement of Love.

Each human being is an expression of the many facets and attributes of God. Each human life expresses the continual opening of the awareness of the Divine Creator to the ever-expanding possibilities of Love. We are God revealing God to God. The living Wholeness that is God is a hologram in which every part contains and is aware of the whole. We are God beings, and whether we are consciously aware of it or not, every particle of us is fully alive and present in every aspect of life.

We live in God and God lives in us. Only on Earth in the world we have created through the perceptions of the ego mind do separations, partitions, segments, individuals appear to exist. And yet, in a mystery beyond the reach of the little mind, each of us is what is called in the Messages from God "both/and." We are both immersed in the Ocean of Love that is the magnificent wholeness of God AND we can also have the miracle of relationship, the blessing of awareness of and communion with our Source, our Beloved Creator. This communion includes God's gift to us, our beloved Twin Flame who is the reflection of God's Love for us.

What about the Twin Flame?

As facets of the great consciousness that is God, each of us is also reflecting the primal forces of Creation, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within God, the electrical currents of Creation. This pairing is what we call the Twin Flame (or SoulMate). Each Twin Flame heart expresses a facet of God with its own signature or vibration. Each is truly one being but with two aspects or streams of consciousness (the "two who are one").

Now, perhaps you are already understanding that the truth of the Twin Flame is far grander, far beyond what we experience as relationship on Earth. The truth of Twin Flames is not about bodies on Earth, or about gender of bodies. Being in bodies here on Earth is only one of many experiences we have all had as beings of consciousness.

The Twin Flame with whom each of us shares expression is NOT simply another person in a physical body to whom you are attracted on the Earth plane or whom you must "find." The Twin Flame of each being is actually an integral part of your own energy field that is and has always been with you -- before, during and after your life in a body.

Even though you may not be able to see or feel this being with your current focus, you have never been apart from your Twin Flame, nor can you be. You were created together and you are the same energy. The Twin Flame is present within, in, around you at all times. This is very different from the perspective that you are alone and separate and must search for someone to complete yourself.

The Nature of Twin Flame Love

The Love of Twin Flames, the Love you share with the being who is a part of your own energy field, is Love at its highest ideal. It is a reflection of God's Love for all of Creation, a reflection of the Love the Creator has for each one of us. Twin Flame Love is deeply felt through the heart as pure, natural, trusting, tender and eternal. It is based on spiritual truth and deep inner knowing, and is totally unconditional. The vibrational level of this Love is very different from most expressions of Love on Earth. It can be felt during meditation or through purposeful connection through the heart as we open our hearts to Love.

Twin Flame Love always follows the natural course of Love which is giving outward, with no expectation of return or getting for self. Love is always making more of itself and always flowing forth to others. Love given through an open heart then receives what has been given, multiplied, and continues the cycle of amplifying Love and giving, in service to God and to humanity. God is now calling every one of us to be open to this Love in the deepest possible way -- the Love that is the reflection of the Twin Flame within -- to be a part of creating Heaven on Earth, a world of Love and only Love.

The great out-pouring of Love from the Creator at this time is calling us Home to the essence of who we truly are. We are not limited, beleaguered human beings living a life of turmoil and uncertainty on Earth. We are great beings of Spirit, the very cells of God's heart who, by our own hand and with our great potential for creativity, have painted ourselves into a box of limitation called life on Earth. We are now being awakened and called to remembrance of who we truly are through the great power of our own hearts. The remembrance of our Twin Flame with whom we were created is a part of that return to our Creator.

How is Twin Flame Love different from most Earth experiences of Love? What about relationships on Earth? How do they fit into the picture?

The conception of Love and relationship here on Earth can present a confusing picture. On the one hand, there are romantic ideals of Love portrayed in our media and entertainment. We are told that relationships are meant to last forever. It is the belief of many people that if they just find the "right person," all will be perfect in their relationship life. This leads to the search for the elusive "SoulMate" which we have shown cannot be found outside of oneself.

The truth is that most relationships on Earth are not heart-centered but rather, based on getting rather than giving -- each partner wanting to get something for oneself from the other. External criteria are often the basis for coming together rather than feelings of the heart. There is much expectation and judgment of the partner when one does not get what one hoped for. This often leads to partnerships filled with tension and unhappiness. Since pure Love is based on giving, not getting for self, the reversal of this understanding of Love has created complex scenarios and many false beliefs about the nature of Love.

