We are the Heart of God
Personal Relationship with God

We, humanity, are part of a great, limitless, unified consciousness we call God, the Source of All That Is. There is nothing outside of this consciousness, and everything within it is awakening and discovering itself in the movement of Love. The living Wholeness that is God (or whatever name you choose) is a hologram in which every part contains and is aware of the whole. We are God beings, and every particle of us is fully alive and present in every aspect of life.

The Shift to the Heart restores the grander awareness of who we truly are and our very close and intimate relationship with our Creator. We live in God and God lives in us. In a mystery beyond the reach of the little mind, each of us is what is called in the Messages from God "both/and." We are both immersed in the Ocean of Love that is the magnificent wholeness of God AND we have the miracle of relationship, the blessing of communion with our Source, our Beloved Creator and of God's gift to us, our Twin Flame. In the Shift that fully opens our hearts, we know ourselves as God revealing God to God.


Seeing, Feeling All Life as Sacred
Reverence, Transparency

Parallel with the return to a personal relationship with the Creator comes a renewed appreciation of life in all its miraculous forms. As our true heart activates, we begin to experience the full power of Creation all around us. We begin to see the world through the eyes of the heart – without judgment, without limitation. We see the face of God in every living being and we feel gratitude and the sacredness of all life.

A new reverence for every living thing opens in us and with it a "transparency" in which we realize how magical and beautiful everything around us is. We begin to see as God sees, as Jeshua saw when he walked among us. We see the truth of each person – not the personality or the physical vehicle but the heart and the essence. We see the sacred fire of life flowing through each life form. We are able to release the pretense and stress of maintaining an identity in the world, and we feel the joy of allowing ourselves to simply be the beauty we naturally are.


The Magnetism of the Open Heart
GIVING, Entraining All to Love

The heart -- when open -- is a huge, unimpeded, clear matrix that receives the energy, the Love of the Whole of God, the entire energy of Creation delivered directly. The natural pathway of Love is always giving. Love then sends itself outward, and as it moves forth, it multiplies and amplifies itself by its very nature. Every amplification, every touch of Love extended also becomes a processor, a deliverer of Love, and thus is it possible to magnetize, to entrain every heart in the world to the truth that Love is the only Reality.

Imagine the effect of someone approaching with a smile. Now imagine the magnetism of an open heart approaching. The Shift to the Heart draws all of humanity to a world of Love and only Love by the powerful magnetic presence of conscious Love creating an ever-increasing field of the resonance of pure Love.


An Open Flow Brings Abundance,
Creativity, Joy

We know that there is no external reality so whatever is in our hearts is reflected before us as the symbols of our world. As we shift to the heart, our hearts' desires manifest before us in joyous events, fulfilling relationships, the physical comforts we have desired and every form of abundance before our eyes.

When we shift to the heart and the Love is now flowing freely, new expressions of unfettered Love appear in every arena of our lives. The mind is no longer creating barriers with its fears and judgments. We are not only gifted with physical manifestations of abundance but with a freedom we have not experienced before. We find our creativity opening in areas we never dreamed. New talents suddenly arise and joy is overflowing in all of our endeavors. Ideas seem to jump out of nowhere and we find ourselves alive with sizzling energy.


Perfect Guidance, Trust
Synchronicity, Knowing

The Shift to the Heart brings about a state of trust in God in which we know that we will never again need to implore our little mind for our next direction. We cease plotting our every move and our every decision, and begin to live with the knowing that we are not only safe but deeply loved. We trust our intuition and our feelings in the Now Moment and we learn to "wait on God." Life shifts from a tedium or a daily stress to an excitement and an anticipation of each next moment. Everything shows up in the moment you need it. We know that each new breath will bring more joy and more life!


Twin Flame Love
Hearts in Service

The Shift to the Heart inevitably opens our inner connection with the being with whom each of us was created, the Twin Flame. The resonance of the heart naturally removes what have been barriers to experiencing true Love – the "getting" of Earth relationships, fear, judgment, unworthiness. Now there is an exciting, direct contact with the Twin Flame within. The sensations of the inner communion and communication with one's eternal Love,previously unavailable during our time of amnesia, bring feelings of ecstasy and euphoria – heavenly, and far beyond what is known in Earth relating.

The Love of Twin Flames is always directed to giving Love from the joined heart and to serving God and humanity. In the Twin Flame communion, every atom and electron of life is held in perfection, walking back to God every stream of consciousness on Earth that has been living less than perfect Love. This is done through the awakened Twin Flame heart of which you are now very conscious.


Communion with All Life

Our natural multi-dimensionality now emerges. From our communion with God and our knowing that we are Love and only Love comes a conscious communion with all life. Since we are the center, the heart of God, "no sparrow falls" applies to our hearts. We find ourselves more and more attuned to and conscious of events at all levels of consciousness.

We have experiences of the seamless integration of life in which we come to realize that all is happening at once, in the Now, and there is neither separation nor linear time. We find ourselves communing with animals, Nature, Angels and the atoms and electrons ("crickets in the walls"). What previously felt like unusual events becomes a way of life in which we are sensitive to all strata around us.


Living on Our Own Light
Nourishment, Heat, Light

As we make the Shift to the Heart, we realize that within us is the power to fuel our lives from within. We can create the Light we need to sustain these bodies (if, indeed, bodies are what we choose to be). We can use "Real Light" to feed our bodies, light our homes, and nourish us on every level. We can plug into the Source for direct electricity!

We begin to experience again the life we knew in the metaphoric Garden of Eden, in perfect communion with our Creator, receiving our opulence, perfection and the fulfillment of our needs every moment. We are in communication with every cell and electron within us and projected around us. They await the directive of Love moving through our transparent hearts.


The Inner-Net, Telepathy
Tele-transport, Distance Viewing

The miracle of the internet is gradually replaced by the even greater miracle of the Inner-Net, as more and more of humanity are able to communicate without external technology. The Shift to the Heart opens telepathic communication. What is now externalized – telephone television, computer – gradually surrenders to the growing transparency of our hearts. We feel people's thoughts and there is less and less need for language.

Everything technology accomplished through something "outside ourselves" we now recognize comes from WITHIN. Time disappears. Teleportation is common as is distance viewing. Information that was the hallmark of ego living becomes less and less important. The transparency of the Love flowing from our open hearts is felt and known by all.


Freedom: From Gravity to Levity

There is, in truth, no physical world except as it lives in our minds. As we shift to the heart, we bring "Light" to life on Earth. What has seemed heavy and solid becomes permeated with the true substance of life, Love. Light is the movement of Love. Gravity no longer impedes us.

Since everything is energy and we are the center of Creation, the heart of God, we were meant to shape, create with, expand and love all the energies of Creation, whatever their form (that which we now call atom, electron, quark, photon, etc). These building blocks are ours to play with and direct as the conduits of the Love of our Creator. It is easy to shift anything in the physical world because we now experience everything as energy.

The connotation of the words "from gravity to levity" extends to our feelings of freedom and joy. We are no longer heavy and serious with our lives. We truly experience levity of feelings – joy, bliss, ecstasy and delight!


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