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These are Messages from God that
we feel bear reading again and again.
Oldies But Goodies
Trusting God

There is something I must show to you, a shift for you to make, the power of which makes everything else dust in the wind of the Holy Spirit. Trust God. Trust God with all your heart. Trust God with all your mind. Lay your life in the arms of Our Beloved Creator, and everything else is made right and perfect.

How can I show you who God is? I have to convey to you my reality, that you can use the anchor that is my life to be the upper end of the bridge. First, I must say to you that from my perspective, it makes no sense to be focusing on anything but building your relationship with God. You do not need to be looking at your ego, finding hidden judgments or doing any of the other things that have you focused anywhere and in any way on things of this world. This world shall fade away. Why look at it at all? Look instead at where you're going. Look at the everlasting Love of Our Creator.

I tell you this. God has created and is the most beautiful and glorious unfolding of Love -- an unfolding of Love in which everything is perfect. Every life is supported in Love, everyone nourished and cared for personally and tenderly by Our Beloved Creator.

In God there is so much good, such treasures of ecstasy, such paroxysms of joy, such waves of exquisite bliss and such fulfillment of every longing of the Soul in the beauty of service, that nothing can be left out. Not one true desire is ever not fulfilled. No call for Love ever goes unanswered. And, resting in God, each life comes to know itself in evolving perfection.


Thus, in God am I the greatest Pra I can ever be, gifted with holy service, passionately creating Love with Shanna, my Twin Flame. Yet of myself, I do nothing. I do not move unless God moves me. I do not even give Love unless God shows me where God wants this Love of ours delivered. If you could feel, for one moment, the perfection of truly resting in God's Love, living each moment from that breath of life, wanting nothing but to serve that Love, you would know true peace.

The One Who Has Created All, loves All and guides All. The One in whom we live provides everything we need to live, oh, yes – and so much more! For in every self-awareness, God shows me a greater self to be born out of the self I am now. Everything in God is perfectly evolving, perfectly growing, perfectly giving Love. How could I, or you, or anyone, ever presume to know the plan for our lives? Nothing we could ever imagine could be grand enough!

Yet in this service to God, each of us is perfectly us. Allowed to pick from the treasure house of Love anything our hearts desire. But my heart desires only God, and therefore the gifts I receive are far greater than anything I could imagine.

This said, let me reiterate for you. In the treasure house of Love you may always and forever have your heart's desires. This you already know for God has explained this to you. You draw from the "storehouse" of universal substance that which is your heart's desires, or otherwise put, your heart's beliefs. So God has explained how you thus can also manifest negative heart's beliefs as well, since the treasure house is impersonal. It simply "reads the codes" of your heart and manifests them as the substance of your life.

I call this, more simply, "where you put your faith." If you put your faith in negativity and lack, then that is what you will see. But in truth, you are provided for by the very Creator of All Love and Good. So what really waits for you is the greatest good in all Creation. But it is only by your faith that you see it.

Place your faith in God. Not only place your faith, but build your faith, practicing every day feeling God's Love. Listening for God's direction of you, spoken into your heart's consciousness. Because everything that has robbed humanity of their inheritance of joy, everything comes from separation from God. I can promise you the one answer, the only answer, is to rebuild your connection to God. To rebuild your faith. To trust God. You know that God is Love. Certainly you know that the One who is life itself would know the plan – and definitely know more than you do about how to expand a creation of Love.

God knows the part you are to play. It is far more magnificent than your greatest imaginings! Turn to God! Open your heart to Our Beloved Creator. Pour your Love to God. And then listen for God's guidance. Every move – let God move you. Every word – let God speak it! Writing a letter? Let God write it. Turn back to God and give God your life.

Certainly God can carry you above the confusion of this world. It is true (like the message you read last night) – this is an empty pocket – this life on Earth. There's really nothing here! So why place your attention here, where whatever you gain will never really be yours? Place it instead on the One Real Relationship, the relationship of every life with its Creator. Trust God and you'll be living in the Real, for that is the only place God is. Allow your trust to lift you up above any confusion or worry. Those things are all only lack of trust in God anyway. Those things have come from human will detached from God's – not where you want your precious attention to be.

If you give your life to God completely, what do you ever have to worry about? You know God is Love. You know God is so vast, so great that All That Is is a part of Him/Her. And thus is each part tenderly woven into every other, that each strand of light can know its place, and then amplify the light as it pours through him or her.

