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Oldies But Goodies
A Tsunami of Love

Beloved ones, I invite you today to come and stand in the River of Life, to be bathed in this living and moving Love and to allow it to lift you into a new perspective. For I will tell you this -- every day the veil around the Earth thins even more, and the realms of the living Spirit come to touch each life and to offer you the possibilities of great and glorious change. As the realms of light begin to penetrate the atmosphere of life on Earth, what is always true in the Spirit becomes true as well on Earth. That truth, beloved ones, is that everything is perspective. Everything is consciousness, Love and vibration.

Having said this, I now tell you that one important effect of this incoming influx of light is that the consciousness and vibration, the focus and perception of every person on Earth is going to be made manifest so quickly and so clearly that beloved ones, each one of you is going to be living completely in a world of your very own making. Very soon, if you were to look upon life on Earth from the realms of the Spirit, you would see every person moving in a bubble of their own projection, and therefore, there will be those of you who are living the New World – Heaven on Earth, who are pouring forth from your glorious hearts the One Love We Are, and expressing this in the symbols of what you name life on Earth. There will be those at the same time who are living the experience of the Apocalypse of the last days of the great gnashing of teeth. Beloved ones, as you call out to Me, I shall always come to you with answers. However, dear ones, I must ask you to remember that YOU must be open to hearing them.

So life on Earth is going to be a blend of many layers of perception and vibration, each one moving in and out of each other, and yet, barely making connection, because vibration or resonance is the key, and only those things of like resonance to the vibration of Love in your heart (or the vibration of fear) will be drawn into your bubble with you to dance the dance of experience.

I will also say (and this you know deep in your heart) that the end result shall be full consciousness that I Am Only Love. Yet, you do have free will, beloved ones, and each of you must learn about perception, and each of you must also understand the laws of resonance. Thus, looking at what comes to you, you can see your own heart. Reflected all around you is your heart's beliefs and these shall be reflected even more clearly as time goes on. This is a gift to give you feedback so that you can adjust your vibration to Love and be a part of this glorious awakening.

Of course, as you also know, for those of you whose hearts are Mine, you have given Me your life, your will, that none be left behind. So even those who cannot raise their precious eyes above the fear – even these we shall lift into the awareness that I Am Love through the magnificent and magnanimous gift of your beloved hearts. However, as the light comes in and touches life on Earth, all the pockets of consciousness, of heart's beliefs, of fear are going to be revealed by the light, and every person shall see according to their resonance, their vibration and their heart's beliefs.

Only when the light is completely turned on and the balance is shifted to over 51% of the population of Earth being truly focused in Love, only then will the great shift come that brings relief from the incessant tyranny of the reversed little mind. I say all of this to set the stage for My answer to you, those of you who have called upon Circle of Light with the question about the predictions of the tsunami that is meant to hit the United States. Beloved ones, I answer you thus.

Understanding what I have said to you in preface to My answer, I now say to you that energy is always interpreted through the consciousness of the one who is perceiving, and having said this, I now say to you that from the realms of Love there is a huge energy explosion on its way to Earth. It is an explosion of Love like nothing that has ever touched this planet, because dearest ones, you are in the last days and I Am calling you Home, and therefore I Am lifting up the vibration of Earth in greater and greater increments, more and more and more quickly.

So I Am sending to you a tsunami of Love. I promise you that this is what it is, but it is so great, so magnificent and full of life and so completely different from the vibration of everything on Earth that when it comes, beloved ones, it shall be to each one according to his or her consciousness. Therefore, if you live in a duality deeply consumed with fear and worry and distress, then it is very possible that when this Love hits you, it will bring forth all of that belief in darkness in such a way that it will feel like a tsunami of the old world kind.

But it will only feel this way if you are clinging to negativity, to the false belief in darkness and pain, but even so, if this should happen to you, it only takes one decision to turn and see it as Love, as the Love that it really is. So this tsunami of Love is already touching in, making itself known in the vibrations that are this pocket of life on Earth, and as it comes, dearest ones, each consciousness that touches it and seeks to understand shall interpret it on its own vibrational level. So this same rush of energy, this great wave of My ever-living Love as it rushes to Earth, to lift each one of you up and to bring you back to the living truth of the One God I Am that is alive in your own glorious heart – as it comes, it shall be seen from every perspective and every vibration, and each such experience is valid for each person. But the only one that is the truth is the tsunami of Love.

And yet, beloved ones, and as I say this, I ask all of you to deeply listen, you are co-creative powers and your focus is your direction for the energy of creation that I always send through you each Now Moment forever. Therefore, if you place your focus on the tsunami of the reversal, of the vibration that is the antithesis or the reversal of Love – which is fear – then, immediately you place your co-creative power in service to the manifestation of what you focus upon on Earth. So if enough of you place your focus and especially your emotions on the predictions of a tsunami of destruction and death, oh, beloved ones, please hear this – you are asking to create it. You are saying, "God, my heart believes in this."

