You will feel the powerful energy between the words,
the vibration of God speaking to humanity.
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Everything in the Real is fluid, moving, flexible. Dancing streams of energy filled with joyous laughter. Every place at once, every other stream of life tasted and experienced through the receptiveness of consciousness – that point where a life is aware of itself as a living part of Me. This point might more accurately be described as a very specific energy, “humming” at a certain speed. It contains the whole energy signature of that particular form of life tuned to that individual.

Thus, of course, every life expressing a living part of Me shall ever be expressing itself forever and forever. Consciousness is a life’s awareness of its relationships to everything I Am, both as the whole I Am and as each lovely stream of life expressing what it is in Me. So consciousness is tuned “outward” into the whole, ready to experience its relationship with every other life, whenever the dancing flow shall bring that life into contact with their consciousness.

So nothing is fixed. All is a living breathing whole -- the Love I Am in a glorious dance of magnificence so grand there are absolutely no words I can possibly use to explain its truth as experience in any terms your little mind could comprehend.