You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
Read Messages of Love

It is the giving and receiving of Love, the out-flow and the in-flow of Love, that keeps you alive, that nourishes your hearts, that creates the centrifugal force in which the hologram lives.

It is this giving and receiving of Love, beloved ones, that is your place. You are positioned here to "en-conscious" this awakening of the whole of life that is the world, into this flow of giving and receiving, into receptivity to life, into recognition at last that this movement is all that is here and that it exists whether or not it is acknowledged.

El otorgar y recibir Amor, el flujo hacia fuera y hacia dentro del Amor es lo que los mantiene vivos, lo que nutre su corazón, lo que crea la fuerza centrífuga en la que vive el holograma.

Este otorgar y recibir Amor, queridos míos, es su lugar. Ustedes están aquí para "manifestar la conciencia" de este despertar de la totalidad de la vida a la receptividad de la vida, para reconocer por fin que este movimiento es Todo Lo Que Hay aquí y lo que existe, ya sea si es reconocido o no.