God is so glorious, so beautiful! Omnipresent, yet tenderly personal, nourishing each and every individual life as if each were the only one. It is time to let God in. Time to accept God's Love. Time to live every moment in breathless anticipation of what God will have you do next! Who shall God have you love? What genuinely magnificent part of Love's unfolding will you and your Twin Flame have the honor of carrying? And since All That Is changes every single moment, with countless lives moving in synchronicity and faith, then only God who IS the moving Love itself can show you the perfect part you have to play.

Being here in the world you have a very important decision to make. Will you focus on the illusory world of separation or on the One World of Love? Well, you know this illusion is not real – that only the Love here can last in any true way. So why would you focus on anything here? You also know that God is Real. Eternal Love, timeless joy. So which world do you choose? And how do you choose it? By "trying to see" the world of Love when you can't quite manage it? Or by resting in the One who sees everything, and thus can reveal to you Love's endless truth?

If God Himself/Herself comes to you and gently says with tender Love, "I Am everything and I love you. Place your faith in Me, and you will have My gifts," you find some way to disassemble. Some way to keep believing in "problems" (or even in ego!). And you decide you have a "long way" to go! Thus, of course, placing your faith in problems and difficulties and the "long climb" to perfection.

So I come today to tell you just what kind of gift you have here! God has come to you and said, "Let Me carry you Home Now." God has also laid out a path of service, creating your remembrance of your Soul Family, your Team. Surely it must be obvious that God knows how to implement the plan. But what you don't yet realize is that God can't do this unless you are focused on God, lying in God's arms in trust every moment. Yet you say, "Oh, wait a minute. Might this be too difficult for the rest of them? Too much material to read?" How can you say this when our very Creator has given you the gift, the One who has laid the path and now asks to carry all of you along it?

Well, I say, send them every message, including this one! Because there is nothing more important than this focus, this Love and most of all the relationship with God! Everything that they labor for, the security, the home, the perfect environment for their children – all of it will come forth perfectly if they develop this relationship with God -- when they trust God more than they trust the hardships of the world!

So every minute spent bathing in these Messages are moments spent with the greatest gift on Earth – hand-delivered Love letters from God! -- each one containing the assurance that God's Love is truly all you need.

By resting in God in trust, all of you will simply "float above" the consensual reality and its random events of "bad and good." And in the sweet trust of God will your heart be Home at last. When the heart is Home, there shall you be as well – living in the Real World of Love, while being the surrendered instrument of God's reach for Her children.

Wouldn't you like to know that everything you do is God doing through you? Every word you speak or write is God writing and speaking? And every image that comes into your consciousness is placed there by God, to focus you, that God may then reach that one through you?

Do you remember that you are here, in this "play," solely to serve as God's heart, eyes, voice and hands – that those not yet attuned to Love may be gently touched through you? Do you remember that NONE of this is "about you"? That this is not about your growth spiritually? Not a bit of it! You are already an "awakened" one – in fact, you never went to sleep – until you volunteered to come to walk this planet home. So you are not evolving you! You are not struggling with ego so you can remember that duality isn't "real." You already know this!!! You are only doing what you do to "lay the path" for others. So everything you do here, you do in service.

Since this is true (I promise you it is!), then doesn't it make sense to give everything to the One for whom you came, that He (She) can use you in every possible way? You are the very chalices of God's Love, here to pour the water of truth into the thirsting children who have lost their way. But if you have doubts, then every doubt, every focus on negativity is a hole in the chalice! How much of the truth can you hold, then, if you believe in anti-Love?

But more than, this, what I ask you to see is that by trusting everything to God, you return your faith to where it belongs, and in you duality ends. Let me speak further on this, because it is so important. This whole dualistic world is solely and completely based on separation from God. The people here have forgotten that their very lives come forth from the One and that every life is forever held in perfection, in a personal relationship with Her (Him). They have forgotten that only Love exists and thus, there can never be any judgment necessary – no belief in aught but Love.

You must mend the separation. Return your lives to trust in God and the separation ends! Then everything you do is for God, everything you are is God. God stands there before you as your precious Twin. And no move is ever out of harmony, or separate from Love, so the universal storehouse of God's great and glorious good is your supply. Where your focus is, there will your life be. So there is nothing more important than immersing yourself in these Messages (which will immediately become more magnificent, as all of you return your lives to God, our most Beloved Creator).

There is nothing more important than remembering your relationship with God. In every day, in all ways personal, ever available as the loving "arms" that shall carry you above this world of Love and anti-Love. Yes, you can spend your days affirming your belief in Love and only Love, seeking to gain control over little mind and ego. OR, you can leap into God's loving arms and let God lift you out of all of it.

Let God guide your life, including focus your attention. God can show you what to look at, place before you images of beauty and of joy, or bring into your consciousness who you are to love! As you give everything to God, you lose attachment to any particular outcome, which brings you off of the pendulum of "bad and good" possibilities, or the preferences of ego.

