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These are Messages from God that
we feel bear reading again and again.
Oldies But Goodies
Change the Screen:
Program 1 and Program 2

 Beloved ones, it is all right here -- here woven in you, around you, inter-penetrating everything. I speak of the truth of life -- the indescribable joy; the glorious, boundless freedom; the vast golden being of light that you are. And Me. Right here. In you, with you -- dancing as the ecstasy of living light right through you.

Everything that you believe is you – it’s Me. Everything you believe is solid – it’s light. All the ways that fear defines reality are held in place by tiny threads so flimsy that in any moment of truth’s recognition, they are severed. The lie moves away truly as easily as mist dissolves in the morning sun, because only belief holds it in place.

So far you have still seen all of this as “out there,” “up there,” or somewhere beyond yourself. The shift we are making is to bring it here -- to understand that truth and illusion co-exist in the very same space, and that all that is required is your shift in consciousness, and one or the other is in view.

To give you an analogy based in your current life, it is exactly like your computer screen when two programs are open at once. The one you click on comes forward, temporarily covering the other. Yet the moment you click on the one behind, IT becomes the one that you are using. This analogy is perfect. I have told you that “The Fall” is happening now. It happens every moment you make the choice to run that program. Now. And Now. And Now. And with billions of humans running this program, it has captured the collective consciousness.

But that is all. The moment that you “switch screens,” you change the “program” by which you run your life. The moment that you “click on” truth, in the very same spot you are standing now, there exists a glorious being of light in limitless joy and ecstasy.

Yet, dear ones, you must know that the other program exists in order to choose it. If that second screen is completely hidden behind the first, then somehow you must learn that there is something worth looking for behind the current window. You must also learn that you can “drag” the current screen away enough to see the screen behind it, in order to click on it and bring it into view. This is all of our training, the spiritual growth process, the part that seems to require time. But once this process has brought you here, to the point where you know two screens exist, then you can change screens easily, almost instantly, merely by deciding to do so.

This, then, is where we stand. It is easy. And (listen!) any moment you do it (change the screen), you have done it. Period. Not part way, not “learning to” or “growing into it.” Just as on the computer, dear ones, you are either in one screen or the other. There is no in-between. This is what I want you to realize. This is the foundation of the shift. True, you can drag the front screen halfway, so you can see the screen behind it (to entice you!), but until you choose it, you are still working in the first program. Yet the moment you finally click on the other screen, you are fully there, running that program.

This is the perfect analogy, for what I want you to realize is that there is nowhere you have to “go.” You do not need to have enough “light quotient.” You do not need to lift yourself “up above” anything. All you have to do is choose the truth. Click the other program, and you are here.

In that moment, you reverse “The Fall.” You say “no” to the serpent, for in that choice of truth you are moving beyond duality. There is no good and evil. Yet every moment a human being believes this -- that there is a struggle, a battle, the potential for loss, lack, death and destruction -- then there is. And billions of people making this choice create a very “solid” picture of reality for them.

The New World is won in every single moment that a human being “clicks the other screen.” It may be only for a minute, but in that minute that human switched realities. Switched, dear ones. Even if they return to the old program, that moment creates momentum. It breaks the spell of the mass hypnosis. It says, in essence, that humankind now recognizes the truth. And moment by moment, the hold of duality is broken. Let Me repeat this for you. Moment by moment, choice by choice, the hold of duality is broken!

So whether it is seen as overcoming Maya, or returning to the Garden, by this process “The Fall” is reversed. Dear ones, because Time does not really exist, it is all happening NOW! Happening just as the dawn streaks over the mountains. That quickly. It is only to you, when you are in the old program that it can seem to be a slow process.

Is this not exciting? Do you realize just how many people now realize there is another program hidden behind the first? Well, if you do not, it will very quickly become obvious. As Time speeds up, cause and effect will be closer and closer and closer together, until it becomes indisputable to humanity that you create your reality, and you will get to watch as the sun of awakening comes over the mountains of illusion.

So there can be no “struggling with the ego.” No lifting it up or overcoming it. All those tools were absolutely necessary to get you here. Now it is only choice. If you are struggling to lift up, you are in Screen 1, Old World program. Period. If you are in Love, in joy, in ecstasy, you are in Screen 2, New World. And just like the computer, the two programs exist in the same place, same space, and same moment. In one, you are in The Garden biting into the apple and, because of it, judging yourself. You are feeling as if you are “naked,” that something is wrong with you. Recognize this? And then, of course, by projection, you are believing there is something wrong with everyone and everything. So ultimately (on this bridge where you stand) you must realize that even spiritual progress is still Screen 1 because it is believing you still aren’t “right.”

