You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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Love your brothers and your sisters as yourself means that you are all pristine, beautiful, precious pieces of My heart. It means that where you believe you see another person, in truth there is only Me. It means, beloved ones, that especially with the power of your Twin Flame hearts activated, you cannot allow your ego any quarter. You cannot allow this anywhere, but more than anything not ever as you place someone in your Twin Flame heart. Please see them as they really are. Not as ego paints them in the struggles of the world. For when you look with those “infra-red glasses of the spirit,” all you’ll see is My life standing there.

How you shall heal, how you shall shift the symbols of this world back into alignment with the Real truth – that only I Am standing there – is to hold each person deep within you and allow My Love to remind you who they really are. Here, dear ones, is another truth – if it were not still in you, you could not/would not see it. So when you look at a brother or sister and see a blemish of any kind, that energy is alive in you or it would be invisible to a fully present and awakened child of God.