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CIRCLE OF LIGHT deeply thanks and honors our translators who have made these pages possible.

Ada (Eiko) Onishi (Chinese) ** Lenka Studenkova (Czech) ** Vladimir Dostal (Czech) ** Gitte Meldgaard (Danish) ** Anneke van Gogh-Winterswijk (Dutch) ** Véronique Ferir (French) ** Yolande Mire (French)** Pierre Quenneville (French) ** Susanna Supper (German) ** Birgit van de Camp (German) ** Susanne Hunter (German) ** Heike Kunkel (German) ** Eva Ambika Reinermann (German) ** Paula Launonen (Italian)** Szymon Wojciechowski (Polish) ** Slawomir Gogol (Polish) ** Anna Catharina Paes (Portuguese) ** Ana-Maria Trandafir (Romanian) ** Metka Lebar (Slovene) ** Gloria Muhlebach (Spanish) ** Claudia Molina (Spanish) ** Marisela Vazquez (Spanish) ** Paloma Fernandez Fernandez (Spanish) ** Catalina Paris (Spanish) ** Gabriel Hernando Latorre Gómez (Spanish) ** Annemiek Riksen (Dutch) ** Vesni (Croatian) ** Angels House University (Greek) ** Maria Gabriela Santini (Spanish) ** Eliza Fati (Romanian) ** Maria Eugenia Garcia Cano (Spanish) ** Eva Maria Drageset (Norwegian)


CIRCLE OF LIGHT would like also to deeply acknowledge the following spirit family who have given of their time and talents to render books of the Messages from God into translation. We are so grateful for these gifts and hold these sisters in deepest Love. These books are available at the Spirit Shop.

Paula Launonen: Italian translator of Say YES to Love, God Explains SoulMates; God Unveils SoulMate Love and Sacred Sexuality; Eternal Twin Flame Love; Messages for the Heart of Love; Jesus and Mary Magdalene, The Eternal Heart of Love; Giving Birth to a World of Love.

Catalina Paris: Spanish translator of Say Yes to Love, God Explains SoulMates.

Maria Gabriela Santini: Spanish translator of Say Yes to Love, God Unveils SoulMate Love and Sacred Sexuality.

CIRCLE OF LIGHT also deeply thanks Metka Lebar, our sister in Slovenia, for organizing a Circle of Light Meditation Group in Slovenia, for which she translated many of the Tuesday Circle Meditations.