You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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Certainly the field in which you are consciously entangled, that field that we name “the Earth and humanity,” becomes a different thing in this living Now and becomes this gladly as every electron shakes off the dream of a limited life and accepts its eternal truth as the powerful heart of God I Am as the doorway, the conduit, the center of the hologram connecting everything to the Moment of Creation, to the explosion of life.Thus, you are the recipient of all power, all life, all Love, and all Creation as more life is made in everything that you touch as you are filled and touched and lived in Me as the heart of God I Am.


So what I send you forth to share is this resonance, this field of the heart, this powerful vibration of the mating of life, of Light and Love that all who come in contact with this experience, this vibrational field, this song of resonance are fundamentally changed from creatures of the ego mind to the endlessly omni-dimensional freedom of the living heart of Love I Am.