If you are chopping wood for God, every movement is a dance of Love with music provided by the wind of the spirit dancing in the trees. Love will be pouring through your heart because the ego hasn't taken you into judgment of what you do. So whatever you do or whatever the results, you will know that God is living as you. Very soon those things that took such effort to accomplish (such as providing income or raising a family) will simply "slide forth" from the Center Point where there is only one possibility for everything and that is Love. Abundant Love and with it, this abundance reflected in the substance of this world.

At this point do not worry about the little mind's inability to grasp the fact that we are in God, with God in personal relationship and that we also ARE God as well. For now, just focus on having a trust in God, a relationship with God that becomes the central point of your life. Then (or as well), see God in your SoulMate, your Twin Flame. Watch with your heart until you see and feel God as that being, with you in ecstatic union. Pause a lot in gratitude that God loves all of us so much that God wants us to experience the ecstasy of Making Love, and thus created all of us as two forces of Creation in one shared heart.

But most of all, rest in God in trust. And know that when you see only God in service to the world through you and your Twin Flame, every "heart impediment," all old beliefs in other things are simply washed away by the force of Love pouring through your SoulMate heart. Trust God. Love God with all your heart. Love your Twin Flame as God, and love your brothers and sisters as you love the truth of yourself – that you are a cell in God's heart.

In the Real, each wave of Love directs us, Shanna and me. We only "know" what we shall do as the wave of God's Love comes washing through us. And as we watch it unfold, we sing together great songs of praise – for the glory of Creation and the blessing of perfection as it is made manifest through us. There is no "planning," although there is a "plan." And every Now, we see the plan come through us, showing us our part and showing us the whole picture in that moment, showing us every heart on Earth and every pathway for Love – which are open, which are blocked, and what has changed, based on free will from the pulsing Love that had gone forth in the Now right before. (I am putting this in linear time for you to be able to grasp it, but of course it is never experienced this way at all.)

So the whole picture is flashed into our consciousness as the wave of Love comes pulsing through our SoulMate heart – and then we watch where God takes our Love, how God uses us to open hearts, how God builds this bridge of light – and all the while we are singing our hosannas and our praise for the wonderful magnificence of the Glorious One Intelligence that made All that Is and loves it all so perfectly.

Our focus is everything, as God has shown you – so we ask God to show us where to focus, to "focus us" Himself that the blazing fires of our Twin Flame Love can be used by God, however serves the return of every single speck of will back to the whole of Love.

As I have said before, information, while sometimes helpful, is not the point. The point is serving God. The point is giving Love and allowing our giving to be delivered according to the One's Will in us.

How I long to show you how much God loves you, how exalting it is to live to serve God's precious Will. How a surrendered heart is the receiver of the greatest gifts of all Creation, for all the Love that pours through us to others blesses us mightily as well. How nothing is important besides serving God. And, my Team, how the rewards of the ego are not only paltry but down right ridiculous when you truly give over your heart to Our Beloved Creator.

The greater gifts of serving Love in every moment, in every way, seeking every Now to have God give Love through you, are that such service does place you in the flow of Love. See only God. Feel only Love. Place your faith (your attention) on only loving service and you truly will be living Heaven on Earth, right away.

You can help each other in the same way – by holding each person in your SoulMate heart and allowing God to use you to give the gift that only you can give. It will be in consciousness which will gather "round it" the atoms of the symbols of the physical, the world.

I am the upper end of the bridge God has built with our Love. This bridge is, as you know, the path by which we shall lift it all, this whole pocket of duality, held in place by Lucifer, back to Love. Since my end is where you are lifting, keep focusing on it. Please "anchor up." I don't want you to be "grounded"! I want you to be planted in the "soil" of the New World, the consciousness of Heaven on Earth!

I am the "guardian of the Twin Flames," this is true. But each of you could be in my place. You too are beings of perfect Love. And you will build a community of perfect Love on Earth, proving to all that it can be done – and bathing the world in the whole river of life that will have access to this world through your hearts.

Begin to remember your relationship with God with your beloved SoulMate – how together you are the embodiment of the living praise of God. How you amplify the perfection, extend the Creator's glorious Love. How before you came here, you all spent each Now singing to God of your Love and pouring God's Love through your SoulMate heart to nourish every single life created by the One.

And while words are very inadequate, if you attune to me, I'll show you what your Real life is like – what it is like to completely place your will in the Will of the Beloved, the One, our magnificent and glorious Creator. What I am, you are. And remembering it here is the plan. You are God's Love on Earth. And as the others come, you will be God's heart for them.