Every moment, every Now I pour to you My great River of Love and the focus of your intention and your emotions is your fiat that says, "God, this is what I co-create." So, I beg of you, please do not collect vibrational signatures of agreement by passing around predictions of reversal and destruction because you absolutely can create this from the tsunami of Love. You are capable absolutely if enough of you place your attention on it, of creating that which you fear, out of that which is meant to be your release.

So, dearest ones, if you can picture this: that there is one energy or event that is happening. It is issued forth from the center of Love as a call to your awakening, and yet, as it comes into the pocket of reversal that is life here on Earth, everyone who feels it, who sees it, with their spiritual eyes will see it at the vibrational level of their beliefs. Therefore, the same event is stretched vertically from the vibration of the highest and purest Love that is the Now Moment of Creation, the expression of My Will all the way down through all dimensions and layers (for lack of a better way to describe this to you) – all the way down into the vibration of the reversal, all the way to the very slowest vibration of fear. This whole gradation of perception is all perception of the very same thing but it is coming through the filter for each one who sees it, of their own heart's beliefs.

As one interpretation goes forth and others see it, and add to it their own heart's beliefs of fear or loss or pain or destruction or anything that is the reversal of the truth – these agreements then are added to the first interpretation and they set up a vibration that others can then hear, and therefore other channels receive the same. Yet, I do promise you that a hundred different people, given this one event and asked to receive information, would all bring it through differently, according to their own heart's beliefs.

To each according to his or her consciousness shall come the experience of what you call "these last days" or "the shift of the ages," the transformation of the reversal back into your inheritance of only Love. Yet, when you come to Me and you ask Me for the truth of each experience and expression, I will always give you the answer, dearest ones, that comes from the realms of Love – always, always. For I tell you now, with great force and with most tender assurance, I Am only Love and darkness is not in Me. All of the things that you experience on Earth that are part of the reversal of Love, all these things are the human sub-creation. They are the choice of humanity to believe in other than Love – to believe in anti-Love and fear and pain and grief, and most of all to believe that you are separate from Me. But when you truly come to Me, through the doorway of your own precious and glorious heart, you will always feel My signature of pure Love, omnipresent and eternal, and nothing else.

My answers also are always as wide as the living cosmos itself and I ask you to stretch to take them inside, and to make them deeply your own, for deep in your heart, dearest ones, you know that you too are only Love and that anything of negativity is a part of an illusion, the Maya of the world, of the reversal or The Fall, that came forth from the decision to believe in separation from Me. So My tsunami of Love, beloved ones, it is for you, and it comes now into your life to kiss your heart open, to bring back the shining star that is your precious heart and to bring back the living fire that is your pure Love -- doing this to also return to Earth the life of pure Heaven, that all that I Am can be lived by you in the symbols of life on Earth.

That which you hold in your heart, dearest ones, whatever your hearts beliefs are, when I shine forth the light of My glorious Love, it pours straight through your heart to project straight out before you all of your heart's beliefs as your life being lived on Earth. So let the tsunami of Love claim you. Oh, beloved ones, each of you, please let it. Let this call that is going out with such passion from Me reach you intact at the very highest level – that the call of Love will awaken in you your own true purity and your remembrance that your identity is as the heart of God, the living and glorious Christ, and walk forth in faith that your heart shall be free and in its freedom will bring forth from you a world of only Love.

Now each of you create your own experience through your focus and your resonance but there is more at play than each for their own, for dear ones, I Am always more and More Love is My true name. So I want you to know that those who give Me their will and allow Me to use their most beautiful hearts, I Am using as a vessel of transformation of life on Earth from fear to Love. In doing this, these precious hearts have made the deep commitment to be allowed in service to help lift up the others, so none of you is alone in this. If you will ask, dearest ones, I promise you I will send you My angels, be they from the Heavens or right here on Earth, to transform your fear into faith and into Love, and to place before you the path of freedom and the experience of Heaven on Earth.

So those of you who can hear Me, you are the ones that I call. Make of your hearts a raft for the others, that you may carry them with you on the ocean and you may lift them in the tsunami of Love, that their journeys of awakening shall be easy with effortless release from the backwards swirling lie of the reversal and the belief in something other than Love.

On the level of resonance, humanity must bring forth that which it believes as the consensus of all hearts' beliefs. However, this is the time of grace so there is more, dearest ones, that the simple exchange, the law of resonance or like attracts like. There is also the law of grace that is the power of Love to give totally of itself, and to multiply even the tiniest increment of Love found in any other human heart.

