You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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The only route to ascension or transformation in these times is Love – Love with Me and Love with your Twin Flame. Nothing else will work because nothing else is Real. Ascension is simply shifting the identity to consciousness as Love. If you identify with anti-Love you will believe you are separate and dense, experiencing a physical life in a body. If you identify with Me (for truly we are one) then I will ever show you in each moment the real identity of everything.

Even the many techniques for stilling the ego-mind do not work. Because silence is not who you are. You are Me and we are Love. “I and my Father are one,” was/is Jesus’ identity. And of course, it is the truth of you as well. Once you have your identity correct then everything will come into focus. And once you awaken to the experience of our oneness then you realize that precious Mystery that is our greatest gift – that we are one and yet we have a relationship. Aware of this, then, you can allow the truth we are to rise from your heart every Now. And once you do this you know yourself – not through the mind, but through direct experience – and knowing yourself you know absolutely the magnificent Love you share with your Twin Flame. You know too, in the knowing of the holographic truth I Am, that you as Twin Flames are Making Love as I (and you) create Creation. For Love is never separate from Love. And yet, miracle of all miracles, we know relationship. This glorious trillion-faceted diamond of the light emitted from Making Love that is the Now moment of Creation.