Here on Earth most of us have forgotten that we are God beings, and that Love Is All There Is. Our hearts have become clouded and confused by the many experiences of life here over the eons. Imagine your heart as a window pane. As the Love from the Creator pours onto the Earth, your heart receives as much of this Love as it possibly can and then reflects it outward into the world around you as events and people in your life. Perhaps there are smudges on the window pane – feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness, fear, mistrust of Love or relationship.

These "smudges on the window pane" of your heart reflect out into your world and draw to you someone who will play out the very blocks you are holding in your heart. By the Law of Resonance ("like draws like"), the false beliefs we have acquired about ourselves and about Love and relationship will absolutely appear before us in a partner or potential partner. As we open our hearts to deep communion with our Creator and begin to truly feel the Love in which we are held every moment, of which we are made -- all of these false perceptions of ourselves as other than Love can dissolve. This is why reconnection with God is the key to joy in every part of our lives, especially relationship.

But what about my Twin Flame, you ask? Is he/she not part of my being? The answer is yes. The Twin Flame has always been loving you and seeking deep connection with you, even as you adventure in a body on Earth. Our hearts are always reflecting before us as much of the purity of the Love of our Twin as we are able to hold at any given time. Every relationship you have ever had has been a reflection of your Twin Flame's Love, but also containing the fears, hesitations and blocks to Love acquired during our long sojourn on Earth.

In this period of transformation, the Love now pouring onto the Earth as never before and opening hearts is strongly activating the feeling and connection with the Twin Flame within for many people. God is calling us Home. Often this draws someone toward us for relationship in a way never before experienced. This is a reflection of the awakening Love in our hearts. Many people write to us saying that they are feeling Love in a way they never have before.

How is the shift to the heart changing relationships on Earth?

The most powerful impetus of the Love of our Creator is to bring more Love into the world on every avenue possible. The opening of hearts is creating the desire for Love of the Twin Flame and this is reflecting in different ways in relationships in the world.

You may be experiencing very strong feelings for someone you have never met, someone who is prominent in the world and seemingly not accessible but very attractive to you. You may be looking at the relationship you are in with your awakening heart and desiring some changes in the partnership. You may feel strongly drawn to a new relationship but still feel hesitation and doubt. Or you may have had communication within, through the heart, in consciousness, in meditation that you now begin to understand is an experience of your Twin Flame.

All of these possibilities are happening. If you are experiencing confusion with a current relationship, know that the highest vision that we have been given through the Messages from God makes very clear that Love never hurts. Love, if it can be held as a commitment of the heart, can always overcome any ego obstacle in any relationship. Love always creates more Love and will open both of you purely and completely, transforming any blocks to Love.

The little mind often leads us to believe that a change will solve everything. Do your best to hold the highest vibration of Love you can, to connect with your Twin Flame within as pure Love, (see below) and give Love time to work out whatever the situation to the highest good of all.

In all relationships at this time, it is of the utmost importance to remember that your Twin Flame within is always with you and that the Twin Flame is a reflection of the Love of our Creator. Communion with God is the centerpiece of our lives and brings the elevated vibration that keeps the heart open and loving. The more clearly any of us can hold the true resonance of Love present in our heart with our Twin Flame in spirit, the more loving any relationship in the world of symbol before us will be.

How can I connect with and know my Twin Flame?

Most of us have been totally immersed in life on Earth which has been about living and creating with the little mind, rather than the heart. We have been experiencing a great separation from God, our beloved Creator. This is the reason we have not been continually aware of our Twin Flame within who is a part of us and who reflects God's Love for us. To perceive the other half of our being with whom we were created, one has to shift out of the little mind, open to Spirit and feel with the heart. This is all part of the transformation now occurring which will return us to the deep Love of our Creator and its reflection, our Twin.

The true Twin Flame experience is accessed from within you in still moments through divine feeling, through meditation, through a deep opening of the heart. The starting point for anyone who truly desires to experience the Twin Flame -- both within, and/or reflected in your current partner or someone coming toward you -- is to open deeply to God. The relationship with the Twin Flame is the reflection of God's Love for us. Whatever is experienced within through stillness and meditation will reflect in the world without, before you. The beginning of each day is a beautiful time to make this connection. Speak to God and call to your Twin Flame through your heart and begin to "create more and more Love, more and more energy, more and more Light and power, more of that great atomic energy that is the essence of Twin Flame Love."

For more information, we strongly suggest that you visit the SoulMate, Twin Flames sections on our website, www.circleoflight.net.