Screen 2 is Perfect Bliss. It is your complete union with Me. It is the awareness that we cannot be separate. It is knowing it’s an impossibility! The Love you are as a manifested or incarnated being is the very same Love you are as a glorious spirit of light. This is why you have heard about beings who “ascended” in one moment, looking at the dawn or sitting in a field. The moment that you completely switch screens, then “ascension” is a possibility. Not a requirement. There are many beings on Earth who are here to serve while living only in Program 2, truth. Some are hundreds of years in their bodies. They don’t need to ascend. They already “live” there! They are, like you, living as incarnations of Love in order to show the others that there is another choice to make.

So, dear ones, you are opening to the greater truth. We are one. One. Right here. Wherever you are. The heart is not separate from the chest in which it beats! And you are not separate from Me, and this process we are in, this awareness is the ascension of the Christ within into union with the Father That Is All. When the union is complete, the Christ within is the shining heart within Me. It is still the embodiment and the vessel of My Love, yet never separate – never has been and never will be - from My “chest,” My being -- the All Within which you serve in the delivery of Love.

In truth it is even beyond this. But I use these words to give all of you the sense of it. Later you will realize that not only are you the heart within Me that pumps forth the Love, you are the Love itself. You will realize that just as your heart is within you and you are My heart also, so, too, are you one with Me and it is your consciousness that burns within as the heart of living Love. In between all of these are you and I in everything -- in every world and every creature, in every star-going nova streaming as Love, bursting in ecstasy, pumping forth life and nourishing it.

Yet in this moment you are here, focused in this little bitty teeny weenie (as you say) microscopic piece of our glorious explosion of Creation. In one moment, dear ones, you can shift the screen, and when you do, everything we are is available to you. The more you know this, the more of it you will experience. Growth on any and every level is ever and only this -- you, all of you, opening your consciousness. If it seems like progression -- that is the result of the pace at which you can open. If it seems instant, as in the ascensions we spoke of, that is how fast consciousness could open.

The purpose of those such as Jesus for humanity is to encourage your consciousness to embrace a larger piece of truth.

So even when you switch your program, how much of the truth of you that you experience is going to be determined by the expansiveness, or lack thereof, of your consciousness. Yet, even here, this is perfect, for just so are there those who can serve in the opening of the consciousness of others (or who choose to do so -- knowing to turn back and give). Thus does it seem like there is a hierarchy of beings. Well, in a Creation this vast, there are going to be beings in all degrees of opening to the great and limitless Love I Am. That is part of the joy of it, even for Me – that I get to love all of you and in doing so to discover ever greater possibilities within. For each and every consciousness sees the All of Me uniquely, adds its special piece of Love to the pool of Love I Am and creates new facets of the diamonds within, refracting the light of My Love in new patterns and new colors.

I ask you to remember that all is available to everyone in the span of a decision to switch the program. You must always remember to look only to our oneness, to see your possibilities and to discover the expanse of your own consciousness. This is why I ask each of you to always bring others to communion directly with Me. For if you choose to keep your eyes on anyone else, you automatically adopt their perspective, at least temporarily. While they may be glorious when compared to human consciousness, and certainly they may be ready to assist you, dear ones, any one of you could sail beyond them as you remember who you are. This does not, in any way, belittle those who serve the Earth. It means only that each of you is unique. I ask you to wait upon My Will because you can’t see “big enough.” So must your eye be single unto Me, for I am truly limitless. Coming to Me, even now, here in the Old World, sets your consciousness on limitless rather than on progression.

Thus is the shift truly into your spiritual consciousness, but not the spiritual consciousness as viewed from here (although this can be a step in the training). Instead it is shifting screens. Suspending this program. Choosing another. Returning “the apple,” moment after moment, until the truth becomes your only screen -- until you close the program named “Old World.” Knowing who you are, you then take within you the others’ hearts, into the truth of Love we are. Just as you did for your own ego, so you do for theirs. Help them switch the program. Just as you did with your heart, you will do with theirs.

You will take their heart within our vastness and recognize its light as beating in our chest, for so it is, of course. The consciousness of the person doesn’t know it, for he or she is still exploring the moment of choice. That is all this is. It is you, dear ones, all of you, having gone forth to solidify your unique identity as cells within My heart. It is you, collectively, together, entertaining the question: “What if I believed there is other than God, other than only perfect Love?” All the rest of this is exactly as often happens with you. You ponder a question and then suddenly you are lost in your own mind, picturing possibilities. This is what is happening. So, to continue the analogy, you are all standing in the Garden of Eden (your perfection as Love), lost in your fantasy of possible answers to that question.

