You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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When you make this shift to the heart, then you are the Law of only Love. Then you are the resonance of the truth of God becoming the magnet for the full expression of Love as the only and true power and Love expressed and consciously held in every moment by you in so many ways, including the expression of your cells becoming the conduit for “miracles.” Miracles not only becoming your life in a world of exquisite joy and beauty as the reflection of your open heart but also becoming the greatest power, the only true Law of Attraction – that Love draws unto itself not only more Love but multiplies every wave of Love that it encounters for the amplification of Love is that which is your nature as the heart of God I Am.

This power of Love held in your consciousness is the power of all Creation. It is the explosion of living Love into conscious and full expression encompassed by you as its messenger, by you as the heart through which it expressed and multiplied. That force of Creation that is the coming together of Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, of consciousness and Love awakening to itself, creating a fusion and resulting explosion that is the greatest magnet possible, the center of the living cosmos – radiant and drawing Love into it in order to amplify, multiply and give it – from everywhere.