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angels-06Shift To The Heart

The Shift to the Heart
This a very important page on our website. The Shift to the Heart is a universal change occurring in all of humanity that will bring forth the Real World beneath the world created by the little mind. We add our contribution to bringing Heaven on Earth.

Life Through the Heart
An exciting vision of all of the changes in our lives that the Shift to the Heart brings. A higher level of Reality awaits us. We hope you will want to visit this page many times to energize the view of life on Earth given here.

The Haven of the Heart
This is a very special place at Circle of Light -- a chapel? a cave? our meditation room. Allow yourself to rest here and feel the peace and upliftment of the words of the Messages from God, the music of ShannaPra and some magnificent art.

God on Shift to the Heart
Extensive excerpts from the Messages from God on the Shift to the Heart.

Heart Activation FREE TO ALL
This is the most important service we offer. Through meditation via Yael, Jeshua (Jesus) opens the divine spark in the heart center of each of us. All that is needed is our request.

Jeshua's Comments
In a message received through Yael, Jeshua comments on the importance of Heart Activation and how it relates to our purpose here on Earth. Important reading!

God on Heart Activation
Excerpts from the Messages from God on Heart Activation, its meaning, importance, and why Circle of Light is being asked to offer this glorious tool to all of you.

Feedback from Spirit Family
Eomments from people who have requested Heart Activation and have felt a shift.

Sharing from Yael
A personal sharing from Yael on her feelings about Heart Activation and its importance.