You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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The ego is terrified of silence because it is terrified of the void. It knows that it will disappear into it, that if you feel the ocean you will know all life immediately and you will be so in Love with life that the ego can never touch you again. And thus it works frantically to bridge those “missing” moments when all returns to Me. It creates continuous noise and movement and designs a false perception so you see something continuous. This is why with the little mind’s perceptions you see a solid world. You don’t see energy because energy comes in pulses and the ego cannot risk this, so it paints an image before your eyes. It stitches together the pulses outward and ignores the gaps in between, and hope that if it distracts you you’ll never notice the in-between.

Yet it is understanding this pulse, beloved ones, that will free you from this dream of physical bodies in a physical world. It will return you to your inheritance as the energy of moving Love. As soon as you reclaim the “blank spots” the “every-other moment where the world disappears,” the seemingly solid vehicle becomes revealed for what it is: a pulsing stream of the energy of life, which equals consciousness. Thus shall we begin a new journey of Love, crossing the bridge of the fear of the void and the blocking of its perception. Your bodies then will return to light, to streams of Love existing with Me in the Now forever and forever. So there is no “ascending” necessary, no climbing ladders of densities. There is only the dismantling of the ego’s lies and you are Home with Me.