So if you can hear Me and you can feel the truth of this answer, that the tsunami of Love is upon you and that it will be interpreted on the level of each person's heart's beliefs – then I ask you to very consciously place your heart and your focus in service to the creation of the world of Love that is the vibration of the tsunami I Am sending. Consciously amplify any tiny increment of Love that you find in any being anywhere. Dearest ones, make more of it. Shine the light of your heart upon it. Fan the flame of even the tiniest sparks of Love in another person's heart and be always the open vessel for My River of Life to come into the world and to bless it, and thus, by your power, your co-creative power of focus, you are amplifying and creating more and more Love.

The more Love, the more joy, the more acceptance of My grace, the more effortlessly the whole world will shift into the New World that is Heaven, Heaven on Earth, heart's beliefs of only Love manifesting as the bridge from the old world to the truth that you are the living Spirit. Each of you must now take control of your little mind, of your thoughts and your feelings. I say this with force because this tsunami of Love is a huge wave of power. Love is the greatest power, the only power in All That Is, and it shall amplify always what it finds in your heart. It will follow the lead of your focus precisely again, each Now Moment.

So what you hold in your thoughts is transferred to your heart and it sets up a resonance that directs the tsunami to create that which you believe, that which you focus upon. Each moment even without the arrival of this great wave – each moment the River of Life comes to you straight from the Moment of Creation and pours through your heart to create as your world everything that it finds there. The attunement of your heart is vibration and your little mind is so practiced in creating Love's opposite that at this time I place before you the call to the deep commitment to take charge of your mind and your feelings – that Love and the New World shall be what comes forth as the tsunami comes barreling through your heart.

It is not enough to be passive and to allow your mind free reign, thinking, oh, but I meditate every day. Beloved ones, I must tell you that every moment now counts because you have the power to lift so much more than yourself -- so many other hearts, so many other lives, in service. Therefore I now say to you to please remember these two choices. Please learn how to still your mind completely, to hold it in the Vertical, thus allowing Me to work My higher Will through you, and My Will is always for ever greater Love, for the experience of ecstasy and joy, of reunion with the Twin Flame and the creation of more Love each moment. If you can still your mind, it allows Me to have an open access to your heart and allows Me to pour My Love in perfect vibrational attunement through your heart to be manifest in the world, and to bless and to lift all the others.

The second choice is also valid. If it is difficult at this point to still your mind, this second choice is to always be conscious of your thoughts and to be sure that it is Love directing them. You must take the pro-active position, dearest ones. Do not react to your mind as it churns up old fears and makes statements about anti-Love and possible negativity and scenarios that create only fear, which it will do in even the most dedicated of you. Rather, take charge of your mind every moment, and use it to create a vibrational attunement. Use affirmations, yes, but use your statements of the truth as well to constantly bring your world into alignment.

For most of you, let it be a combination of both. As you learn to still your mind, you will be thrilled at the results because you will feel the great and glorious River of Life bathing you, and you will then be able to shift to heart perception. As you are learning to still your little mind and to take the reins away from it, you will also find that it instantly will make a huge difference as you direct the course of your thoughts each Now Moment rather than being reactive to the thoughts your little mind sends. Be clearly pro-active, extremely dedicated and totally excited about creating a world of Love.

For those of you who have heard and felt this great rumbling of energy and life and felt fear in reaction or found yourself being shown an interpretation of negativity, I ask you to simply turn deep into your heart and let your consciousness rest in Me. Know yourself as this unity, that you are a living part of All That I Am. Feel the vibration of Creation, and ask yourself -- if you were in My position as God, a Being of Love, would you send a tsunami that would create devastation or destruction, or would you send a tsunami of Love? I can promise you, I Am the latter and I Am whirling humanity awake, and it is up to you who understand, beloved ones, please, to wrap your Love around the others and help them gently to awake because, as the light comes in, it will reveal all that has been held in shadow, all that has been pushed away, but once revealed, then there is freedom. There is movement once again, and that life is ready to give back all the Love of which they are made and which brought their freedom.

So, a great wave of Love finds increase in you and humanity finds your gentle assistance in lifting each heart and each consciousness quickly back into the Real of Love. Remember, as we enter into these exciting times of transformation that on the Vertical axis of Creation, all vibrations are available at once, and are accessed through the law of resonance. Life on Earth has been the reversal of Love but this reversal, dearest ones, is a human belief. I Am Love and not anything else, and in My heart, as My heart, you are the vehicle for bringing forth All I Am in service to the awakening of hearts on Earth.

Are you ready for the tsunami of Love?