You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
Read Messages of Love


This is the jewel in the crown of your awakening: your focus must be on how much you love Me. For this, dear one, is how you are made! It is why you are made. It is everything. And if you have it, you are released from the dream. You are freed from all experiences of anti-Love or ego. You are made to be the mirror in which I see who I am. Looking/feeling into your heart, which is ever turned in Love to Me, I see who I am. I Am the giver of Love. So you, in right relationship, together as one with your Twin Flame, are ever giving Love to Me. You together adore Me, for I adore all life. And you together are overjoyed to love and serve this light, this spark of life that, ignited, creates All That Is. Your Love for Me is what brings you joy. It is what opens you to receive the explosion of living Love pouring forth in every Now. And your Love for Me lets Me direct the flow through you that you may manifest your sweet perfection. From here, this world, this “formula” works as well. Because it is the pattern of life. It is that upon which everything builds.