Every life of every soul is a different one of these scenarios, answering the question, “What if there were other than the Love that I am?” All of the progressions of souls learning their lessons is your greater self reminding you as you wander through our dream. So seemingly the universe is full of learning souls, incarnating and incarnating over eons of time. Yet in truth, you are still standing in the Garden, being co-creators, living out all the possibilities.

Yet, beloveds, just as for you here when you sleep and you do at last awaken, you will have the very same experience. (It is true – “as above so below” -- since your dream is you, dreaming). The dream that seemed to go on forever was in truth only the moments before waking. The alarm clock is ringing. Time to get up from your nap. How long will it take you? Will you keep incorporating the wakeup call into the dream? Will you hit the snooze alarm? Did you really believe there was other than good? This is the fascination. Thus do others crowd around, monitoring your process and offering assistance. Sending in telepathic messages, “This life is but a dream.” They even go into dream time with you to bring you signs.

So though we switched analogies, you get the picture, beloved ones. Those who wake, yet choose to stay, are especially applauded -- not in an ego sense but in recognition that even here the truth of Love can exist. Giving. Being alive in Me while yet reaching into the dream time to bring to consciousness those still re-creating the belief in good and evil and the belief in separation right in the middle of complete unity. What magnificent quality has made you choose to sojourn here? To stay lost within this fantasy? And what amazing strengths of consciousness will you bring into My heart upon your waking?

So you will not remain in ego. You will switch to truth, and you will trust that as you do this, every moment anchors it more firmly in the collective consciousness. You know that ecstasy is its hallmark and complete unity with All I Am is your Home (yet ever is your consciousness your own, though we are unified in/as Love). Out of choice will you walk among the dreamers and retain the ability to see their dream. But it will be as a fantasy, misty and unreal. You will see negativity only to remove it as you help them switch the screen. Yet you will still be able to speak the language of the world – but only to give them the training and reminders of the truth of Love they are.

As you embrace your truth as Love and live within our unity, so will you truly wrap each and every human being in the blanket of your Love and unfreeze them with your ecstasy together with your SoulMate.

Do not accept the little mind as part of who you are. Instead, keep choosing to switch to Program 2 – your truth as Love. You will wrap every human being in your Love, see them only as Love, and speak the Old World language only to bring forth the messages of truth into their dream or fantasy. Thus will you/We truly be delivering Love as We, as living light, infuse their being while they sleep beneath the apple tree in the Garden of their truth. You, however, will be entering their dream for but a moment, delivering, as we said, all of Our Love directly to their being while their ego barely notices, or keeps talking to itself.

You will see how it will be/is, when you are in ecstasy, in Me, in Love with your SoulMate, and you are in the world for others. You will open your mouth and We will be speaking. Love will pour forth from you to them and you will feel only ecstasy and Love, life and joy, exuberance and the absolute assurance of perfection as yourself. You will by choice be in this world, but truly not of it. The only divine emotions are Love and joy and ecstasy and life! Life abundant. Life perfect. Choose to have these. Choose to switch screens. And know that every choice does accomplish it.

Do not come “up” the ladder anymore. That is done. Come into truth. Merge with Me. Join in Love. You all know this truth. Just keep choosing. Open your heart and switch. Leap directly into the New. Directly into Me. And if you happen to switch back, simply choose again. It is easy. You will continue to serve within the dream. But you are not to accept the little mind, the ego, or the duality as yours. Rather than confront it or ignore it, I call you all to choose again! To push away the apple. Know that if you do so successfully, all of Program 1 will simply fade away for you. You will not have ego, though when in the “country,” you can use the language if you must to get the message through. If it does not fade, choose again. Choose until you are successful, until you are in My presence, in ecstasy. And then simply, when necessary, choose again.

The analogy I have given you of the computer will be one of your most effective teaching tools. It will also help you to grasp the difference between dreaming of awakening (thus having to deal with ego and little mind) and waking, which is simply coming directly through the veil of the dream right into the ecstasy of your truth.

Ecstasy is your truth, dear ones. And life abundant. If you do not have it, you are in Program 1, fantasizing about Program 2, or dreaming you are waking. This is still very much a part of humanity’s process. The tools, the quest, the “aha” experiences. But for each of you reading this, it is now the choice. Easy, and it carries its own proof.

I am with you. Remember judgment, even of the “fact” you are “back here” in the ego is all illusion. Simply and joyfully choose again. And before you know it, you will be easily in ecstasy as Program 2 becomes more and more the only one you run.