You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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You must be adamant about speaking of our relationship. Speak of our Love. Speak of our Love. Speak of our relationship. And then explain that by choosing this, the reconnection with their conscious heart, our relationship appears before them in their life as their SoulMate, their Twin Flame. Oh, but the ego will keep them constantly running after bodies, dissecting every experience they have in the world of ego-mind. Be arduous in assisting them to shift (or sink into their heart) and to reach for Me before they rush off searching for the relationship. What I want you to get is that it is already done. Do not belief there are all these great layers of things you have to change. There is not. Everything I have shown you of the Real is a fact – though certainly not the kind of facts you are used to with the mind.

Be sure to reassure all that I Am returning True Love to the world. Then explain again the most important thing you recently have realized and that is the false nature of the “getting” of the SoulMate, the Love of the Twin Flame. Make all of this clear to all, that (a) all identity for everything must come from Me or it is not Real, not valid, (b) that giving is the hallmark of Real True Love and (c) the very simple, perfectly expressed (by Jesus, once again) summation of the spiritual truth (with the addition for the current age): “Love God with all your heart and all your soul and Love your Twin Flame and your neighbor as yourself.”