God on Heart ActivationPainting by Rassouli
God on Heart Activation


...Beloved ones, how will it feel to love everyone perfectly? To meet every single being in the cathedral of the heart? To speak only the universal language of Love and to rise in the Light into the experience of unity in which you dance through Creation in communion with Me, fully available as the conduit of this Love in the midst of being the experience of God, the meta-dimensional expression of life and the pure heart of Love it is?

How will it feel to step through this doorway in the next second, with the next breath, with the next choice for ecstasy...?

I have said to you that Love is unfolding in its perception now and that your hearts are responding to My call, whether or not the ego mind is available to experience this. It is already your reality in the truth of Love. And yet, beloved ones, you are here to be the bridge. You are here to make this Love available and visible. Most of all, you are here to be the entraining heart, to be the magnetic power of Love beaming to the world and lifting every heart into this resonance of Love's glory and limitless perfection.

So while it is true that you are the heart of God always and that nothing in the dream of the little mind can change this, and that the awakening of Love has indeed already occurred – it is yet your offering to make this Love available to every human being, to return this world to a state of Love, to be that which empowers a life of trust and grace, to be the connecting link to this abundance that lifts you into freedom and brings the peace of knowing that I Am always and ever available and that I Am perfectly providing for you.

If you could only see how impeccably we have planned this, how the entire hologram of Earthly life is represented perfectly in the steps that all of you have taken – the lives that you have lived, the choices that you are making for freedom and for Love – that every strand of the illusion of duality, of "not-God," every dream of separation is represented. Now as the transformation time approaches, your heart can bring the resonance of everything you have lived back to Love.

There is nothing more important than Heart Activation, than aligning your consciousness with the whole spectrum of Love, that you might be the world in its transcending, that you might hold the perfect resonance of the Love of God I Am in all its facets, in its perfection, even as it pretends to have forgotten that Love is all there is.

The reality of the heart is complete accessibility to every human experience, every life that has been lived here. Every possibility of being separate from the truth is easily returned by the power of your hearts. And so I call you to make this your priority, that every day you spend whatever energy it takes to bring to yourself the experience of heart-expanded Love, of resonating in communion with the perfection of God I Am in every experience of life, but most especially, in the one that you are living right now.

You hold within your consciousness everything you have lived in all of your experiences of living life on Earth. All of these, beloved ones, you are experiencing now, for beyond the mind's perception of linear time, it is all happening. Your commitment to be this Love, to be the pinnacle of your true being and to lift up all these lives, every experience of being separate, every moment that you've perceived yourself lost in the realms of time, every single convolution of the ego -- all of this is yours to bring to transformation by aligning with the resonance of the Real heart of God I Am that you are, the Real heart of All That Is that is powering all you do, that is aligning you with the Moment of Creation and the consciousness of limitless unity.

Most of all, the heart is entraining every mis-perception of Love, being separate from where you are, where you stand, what you live, in all the ways that you've agreed to serve. So it is true that Love will come to claim you, that you can place your trust in Me and simply relax, that you can know with every breath that Love has already claimed you, that all that you are is this Love. It is My heart's perfection.